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Silver Letter

We received the following letter [facsimile] in January and I thought you may like to read it. Permission to reprint was obtained.

"Thank you!

My 5 years old daughter has suffered for 12 months with wart-like spots over her buttocks, inner thighs and the backs of her legs. Periodically one would in/Jame, the skin burst and bleed before healing, over a few days.

With about 60 of these, it has been awful to see the distress and pain these have caused.

After 3 days of Colloidal Silver ALL of the spots became red and inflamed. After I week the inflammation began to recede without bursting or bleeding [except in 3 cases].

After 3 weeks of continued use, drinking it with her cordial, [?] ALL the spots have gone!

Placebo effect is impossible, as she didn 't even know she was taking anything.

Doctors told me that nothing could be done because of the location & number of the spots. All my daughter wanted for Christmas was for her spots to go away.

Thanks to Colloidal Silver, her wish came true and she is delighted. Everyone who visits us is shown with glee - 'look - my spots have gone!' Thank you!" S. K. Ballarat.

Isn't that the sweetest letter? All the best dear one. Speaking of letters, let me thank you all! All you wonderful people that took the trouble to not only subscribe but send such warm and encouraging notes as well! THANK YOU!

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