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What's he on?

Many of our Dear Friends have asked and I am sure, many more are wondering just what I am all about, with all the spiritual writing, as well as my 'unusual3 attitude to many things.

What church or organisation do I belong to? Who is my 'leader', mentor or guru? By now, most of you have a good 'feel' for what I 'believe' in, but what is it really?

Although I would prefer to find a different term for 'New Age', as it has been worn a bit too thin and has been well 'used' to encompass too much, including many 'get rich quick' schemes, I will still have to use the term to answer some of your questions.

So, for the sake of this exercise, let's exclude everything except Spirituality out of the term New Age. OK?

So what is New Age Spirituality? Perhaps the question should be what is it NOT? To that, my first answer would be "It is definitely Not a religion!" It is NOT about cults, seances, flying saucers or psychics.

New Age Spirituality is NOT evangelistic. It does NOT have central control, headquarters, large buildings or churches, nor does it have doctrine. There is No ORGANIZATION! No priests or pastors.

And nowhere to send your money!

So then what is it?

In the first issue of Health and Light, on page six, there was a framed quote that, to me at least, lays down some of the most important 'philosophies' of my spirituality. To save you searching for it, here is some of it:

A true Master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most Masters.
A true Leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most Leaders.
A true teacher is not one with the most knowledge, but one who causes most others to have knowledge.

My humble aim is to be such a teacher, although I should add that a true teacher never ceases to be the pupil as well. A true teacher never stops learning.

And of course, also in this quote, yet another perfect description for the philosophy of my spirituality:

.. For this is both the goal and the glory of God:
That His subjects shall be no more,
And that ALL should know God not as the Unattainable,
But as the unavoidable.

This last statement is very important to me. Our religions, all of them, tend to make God out of our reach. What's even worse, religions separate people into little boxes, into compartments. Religions want you to believe that unless you 'belong' to their set of beliefs, you won't be 'saved' or you won't go to heaven. They also want you to believe that all the other religions 'got it wrong' and they are the only ones got it right. Everyone else will go to hell. Some will even tell you that the others are evil.

Well, my answer to that is in the last lines of the quote. "I would that you could this understand:

Your happy destiny is unavoidable!
You cannot NOT be saved! And,
There is no hell except NOT KNOWING THIS!"

Consider for a moment, a God that could possibly agree with those preachers that tell you that you can only be 'saved' if you follow their doctrine. [Just recently, I read in a certain Christian book, urging their followers to convert Indian Hindus to Christianity by saying: "Nine hundred million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism."]

Can you possibly imagine such a God? Can you imagine God saying "Yes, you 've got it right. All the others can go to hell"?

I could not imagine that for a second. Yet, if you think about it, that is exactly what religions have been teaching us, even if most of them do not exactly spell it out today. In our history however, they did just that - time after time, horrible wars and persecutions took place just to 'save' the heathen, the 'unbeliever', the evil ones. Remember, the unbeliever was simply someone whose religion was different. Not that the unbeliever was 'unGodly' but simply, they had a different 'name' for their God. Yet, although each religion may have a different name for God, a different way of describing God and how humans should live, the EXPERIENCE OF GOD, the ENERGY OF LOVE, is exactly the same! Each religion has it's own history of this relationship and a way of speaking about it. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE DIVINE - SOURCE!

Now, I need to interrupt this for a moment. I actually wrote a lot more along these lines when I got the last book of Kryon, book number 7, called "Letters from Home". If, like me, you agree that there are no coincidences, you will not be surprised to hear that, uncharacteristically, Lee Carroll, the 'writer' of the Kryon books, started this book with a seven page discourse, 'explaining' New Age' AND in the first Channeling chapter, Kryon talks about - yes, how religions tend to place you into little boxes.

Well. What I have said so far, fits very well. The rest, although similar, I decided to change, to fit in with some of the wonderful explanations that Kryon gives us. So forgive me for this slight change. [You see, I consider this newsletter a sort of on-going dialogue we are having, You and I - even if it's a little one-sided.]

First, in relation to religions, Kryon asks us to consider, in a sort of parable. 'He' likes parables. The chapter is called:

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