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In case you have not heard of these, you should know about them, particularly if you live in country areas. We are talking about unusual contrails - vapour trails left by jet planes. Not just ordinary ones either.

They were first reported in the US some years ago, then, over the last year or so, we have had reports of them in both Australia and New Zealand.

What we are talking about is the phenomenon of one or more airplanes crisscrossing the skies, leaving unusual contrails that seem to 'hang' for a long while, then descend to ground.

On the ground, it will hang, gossamer like yet when you touch it, it seems to be without substance.

Well, don't touch it. In fact, this should happen in your area, shut the doors and windows and stay inside. This 'stuff, whatever it is, has been making a lot of people [exposed to it], very ill. Although there are a lot of speculations about it, I do not know what this is or why it is happening. I simply mention it so that you know about it and know to keep away from it.

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