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Liver Cleanse

The liver is probably the most important organ in our bodies - the liver, together with the gall bladder. You will recall our discussing the gall bladder in the Cholesterol Myth article.

The liver and gall bladder are responsible for so much - from getting toxins out of the body, to processing cholesterol into 'good' cholesterol, processing calcium into bone building calcium, instead of depositing it into joints for arthritis and so on.

Recently, I had a personal encounter with liver cleanse. One of my daughters, after having spent a night in excruciating pain, went to a doctor the next day. Following some tests, she was told that she has two gall stones, about 10 mm each.

The doctor said "we will have to operate". Well, what else would he say? My daughter said thank you but no thanks. Then she called me.

I decided to follow Hulda Clarke's advice. Although I know that hundreds, if not thousands of people have done this successfully, no one in my close relations have as yet.

So I purchased some Epsom salts, a couple of nice grapefruits, a bottle of Valerian and a bottle of virgin olive oil. [The oil was possibly not necessary, as she probably had some but it would not go to waste.]

It took one day and night. A light, non-dairy breakfast, then nothing - 'till 2 pm, when the first of three doses of Epsom salts were consumed. At 10 pm, a cup of grapefruit juice was mixed with a cup of olive oil [the grapefruit juice breaks down the oil so it really does not taste oily. It's a shame that my daughter can't stand the taste of grapefruit!], a couple of Valerian capsules to help with sleep and immediately lie down for the night, preferably on the back. Sleep through the night. This is most important. Unfortunately, my daughter is also a mother of a toddler. A most active and energetic toddler. Even though she did this at her sister's place, so she could get help with the child, she was not really able to sleep through the night. Nevertheless, in the morning, she passed - and passed - stones by the score.

According to Hulda, we can pass as many as 2000 stones. She also suggests that we all do this every 6 months. She is right, I know but I still have not done it even once. Also, a kidney cleanse should be done first, according to Hulda.

Getting back to the colon - as far as I am concerned, absolute, positive proof exists in so many areas, from so many sources, that when we clean the liver and the colon, full, good health returns. This is full detoxing of the body.

No matter what disease - cancers, aids, ms, fibro myalgia, even some stroke victims, down to chronic fatigue and pimples and everything in between.

So how can we decide what we need to do? Well, if we have 'time', we can take it one step at a time. First, we do what we have often talked about. Keep away from toxins, eat healthy, organic food and detox the body with Green Barley or some other product. Lot's of antioxidants.

If that did not bring about the desired results, do the kidney/liver/gall cleanses and after that, try one of the colon-cleansing products that are now on the market. If that still did not do it, then there is nothing else for it - bite the bullet and go for it - coffee enemas and juices. Get the book mentioned previously - "Living Proof and by the time you are half way through this very easy to read book, you will start to realise that these enemas are not so bad after all.

Ron Gellately has also written a terrific book about getting back to good health that places great emphasis on the colon. ["Internal Health, the Key to Eternal Youth and Vitality", Ron Gellatley ND (ISBN 1 74018 041 0) and published by Cargel Press International The book is available at most Health Food stores.]

I would say that the only thing that can fail this treatment is the patient's own wish for death. Otherwise, I do not believe that the combination of coffee enemas and juices could fail.

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