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The Story of Ana and the Bird

To address the vibrational shift that you are experiencing we wish to tell you the story of Ana and the Bird. Get comfortable as we tell you a story. In her room, just before the dawn, all that could be heard was the sobbing of a very unhappy soul. Ana was a twelve year old Indigo child who was deeply troubled with her life on the Gameboard of Free Choice. She had few friends and had difficulty relating to others in her class at school. Her teachers viewed her as a problem child. She felt like she was always an outsider looking in. Ana had particular difficulty relating to her mother and they fought often. Even though Ana had an inner sense of knowing, she was despondent and had almost given up hope. At twelve years old Ana wanted to go home.

Feeling her confusion, Spirit spoke directly to her. 'Ana you may leave if you wish, but first you must go outside to the garden and place your finger out in front of you.' Anna was shocked that Spirit would talk to her so directly as this had never before happened. After thinking about what Spirit had told her, she could not see how this could possibly help but decided to give it a try. Walking outside in the morning air, the sun was just rising in the sky and there was a reddish blue hue over everything. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she closed her eyes and placed her finger out in front of her as Spirit had instructed. Moments later she felt a tickle on her finger and opened her eyes. There she saw a small brown bird perched on her extended finger. 'Hello dear one said the bird. Ana's eyes immediately filled with tears as the feelings of home, almost forgotten, came flooding back into her memory.

Wiping the tears from her eyes she looked around to see if anyone else was watching. Was she dreaming or was this real? Did the bird really speak? Just then the bird spoke to her again I am here to help you remember Ana, for you are here with purpose and if you leave now, your purpose will be unfulfilled. ' Again the tears of joy came as Ana felt for the first time a glimpse of hope. Even the faint knowledge that she had a purpose helped Ana. Magic charged the air in the garden as the bird began a dialog with Ana that lasted for over an hour. Most of the time Ana could do nothing but cry as she had so much to release. Then Ana heard the rumblings of her mother in the kitchen as she was beginning her day. Ana feared that her time with the magical bird was at an end. 'Fear not Ana, we will speak again. I will be here for you always. You have only to come to this garden and put out your finger and I will respond.

That day at school her teachers could not figure out why she was constantly crying. They thought something was wrong, but Ana knew that everything was now right. There were times when she doubted that it even happened. Was she making it up? Then she realized that even if the bird were a product of her imagination that it made no difference. The feelings of home the bird gave her made her feel complete and she was not willing to give that up. Every morning from that day forward, Ana rose before the sun, went to the garden and spoke with the bird. They talked of many things and the bird gave Ana life lessons to complete. Ana carried out these lessons joyfully, even though some of them meant that she had to change difficult things about herself. The bird constantly reminded her that she held the power to change her reality through her choices.

This small brown bird breathed magic to the life of the young girl Ana. Day added unto day and soon Ana's life was changing. At school, Ana had friends who looked up to her and respected her. Her teachers magically changed and befriended her. Even her mother and her were now getting along and communicating for the first time. Ana's life had meaning. One morning Ana began to look back and realized how far she had come in such a short time. In just a few months Ana had made more progress toward happiness than she had in all of her previous twelve years. With that realization she thanked the bird for the gift of magic it had given her. The bird responded 'dear one I cannot give you that which you already possess. My job was to be the mirror for you to see your true self and remember your power. Please never lose sight of the fact that the power to change is within and not without. You have chosen to exercise this power and therefore have changed your own reality.

The highlight of Ana's life was to spend that short time every morning with the bird remembering her true power. The love she had for this beautiful, simple creature was overwhelming. Rain or shine Ana spent every morning in that garden setting the tone of her day with the teacher she had grown to love so dearly. Ana's life was good. One morning Ana awoke even earlier than she was accustomed. She felt a shift in the energy but was not sure what was happening. She remembered what the bird had told her of energy shifts and how this is the way humans evolve. She remembered that the bird had told her that change was a necessary part of spiritual advancement for without change all things eventually die. It is actually change that creates the magic we seek. These thoughts circled her head and she carefully formed the questions she would ask the bird in their magical time together this morning. When the time arrived Ana expectantly walked into the garden and held her finger out in front of her. This morning the bird did not come.

With the help of the bird Ana had learned to trust her inner feelings rather than her thoughts. This was a perfect time to use this skill and somehow she knew inside that her dearest companion was all right.

She also knew in her heart that she was all right and nothing bad had happened. Still, she missed her friend the bird and their special time together. Ana thought back on all the things the bird told her and how she used them in her life. She was puzzled because one of the first things the bird told her was that it would never leave her. Still here she stood in the garden this morning as the sun rose all by herself.

Ana even tried talking to the bird, pretending it was there. She could even feel the familiar tickle as the bird perched on her finger. It was interesting to Ana that to every question she could think of to ask her imaginary friend, she already knew the answer. Every morning Ana would perform her ritual of going into the garden and holding her finger out in front of her. For the first time in a long while Ana shed tears of sadness. For weeks after, Ana went to the garden each morning and thought of her friend. Ana's finger never supported the bird again.

As time went on Ana played a pivotal role in her school. The teachers finally understood that Ana was not a problem child but that she, and others like her, were far beyond what the school was teaching. Ana helped them to adjust the way they approached teaching. She helped the staff to adjust their thinking to accommodate the new children that are coming. The day Ana graduated was a special day indeed.

There was a time when she could not have envisioned this and wanted to leave. Now, she knew she had played a very important part, in her small way she contributed to all of humanity and helped to set the energy for all that is to come.

Ana grew in years and in stature. Ana became a great healer helping thousands of others to take then own power and change their reality. Ana used what was in her heart to guide them. As she stepped into her power Ana found that the answers were given her the moment she asked. This was different as the guidance seemed to be coming from within her rather than an external source. She never forgot what the bird had taught her. She thought often of her dearest friend and surrounded herself with birds of all kinds. She built a bird sanctuary on her land and visited it often. The bird had become Ana's personal symbol and bird representations adorned every room of her abode. She had so many such birds that her friends called her the bird lady. Ana took that title with great pride. Ana had been touched and she never forgot it. She chose to carry the gift of the bird's wisdom with her in everything she did. Ana was walking with Spirit Years later, Ana found herself looking after her grandson. This child was very special to Ana and they had a connection that reached far beyond this lifetime. She knew the day he was born that they had a contract. She was just waiting to see where it led. Billy was a bright eyed seven year old who looked fearlessly into the very depth of Ana's soul. He reminded her of the important role she had played in redefining the school system. He would now step into what she had opened. In that moment Ana was very grateful that she stayed. One day this special young man was visiting at his grandmother's house. Curiously he was examining the many bird statues Ana had on the mantle in her home. His attention was on one small brown bird statue.

Ana saw her grandson looking intently at the small statue. She knew in her heart that something wonderful was about to happen. She held her breath in anticipation as her seven year old grandson turned and spoke to her. "You know, Grandma, this looks just like the bird that is always on your shoulder.

The words of her grandson hit her with a force that swept her off of her feet. Suddenly all her questions were answered as the pieces all fell into place for Ana. She thought back to the day when the bird did not come and she now realized that she had progressed to a high enough vibration for the bird to land on her shoulder instead of her finger. Ana had been so accustomed to looking for the bird on her finger that she did not know that the bird was now even closer as it whispered directly into her ear. In that moment Ana's contract with her grandson was complete. For the first time in her life what she knew in her head and what she knew in her heart matched and Ana's life was complete.

The tears of joy again returned as after all these years, the long silence was broken. The small brown bird of Ana's childhood once again spoke to her. 'Yes, dearest Ana, I told you that I would never leave you and I have not. I am so very proud of you for the day I landed on your shoulder instead of your finger you had a choice. You could have stayed forever watching your finger, waiting for the guidance you were accustomed to receiving from the outside. But you decided to advance and walk forward with the knowledge you carried on your own. This is the integration of Spirit and the opening to your higher self. You are not separate from Spirit as your human eyes would have you believe. You are not separate from me for we are one. Walk in the mundane with Spirit closely on your shoulder and dare to create the magic you seek. You dear Ana, have done well. You have completed your higher purpose in learning to walk with Spirit' In hearing that, Ana was complete. And so it is...

Choose your Point of Perception

As Ana, so do all of you have choice as you experience the space between. If you hold out your finger and the bird does not appear, you have a choice to perceive it as something wrong or an opportunity to advance to higher levels. Your choice will determine the outcome.

Ana could have easily spent the rest of her life in that garden waiting for the bird to return but instead she chose to carry what she had been given and applied it to daily life. Even though it was not as mysterious as the bird landing on her finger, the guidance was even stronger for the rest of her life. Make space for something higher and your guidance will return tenfold. Walk through the silent moments with full knowledge that you have the guidance you are asking for and it is yours. Enjoy the time the bird sits perched on your finger and be ready to listen as it moves closer onto your shoulder. Follow the love for it will lead you Home. From Steve Rather and""The Group"

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