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Colour, Light and Sound

Something else I should tell you about me is that I dislike [I try not to 'hate'] the practice of pricing products and services to make a 'fast buck'. That is actually the second reason we are producing our Nature's Treasures Colloidal Silver [the first reason is to inform, to educate] - when we saw the prices being charged by some . . . well, you know what I mean.

So, when I see something that I may be interested in, it's not unusual for me to think "why is it so expensive?". Due to this fault in my character, you will find me introducing all sorts of products to you, at much lower prices. Some of these will be important to most, some only to a few, some may even be seen to be lighthearted.

Some of the things I am putting together now include:

COLOUR THERAPY EQUIPMENT, including sound CD's, each colour matched with the correct vibrational tone, complete with instruction book. The reason I became interested in this is that I firmly believe that healers will soon need to combine modalities - add other modalities to theirs. For example, you may find an acupuncturist working with all the senses - colour, light, sound and aroma. To experiment, I wanted my own equipment. That's when I found out the prices . . . . !

INDOOR FENG SHUI FOUNTAIN, simply because I made one for my partner and now everybody wants one. The ones in stores cost a fortune! [This is one of my more lighthearted efforts.] Yet this is an absolute delight to have in the house, even if you don't care about Feng Shui, But the prices demanded are outlandish! I hope to present you with a beautiful model in the next issue, for at least $100.00 less!

REVITALISING WATER - Again, there are terribly expensive products available to do this. I am experimenting with various methods to find an inexpensive way.

OXYGEN MASSAGER - Many patients and healers are most taken with this relatively new method - again, a good version of this product is prohibitive in costs. I do not plan to actually make one, I am simply looking into buying at a very low price, so that I can pass the savings to you.

COLLOIDAL SILVER MAKING - Next year, I plan to have new, inexpensive equipment to: A] Produce high quality Silver, B] 'Silverise' your swimming pools, to get rid of chlorine and C] 'Silverise', filter and re-energise your house tap water. The time will come, when you no longer have to buy our Colloidal Silver - it will be available to you when you open your taps.

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