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Organic Foods

I imagine we are all aware of the need to eat as much organic, chemical free food -particularly fruit and vegetables, as possible. Some of us don't know how or where to get this service, so here are some that I know about.

The biggest one I know is the GREEN LINE. This is a marvelous organisation, dedicated to helping and educating everyone to make the switch. Very active, with a huge and growing membership, monthly catalogues and information sheets and more.

Most important, they home deliver in Melbourne! Once a week, you call them, place your order and it's delivered to your door. I think they average about 4 to 500 orders every week. That means they buy in bulk, buy fresh and offer 100% satisfaction.

The problem is, some of us want to touch, feel and even smell the produce before buying. I know that I do. Fortunately, outlets to let us do this are growing. Only last month I 'found' another great organic outlet - it's been there for some years, only I didn't know about it - at the Prahran Market! Royce Hagen of Hagen's Selected Organics & Herbs has a delicious stand at the market, which is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Royce now also stocks our Colloidal Silver.

Others that I know of include Belgrave, Upwey, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Bentleigh, and Williamstown Health Food Stores.

Let me know of your favourite outlet in your area, if you have one and I will 'spread the word' in here. Contact Number for The Green Line is [03] 9889 2299, for Royee Hagen at Prahran it's [03] 9826 9094 or 0418 319 379. The Health Food Stores are easy enough to look up, so I won't waste space quoting their numbers.

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