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Clean Nuclear Waste

In 1994, in Kryon Book 2, "Don't Think Like a Human", on page 223, Kryon gave us a clue on how we can neutralize our volatile and deadly nuclear waste:

"Look at the micro organisms you already know about that can devour these active substances, and make them harmless," Kryon told us. In fact, as I remember, he said that children can safely play with it, as with sand!

Well - four years later, October 1998 from the magazine Nature Biotechnology comes this report:

"Deinoeoccus radiodurans is a tough one. This bacteria, which is the focus of interest of this month's publication, has the property of being able to handle all kinds of radiation. It is capable of growing and reproducing itself in a radioactive environment and seems to be the perfect cleaner for nuclear power plants and radioactive nuclear waste. It has learned over millions of years of evolution to duplicate its genetic code and cunningly, it can store up to ten copies of its BNA/RNA. Therefore, if one of them is destroyed by strong radiation, it can be replaced immediately.

It is being studied by Michael Daly and his associates from the University of Maryland and Minnesota. Mr Daly and his team are hoping that this bacteria will soon be able to swallow and oxidize radioactive Toluene and Trichloroethlene. The bacteria could then phagocytize dangerous radio-toxic products such as Uranium and consume them before they penetrate and pollute forever the ground where they are being disposed of."

I just hope that our Colloidal Silver will also work on this seemingly invincible super bug! Seriously, this bacteria is not a danger to humans. So, when I mention Kryon in the future, you will have some idea of what I am talking about.

The books of Kryon are most warmly recommended reading, if you are interested in spiritual growth and understanding 'who' you are, as well as some idea about our potential future. While I am recommending reading material, let me add the 3 wonderful volumes of "Conversations with God - an uncommon dialogue." Suspend your prejudices for a while and enjoy some warm, love filled and hugely enlightening reading. If you have already read some or all of the above, well, you know what I am talking about.

Oh, in case you were wondering, there is plenty of food for these bugs. It is estimated that there are 200,000 tons of spent nuclear^ fuel, produced by 400 reactors in 30 countries. Every year, 10,000 tons are added to the stockpile.

Let's hope these bacteria breed fast and eat well.

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