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The Immunisation Debarcle


This report on immunization is a little different to my usual work, inasmuch it is a compilation of many books and research reports on the subject, by many eminent scientists, doctors and researchers. You will find some of them mentioned in the text, as well as in the Bibliography.

The prime reason for this report is to try to present all the facts to you in an easier format than a book of hundreds of pages or a scientific research report. Large books and technical reports are difficult to read and often difficult to understand. It is my hope that what is presented here is clear, easy to follow and to understand.

Incidentally, think about this: all those eminent people I mentioned just now. Can you imagine that any of them have a vested interest? Can you see why they of all people have to be paid attention to? They risk their careers, their grants, their life's work, by not toeing the line, by not spouting the 'agreed on' story. They have nothing to gain by 'spreading these stories9. Except their integrity and the truth.

We need to keep that in mind when we read reports that seem if incredible - even impossible. These wonderful scientists are going against the accepted practice and mostly, they refuse to bow to pressure. I know of far too many that have lost everything they worked for, simply because they told the truth and refused to tell the establishment lies. The classic example would be all the scientists who refused to 'endorse' fluoridation. Most of them are in a different profession now, if they are working at all. Spare them some kind thoughts. I for one, am most grateful for their efforts and many sacrifices.

Recently, I was told that "you can't write stuff like this - you will get into trouble". I asked what sort of 'stuff am I not allowed to write? We do still live in a free country don't we? We can say and write whatever we want to. Can't we?

Anyway, I am only writing the TRUTH. All right, it's the truth as I know it. Not everyone agrees with my truth. It is the truth, nevertheless. Most who disagree do seem to have some 'vested interest'.

I suppose I have as well -my interest is to educate, bring awareness and better health to everyone. The others, with their vested interest, are simply protecting their or their employers multi-billion dollar industries. As I do not have to answer to anyone, I am able to research the truth and report it to you.

May you always walk in Health and Light.

Richard Cameron
Nature's Treasures

Special Note:

As mentioned above, this report is a compilation of works by many. It contains the basic facts, dealing with all the aspects of this dark practice.

It may be important to note that in reading it, we need to keep things in perspective. Yes, only toxemia is the real cause of diseases. True, germs - bacteria, virus and fungus - do not cause any disease by themselves. True, allowing a fever to run it's course is the most effective way of ensuring good health.

All of that is absolutely true. However, like most things, it is not always practical to put into full practice. We are all suffering from varying degrees of toxicity in this century, so we need to assist our bodies in it's healing. Until we are fully detoxified and are able to remain without further toxification, we cannot fully live the way we know we should.

That still does not mean we should be 'immunized'! Far from it! There are No circumstances that I have been able to ascertain, where immunization can be recommended. That is unequivocal. If immunization was necessary, due to exposure to 'germs', Colloidal Silver is more than able to take care of any germ, including virus and fungus, without side-effects, without harming us in any way.

A healthy lifestyle, antioxidants, vitamin and mineral supplements [particularly organic and colloidal forms], together with an awareness of what IS toxic in our lifestyle [like fluoride, aspartame, chemical and poisonous additives in most products, even metal tooth fillings], and so slowly changing our 'habits' that may harm us, will do more to ensure we get healthy and remain healthy.

There was a short article about immunization in issue No 1 of Health & Light Newsletter, under the title of 'Crib Death [SIDS] & Shaken Baby Syndrome. This article has generated many calls, most asking for more information and assistance with dealing with the authorities Since then, I was forced to look at the issue once again, this time for personal reasons. You see, my younger daughter just had a baby. Barely four weeks old, and the district nurse is already preparing them for 'vaccination'. When my daughter said that they were not interested in vaccination, the nurse gave her a booklet to read "IMMUNIZATION - myths and realities: responding to arguments against immunization", published by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.

If there is ever a germ to be blamed, it is the germ of ignorance...

Well. All your calls, plus this booklet of 12 pages from the nurse is the reason for this special report. The Government booklet tells US that - A small but persistent group of people, probably in good faith, continue to propagate the myths surrounding immunisation. It further goes On to say that - Nowadays, a no more enlightened band seeks to ascribe to vaccines such maladies as SIDS, asthma, leukemia and autism. That's just in the preface of the booklet. One would think that after a start like that, they would provide some facts to prove their point. In fact, the booklet contains more myths and even false information than any article ever written about this subject - for or against.

For instance, they call in as evidence, graphs, showing the decline of morbidity in various dis-eases, since immunisation. The interesting thing about their graphs is that they all start from 1940! Try to look at a graph that shows the same information starting from 1860, 1880 or even 1900! On a scale of 1 to 100, by 1940, the incidence of pertussis, measles, scarlet fever, smallpox, tuberculosis, diphtheria was already down to about ten and falling! On their graph, it shows a nice, gradual decline from 1940 - which is actually the continuation of the decline, the last 5 or so percent!

That is enough about their booklet. It is a shame that they feel it necessary to keep trying to convince people. Let's rather look at the so-called myths. Let's look at the true reasons for the decline of infectious dis-eases, the safety and affectivity of vaccines, let's expose the germ theory, look again at the true nature of dis-ease and finally, look at health - how to get it and keep it.


The germ theory is the start of all our problems with this issue. Ever since Louis Pasteur originated the germ theory, the debate has raged. It is important to note however, that the people embracing the germ theory are all on the side of vested interest. Knowingly or gullibly. Doctors, researchers, scientists, pathologists, without blinkers, with no vested interests, have been trying to expose this theory ever since.

For example, if germs are the cause of disease, then how come that in many dis-eases, supposedly caused by a specific germ, that germ is not present? Sir William Osier, one of the most famous names in medicine, says that the diphtheria germ is absent in 28 to 40% of diphtheria cases.

Conversely, we constantly live with, up to two kilos of germs - bacteria, virus and fungi, generally, without getting ill. Here is an extract from an article by Drs Glen and lan Dettman and Dr Archie Kalokerinos:

"Other pathogenic [dis-ease causing] organisms commonly present in the body without causing disease states include: Neisseria gonorrhea; Corynebacterium diphtheria; Treponema palladum; Mycobacterium tuberculosis; yeast [Candida albicans]; Vibrio cholera; Salmonella; Pertussis; Coagulase positive; staphylococci; beta hemolytic streptococci; various pox viruses; flu viruses; herpes; poliomyelitis; hepatitis; roto virus; measles. Clearly, there must be other factors than just the microorganism or their devolutionary states such as spores or latent DNA, which cause the state of disease in a susceptible person".

Did we really want to know that we are all living with all those lovely germs inside us? I for one could have managed not knowing.

Even Louis Pasteur eventually acknowledged: "The presence in the body of a pathogenic agent is not necessarily synonymous with infectious disease". Well! Then what is?

The medical evidence that germs do not cause disease is overwhelming. Dr Gordon Stewart, Professor of Epidemiology and Pathology states that polio and other viruses can be carried for months, even years with no effect. According to Dr Dennis Geffen, OBE, of every 100 people who contact the polio virus, 90% remain symptomless, 9% only develop slight signs of the illness such as stiff neck or sore throat, whilst only 1% develop definite paralysis. This same basic truth holds for all infections.

Let's have a look at this. Just what is the function of germs? In Nature, everything has a place, everything has a reason for existence. So what is the reason for germs?

Well, consider their function. Germs, [virus, bacteria, fungi] are living organisms. The conditions most suitable for their biological requirements are darkness, humidity and organic matter that is in the process of decay and purification. The germ's true role is to break down organic waste, and so completing the normal Natural cycle of life. Without germs, the decomposition of vegetable and animal life would be impossible. Should we manage to destroy all germs in the world, we would be covered in garbage and life, as we know it, would cease!

The germ's function in our bodies is exactly the same. Their 'job' is to keep our bodies free of decaying and decomposing matter. How does our bodies develop decaying and decomposing matter? Not by itself - apart from the natural reproduction of body cells, thereby 'shedding' the old. Decay of body cells occur only due to - TOXICITY! That old chestnut again.

As author R B Pearson wrote: "Bacteria found in man and animals do not cause disease -they have the same function as those found in the soil, or in s&vage or elsewhere in nature; they are there to rebuild dead or diseased tissue or rework body wastes, and it is well known that they will not or cannot attack healthy tissues".

THEY WILL NOT OR CANNOT ATTACK HEALTHY TISSUES! Is that not a clear enough statement?

Germs seek their natural habitat - that of diseased tissue, rather than being the cause the diseased tissue!

Think of germs as SEEDS - seeds will not germinate, will not become 'active' in a packet. As soon as we place the seed in humus soil, it becomes active. GERMS are the same. In a clean, healthy body, they live - inactive. As soon as toxic waste is present in the body, they become very active - to clean up! Unfortunately, our bodies today are NOT clean and healthy, due to chemical toxins.

However, way back in 1892, German hygienist Max Von Pettenkofer, in order to disprove the germ theory, publicly swallowed a large container of cholera bacilli, freshly isolated from a fatal case of the disease. The number of germs ingested by Pettenkofer was much greater than what he would be exposed to under normal conditions. No symptoms developed, other - than a light diarrhea. Many other scientists were brave enough - or knew enough to do the same. In Canada, the Bio-Chemical Society of Toronto has carried out a number of experiments in which pure typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis germs were consumed in large amounts by a group of [obviously healthy] volunteers. Again, no ill effects were ' reported.

Dr Stanford Claunch mentions similar experiments by the US Navy in his book, 'Exploding The Germ Theory':

"These experiments, conducted under test conditions and under government supervision with such disappointing results, should knock the last prop from under the germ theory, as they doubtless would have done if our government doctors had seen fit to make them public property"!

Is he perchance suggesting 'conspiracy9? By the authorities? By our doctors? Surely not!

Seriously. This is not to suggest that we can also expose ourselves to infectious diseases with impunity. We, at least most of us, carry far too much toxicity, far too much 4 decay ing9 body tissue to risk that - at least not without our Colloidal Silver firmly grasped in our hands.

Perhaps the last word on the 'germ theory' should belong to Dr Alexander Ross. FRS, FCPS, Professor of Hygiene and Sanitation:

"I charge that they [medical men] have encouraged superstition and humbug by the germ theory of disease ".

So - viruses and bacteria are not the cause of infectious diseases. TOXEMIA is.


"There is but one cause of disease, poison toxemia, most of which is created in the body by faulty living habits and faulty elimination". Sir Arbuthnot Lane MD.

Could it be? Could it be that simple and yet so obtuse? Well, consider that by the time we started immunisation, all the infectious diseases basically reduced to less than 10% of incidences. Why? Because health and social reformers somehow put together that poverty, poor hygiene, overcrowding and malnutrition are the conditions which most weaken the body.

That is why, when these reformers, ignoring medical intervention, set about improving standards of hygiene and sanitation, introduced better living and working conditions, ensured better nutrition, managed to eradicate over 90% of all infectious diseases throughout the industrialised countries.

That is an inarguable fact! It was after this already occurred, we started to immunize.

So why are we now, living in hygienic conditions, most in modern, comfortable conditions - both at home and at work - in danger of disease?

Because we are overloaded, our lifestyle, our environment is overloaded with toxicity. Starting with our own bodily functions. We have a wonderful, natural bodily process that we pay scant attention to - the process of elimination. lan Sinclair, in his fine book on "Vaccination, The 'Hidden' Facts" states:

"Elimination is the process whereby internal waste matter is removed from the body cells and tissue fluids and expelled through the various channels of elimination - mainly lungs, kidneys and skin. These waste products are made up of normal metabolic byproducts together with unnatural waste matter derived from faulty diet, food putrefaction within the digestive tract, drug medicines and environmental pollutants.

The efficiency of the eliminative process, as well as all other metabolic processes is dependent upon the health of the body. Anything that lowers the body's health, such as poor diet, overwork, worry, prolonged stress, lack of fresh air etc will impair the efficiency of elimination. The net result will be an accumulation of waste products within the body tissues - toxemia."

So, although most of us no longer live with poverty, poor hygiene, nor do we suffer from malnutrition, we are all certainly suffering from varying degrees of toxemia. ALL OF US! Our 'modern' lifestyle guarantees us toxemia!

All the more reason NOT to expose ourselves to more toxicity from vaccination.

Particularly not our children! Let me quote lan Sinclair again:

"It is important for parents to realise that, for most children in our society, the development of Toxemia actually commences when the child is in the mother's womb. This is due to the mother's own polluted bloodstream, a direct result of our orthodox 'chemicalized' diets, fluoridated water, medical drugs, smoking and other adverse factors it the lifestyle. In 1965, Dr Henry Bieler [Food Is Your Best Medicine] wrote: '... the average baby comes into the world with his body full of toxins from the mother's blood and the intestine full ofmeconium [black oxidised bile]. He is, in fact, so toxic that even with the best of care, it usually takes three years to eliminate his inherited birth poisons'. It is the presence of this toxic waste which is directly responsible for most, if not all, the common infantile diseases."

Can you imagine then further assaulting this poor fragile body with more toxins, in the form of vaccinations, from two months on?

In fact, consider the 'mystery' of our recurring viral diseases like the herpes virus. Doctors cannot explain how the virus can 'hide' in the nerve cells, lie dormant and spring into action at the first sign of - stress, overwork, worry, poor diet, fatigue, even sunburn or sudden shock - all of which overburden the immune system, interfering with the elimination of toxic wastes, thereby 'freeing' the virus to reproduce and repeat their harmful activity.

Herein lies the danger of vaccination as well. A healthy person, unpolluted by toxicity, can be exposed to all the virulent germs, even raging epidemics, without falling ill. This same healthy person can also shrug off the effects of vaccination. So, by itself, vaccination would not cause complications and fatalities. As no-one is free of toxicity and as vaccines actually increase the toxic load on the body, there can be no doubt that in susceptible individuals, vaccination can be the final 'trigger'. There can also be no doubt that vaccination will predispose us to future illness.

If, as we now know, toxemia causes ALL diseases, how can vaccination prevent disease when it does nothing to remove the cause of disease?


First, let's examine some of the 'their' myths.

Medical science claims that "Immunization has prevented more suffering and saved more lives than any other medical intervention this century", as proclaimed in a Department of Health and Community Services leaflet.

Have the vaccines really achieved what they claim? Just briefly, let's take some of the diseases that have been claimed to have brought under control by vaccination:


By the time the BCG [tuberculosis] vaccine was introduced in 1954, the rate of incidence of TB has already declined by 95%. To quote Thomas McKeown, Professor of Social Medicine at Birmingham University.

"The advent of BCG vaccination made little or no difference to the decline in mortality from TB in England and Wales."

Even more telling, in the US, there has not been any vaccination, yet the disease declined the same as England and other European countries.


Once again, by the time vaccinations commenced in Australia, in 1970, both incidences and mortality has decreased by 94%.

In England and Wales, the rate was 1 per million [down from 318 per million], a good seven years before vaccination commenced!

In the US, in 1900, they recorded 13.3 deaths per 100,000 - in 1955, 0.03 per 100,000, a decrease of 97.7%, without immunization! With an adverse reaction rate of around 46%, it is not surprising that Dr Mendelsohn warned: "I would consider the risks associated with measles, vaccination unacceptable even if there were convincing evidence that the vaccine works. There isn't".


This was one of the earliest diseases vaccinated against, [1852] with disastrous results. Only you really need to search to find the truth. From 1867 to 1880, when compulsory vaccination was strictly enforced, [85.5% successfully] the death rate from smallpox leapt from 28 to 45 per 100,000. As the incidence of vaccination decreased, so did the death rate. For the period of 1932 to 1941, less than 35% were inoculated and there was only one death recorded.

Dr Glen Dettman, an Australian doctor said back in 1986: "It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10 per cent of the population were ever vaccinated".

Whooping Cough [Pertussis]

The same story - by the time vaccination commenced, in the 1950's, the rate was down to 5 per million, from 1372 per million.


Throughout Europe and America, as well as Australia, the story is the same. Long before even the antitoxin was introduced, let alone the vaccine, incidences have declined, along the lines of other infectious diseases. What is even more convincing is that in countries that did not immunize, like Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the same decline was rapid.

Whooping Cough and Diphtheria were combined with Tetanus, as DPT or triple antigen vaccine. Way back in 1980 we knew there were problems, yet we were allowed to ignore them. Although somewhat lengthy, it is worthwhile quoting Professor Gordon Stewart, from an article in 'Here's Health', March 1980:

"Introduced in 1957, this vaccine had been administered to 70 per cent of infants by 1960 and over 70 per cent of all children by 1969.

The national programme was monitored from 1957 - 1968 by the Public Health Laboratory Service. In 1969 they reported that the vaccines were 'not very effective' in that they had failed to control outbreaks or to protect fully vaccinated children from infection. During this time, the proportion of children vaccinated rose to 80% or more and it is a matter of record that whooping cough continued to decline in prevalence and severity. But, equally, it is firmly on record not only that whooping cough occurred in fully vaccinated children, but also that severe adverse reactions to the vaccine were causing problems and concern.

If reference be made to events at the time of the earlier trials of pertussis vaccine when given alone fi.e. not as a part of triple vaccine/ in the USA and UK, it becomes clear that the inclusion of pertussis vaccine makes triple vaccine much more likely to be followed by adverse reactions involving the heart and nervous system. Such reactions include shock, collapse, convulsions and screaming fits, all of which had been recorded in some of the children who received pertussis vaccine alone in earlier trials. Such signs were extremely infrequent or altogether absent in the earlier usage of the other two components of the triple vaccine.

More light was thrown on this problem when Professor W Ehrengut in Hamburg, and Dr John Wilson with colleagues at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, reported independently that signs of severe brain damage began to appear in some children soon after adverse reactions to triple vaccine. At about the same time, a number of reports appeared in the press from different parts of the UK about children who were previously well but had become mentally retarded or paralysed soon after receiving triple vaccine. The Government, on the advice of it's advisory committees, responded to these reports by reaffirming the efficacy and safety of pertussis vaccine and by insisting that this component be retained in triple vaccine. They insisted also that a high level of vaccination among children of all ages must be maintained if epidemics were to be averted.

. . . . Meanwhile, reports about brain damage continued to circulate, leading to debates between experts and in Parliament about the safety of the vaccine. The main advisory committee [The Joint Committee on Immunization and Vaccination] stuck firmly to it's view [first expressed in 1964] that the vaccine was safe as well as effective and that brain damage, if it occurred at all, was excessively rare, affecting no more than 1:300,000 infants vaccinated. They did, however, emphasize the need for caution, and recommended that the vaccine be withheld from children who showed signs of disorder in the nervous system, or had a family history of the same, of who had reacted badly to a first or second injection.

There was by this time considerable doubt in many quarters, to which the government responded by setting up, through the Committee on the Safety of Medicines, a special expert panel to review the suspected toxicity of the vaccine. They also introduced in 1978 a scheme for compensation of parents of vaccine damaged children."

Did we know about any of this? Were we warned? Were we asked any questions to ensure that our children were not susceptible? My first child w7as vaccinated about that time. I know they did not ask me any questions, nor did they warn me. Professor Stewart continues:

"Internationally, the situation was equally confusing. In some countries like the USA and Canada, pertussis vaccine was used intensively and it was claimed that whooping cough was a disappearing disease. Nevertheless, in both these countries outbreaks had been reported since 1974 in which [as in the UK] 30 to 50 % of cases were fully vaccinated! In West Germany, largely as a result of Professor Ehrengut's work on toxicity, pertussis vaccine had been under suspicion for years and had been abandoned in Hamburg - without any increase in incidence or mortality from whooping cough. Similar decreases, without extensive use of vaccine, had occurred in Egypt and Italy.

There is no doubt in my mind that in the UK alone some hundreds, if not thousands, of well infants have suffered irreparable brain damage needlessly and their lives and those of their parents have been wrecked in consequence.

There are also, to my certain knowledge, a number of deaths after vaccination in the UK and the USA which await explanation. I see no use or justification for this kind of medical policy, and I think that the use of pertussis vaccine should be discontinued until, by better research or a better vaccine, these doubts are resolved."

The above was written and published in 1980! The condemnation by true experts could fill a book of thousands of pages. Yet have you or I known any of this 10 years ago? Five years ago? Last year? Want just a little more?

On September 2nd 1978, NEC News, Florida, made the following announcement:

"The Atlantic Center for Disease Control has asked doctors to stop using vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough because a number of children have been getting bad reactions. Such bad reactions may include Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly known as SIDS. According to Dr Alan Hinman, director of the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta: 'Since the CDC instituted its monitoring system in 1978, we received reports of 44 deaths occurring within four weeks of DPT immunization. Thirty-two of the deaths were SIDS'."

Dr Leon Chaitow [Vaccination And Immunization] points to a study undertaken in 1979, at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, which have been confirmed by other studies, indicating that in the USA, approximately 1000 infants die annually as a direct result of DPT vaccination and, these are classified as SIDS deaths.

Scarlet Fever

In 1900, there were 4 to 5000 deaths per annum in England. By 1950, deaths were down to less that 33 per annum, in spite of the fact that no vaccine has ever been developed! What more need we say?


Instead of repeating similar figures to above, let me quote Dr Robert Mendelsohn ['How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor5] " . . the fact is that no credible scientific evidence exists that the vaccine caused polio to disappear. . . it also disappeared in other parts of the world where the vaccine was not so extensively used".

One of the real horror stories is the polio vaccines. Plural, because first, we had the Salk vaccine. Dr Jonas Salk said in 1955 that "The vaccine is safe, and you can't get safer than safe". I am not sure what his precise meaning was but the 'safe' vaccine turned into a disaster.

It was on April 12th 1955 that the Foundation of Infantile Paralysis told the world, using every possible means of publicity, that the vaccine devised by Dr Jonas E Salk was "safe, potent and efficient'. At a meeting of 500 doctors and scientists at Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dr Salk and Dr Francis made such sweeping claims for the vaccine that nearly every American newspaper declared that Dr Salk had abolished poliomyelitis.

Only thirteen days later the first news came of children developing poliomyelitis. Inoculated children that is. By the 23rd of June, there had been 168 confirmed cases with six deaths PLUS 149 cases among contacts of the children, six of those also dead. So not only did the vaccine cause the disease, it also made the vaccinated children carriers of the disease.

Yet this same vaccine was supposedly 'trailed' in 1954 with 440,000 children vaccinated, with a year of analysis prior to this public 'launch'. One wonders where did they get those supposed 440 thousand children to play guinea pigs?

Did this stop vaccinations? No. They were still using the vaccine 'till the end of 1958-in the US alone resulting in 6,029 cases, 3,122 were paralyzed. In 1959, 8,577 polio cases were reported, 5,694 were paralytic.

In 1960, the new polio vaccine, the Sabin vaccine was licensed in the USA. In that same year, two virologists, Drs Sweet and Hilleman found that both the Salk and the Sabin vaccines were contaminated by the virus known as SV40. This virus is known to cause encephalitis, cancer, as well as changes in human cell tissue cultures.

In spite of all this, the standard medical text still proclaims the following:

"The inactivated [Salk] vaccine has not been reported to produce any adverse effects. Oral live polio virus vaccine [Sabin] has rarely been associated with paralytic disease in recipients or in close contact of recipients".

Does that make you wonder about even your own sanity? Doesn't that boggle the mind?

Unfortunately, there is more. Reports only now surfacing suggest that the SV40 is still present in us adults-those that have been inoculated with either vaccine. For instance, according to Professor Gordon Me Vie, director general of the Cancer Research Campaign in Britain, researchers have linked SV40 to a number of cancers, including brain tumor and bone cancer. He said: "I've a feeling that the virus might be implicated in more, such as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and prostate cancer". Forty years later, we are still paying the price? IN AUSTRALIA

In Australia, many doctors have fought vainly against these insidious practices. Notable among them is Dr Archie Kalokerinos. He has been campaigning for a long time, facing hostility from his colleagues. However, he speaks from experience. Having spent many years caring for patients in under-developed areas, both overseas and in the Australian outback, he witnessed firsthand the disasterous results of immunization among children that are living in squalid [read toxic] conditions and are under-nourished.

He also witnessed native mothers hide their children when the 'team' came from town annually to carry out their vaccinations. These mothers knew that every time these people came, children died! They were not stupid, the health workers were, not to be able to put two and two together!

So Dr Kalokerinos and many like him keep campaigning. Their words seem to fall on deaf ears in Australia. Not because our authorities know better! In fact only recently another health official admitted that Australia relies on overseas studies. We do not spend money on this kind of research, we simply take it on trust that vaccinations are good for us. We are not even collecting decent statistics, let alone detailed studies!

If they do it overseas, it's good enough for us! So guess where those overseas studies come from? Independent research scientists or those employed by the pharmaceutical corporations? Only research with vested interests seem to get to government decision makers. Yet there are hundreds of thousands of pages of books and reports confirming everything detailed here, research papers, produced by eminent scientists and professors, whose only vested interest is in the truth.

OK, we could go on and on about all the rest - tetanus, hepatitis etc., even AIDS. This is a report, not a book, so we need to limit how much we put in here. It is extremely difficult to know where to stop on any given topic in this huge subject. For more reading, see the bibliography at the end. Please do, if you are not yet convinced. It is probably the most important decision you need to make for your child. You need to be sure of your knowledge of the real facts. Once you are sure, help others to be sure. Look for and sign petitions to the government, write to your State and Federal Health Ministers.

Let's finish this section with some quotes from more doctors. For example, Dr Mendelsohn commented on the fact that several doctors refuse to vaccinate their own children: "Unlike their patients, who weren't told, they realised that 'slow viruses' found in all live vaccines, and particularly in the measles vaccine, can hide in human tissue for years. They may emerge later in the form of encephalitis, multiple sclerosis and as potential seeds for the development and growth of cancer".

Drs Dettman and Kalokerinos: "It is now seriously suggested that the slow virus may be the cause of a number of degenerative diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It is further possible that some of the attenuated strains of vaccines that we advocate may be implicated with these diseases".

Dr Robert Simpson of Rogers University, New Jersey stated in an address to the American Cancer Society: "Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, etc, actually may be seeding humans with RNA to form pro-viruses which will then become latent cells throughout the body. Some of these latent pro-viruses could be molecules in search of a disease, which under proper conditions become activated and cause a variety of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, Parkinson's disease and perhaps cancer".

Finally, how about Dr Mendelsohn quoting a doctor who would not vaccinate his own 7 month old baby: "As a parent, I have the luxury of making a choice for my child. As a Physician .. . Legally and professionally, I have to accept the recommendation of the profession, which is what we also had to do with the whole Swine Flu business". Had enough? I know I've 'had it' up to here and more with being lied to.

Herbert Shelton, author of 'The Hygienic Care Of Children' wrote succinctly:

"This picture of vaccination is a black one, but it is by no means the whole picture. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the evils of this filthy, superstitious practice and any physician or vaccine propagandist who asserts that vaccination is harmless is either an ignoramus or a liar".


If you are already suffering the effects of the any of the above, The only answer to getting well lies in de-toxing the body. There are many ways of doing that and our Health and Light newsletter covers the various methods, we can't repeat them here.

If you do not read the newsletter [call us for a free copy], talk to your Naturopath or Health Food Store owner about what they feel may suit you. Whatever you do, do not give up or give in to more toxic chemical 'fixes'. There is always a way to naturally detox the body, re-new the immune system, to 'clean' the blood. In the meantime, become aware of what is toxic in your environment if you are not already. Try to slowly change your diet to mostly organic foods and I would encourage you to eat as much RAW organic fruit and vegetables as you can manage.


By far the most difficult obstacle to overcome is FEAR. We have been brought up on fear, particularly in this area of health and diseases. I remember, I was no different. We are inundated by so much misleading publicity that puts the fear of horrible early death into us that we go to the doctor for the slightest thing.

Think about it - our parents and previous generations were of hardier stuff. Most only went to doctors when bones were broken. Today, they invent reasons to go to doctors. We are made to take chemicals to 'control' blood pressure - not because it is too high, it's just a little high, Just in case. We are made to take more toxic chemicals to keep our cholesterol levels low. Hormones. Estrogen. You name it, they throw it at us. Got a slight fever? Have some more antibiotic. The fever involves virus and antibiotic does not work on virus? Doesn't matter. We all feel better now that we think we did something about it. More toxicity. Further weakening of the immune system-the only thing that could cure us.

Be aware. Know and understand this. Toxicity is the cause of all illnesses.

Even if the 'fix' is not toxic, often the best course is to do nothing. Are you thinking "He is crazy! My child is burning up with a fever and I should do nothing?"

Become aware. Know and understand. That is the only way we can get rid of our - quite normal and natural fear.

Fevers, rashes, sore throats, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, are all signs that the body is working overtime, to GET RID OF SOMETHING TOXIC. Sure, the germs are involved, that is NATURAL, as we discussed earlier. But the body is doing it's job.

The only way you can help is by helping the body - rest, water and more rest. [By the way - it is a fallacy that you should 'feed a fever'.]

Hippocrates, the father of medicine wrote over 2300 years ago: "Give me a fever, and I can cure your patient".

Dr Mendelsohn, in his book, 'How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor' wrote: "If your child contracts an infection, the fever that accompanies it is a blessing, not a curse. A rising body temperature simply indicates that the process of healing is sped up. It is something to rejoice over, not to fear".

The only time fever can lead to convulsions is if the temperature rises extremely rapidly.

Paavo Airola, the famous health author says: "Fever is one of the body's own defensive and healing forces, created and sustained for the deliberate purpose of aiding in the restoration of health ..."

Even more to the point, fever is not potentially dangerous, unless it is suppressed with fever reducing drugs or if the patient is made to work or exert him or herself!

All the actions we take to minimise or get rid of fevers, inflammations and rashes, destroys the body's own defensive and repairing action. If the body is unable to get rid of the offending toxic overload because of our preventative actions, the problem is sure to come back - perhaps in another form but surely more and more severe.

Yes, this applies to ALL illnesses. The only difference between diseases, including the so-called infectious ones, is the location of the toxic waste build-up, the type of germ present to attempt to clean up and the method the body tries to use to eliminate the toxic waste.

For example, in polio, toxic waste accumulates within the grey matter of the spinal cord or along nerve tissue. The inflammation that this causes is called 'poliomtyelitis' by medicine. It is a process by the body to eliminate this waste matter. Diphtheria involves an elimination of waste from the throut, measles eliminates waste matter through the skin.

As Dr Tilden wrote in 'Toxemia Explained':

"It took a long time to evolve out of the conventional idea of many diseases into the truth that there is but one disease, and that the 400 catalogued so-called diseases are but different manifestations of TOXEMIA -blood and tissue uncleanliness".

Finally - I realise that our resolve and conviction of the real truth must be very strong, to overcome the real fear when it comes to our children. So please - consider and re-read the facts contained in this report, read some of the books mentioned and be assured that:








Dr Viera Scheibner, PhD, is a retired principal research scientist for the NSW government, with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distinguished career, she published 3 books and some 90 scientific papers in scientific journals. Since her retirement, she has devoted some 9 years to the intensive study of 30,000 pages of research on vaccination and so-called immunisation, helped develop Cotwatch, a breathing monitor for babies and published her book, "VACCINATION: THE MEDICAL ASSAULT ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM."

No one had ever before studied all the records but even more important, no one had ever examined such evidence without already having decided that vaccinations are good!

The literature showed that "vaccinations are the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths." Some are even renaming crib death as "Sudden Immunisation Death Syndrome."

In 1975, Japan postponed the first DPT [diptheria/perussis/tetanus] shot from babies from the second, to the 24th month of age. The result? "The entity 'sudden death' disappeared!"

We know that crib death is highest from 2 to 6 months of age. We spend large sums of money on research, to 'find the cause' of SIDS. Why? Reports from all over the world have pinpointed the problem long time ago! Here are just some of them:

1979 - Jacob, J, and Mannino, F, "Increased intracranial pressure after diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis immunization."

1985 - Iwasa, A., Ishida, S., Akama, K. "Swelling of the brain caused by pertussis vaccine: it's quantitative determination and the responsible factors in the vaccine." 1994 - Yawata, Makoto, "Japan's troubles with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine."

1996 - Devin, R, Roques, G., Disdier, R, Rodor, F. and Weiller, RJ. "Occlusion of central retinal vein after hepatitis B vaccination."

There are hundreds of reports like these, ignored by the authorities. So - feel some compassion for those poor parents, vaccination caused the swelling of the brain or the retinal occlusion, not desperate shaking to bring them back.

Time Magazine, 26th of July '99, had the following short note: "VACCINE WARNING - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called on doctors to stop giving a vaccine against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe diarrhea in infants - at least until it's safety is confirmed. The vaccine may have caused a serious intestinal blockage in some 20 babies. To report problems, call [800] 822-7967.

"It is almost impossible to exaggerate the evils of this filthy, superstitious practice and any physician or vaccine propagandist who asserts that vaccination is harmless is either an ignoramus or a liar".

Dr Herbert Shelton, in 'The Hygienic Care Of Children'.


My special thanks particularly goes to lan Sinclair and his excellent publication, ' Vaccination - The Hidden Facts'

My gratitude and thanks to the following wonderful researchers and authors whose work has shown the way for the rest of us to follow:

Dr Dennis Geffen OBE
Sir Arbuthnot Lane MD
Professor Thomas McKeown
Professor Gordon Me Vie
Sir William Osier
Dr Max Von Pettenkofer
Professor Dr Alexander Ross
Dr Robert Simpson
Professor Dr Gordon Stewart
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Dr Robert Mendelsohn Vaccination Heresy The Truth About Immunization
R B Pearson Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter!
Dr Viera Scheibner Cot Death & Vaccination Link The Vaccination Debate
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Dr John Tilden Toxemia Explained

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