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Every Moment of Eternity

A message from "Chief Joseph", to help put the turmoil of world affairs into perspective.

"My dear ones, your higher self never, ever feels fear - not ever, not in any circumstance. Your higher self is always in a state of pure bliss, pure ecstasy, pure love. Nothing can disturb or upset your higher self - certainly nothing on your Planet Earth.

No matter how traumatic or disastrous any event on your beloved planet may seem from your human perspective, it CANNOT ever disturb the equilibrium, the pure bliss your higher self exists in at every moment of eternity.

Your higher self, you might say, is an "untouchable." For nothing earthly can touch it in any negative way.

I want you all to think on this - because it is a FACT, an unchanging eternal reality: Your higher self exists, lives, breathes, has its being in a state of pure bliss.

And nothing you, the human aspect of this higher self, can do will ever disturb that blissful and pure state your higher self knows at every moment of eternity.

You are totally powerless to disturb the equanimity, the peace, the passion of your higher self.

And so, my dear ones, does it not make sense for you, the human aspect of this glorious god/ goddess called your higher self, to do whatever it takes to maintain your connection to it?

WHATEVER it takes! If that means meditating, going to church, praying, doing yoga, exercising - whatever - then do it. And DO IT NOW!

So how do you know when you get connected? By how you feel.

When you feel good - ranging anywhere along the spectrum from quiet peace to flaming passion, you're connected.

And when you're feeling fearful, terrorized, sad, grief-stricken, frustrated, angry, vengeful, and so on - then you're disconnected from your higher self.

Absolutely THE BEST thing you can do to help your planet today, in the challenges it faces, is to always stay connected to your higher self.

One connected person is a million times more powerful than a million disconnected ones. Peace, my dear ones."


There has been a lot of 'good' news about alternate medicine and healthy lifestyles on various Current Affair programs lately. Usually, I feel that not enough information is given and there is always that seemingly mandatory disclaimer from someone from a 'medical authority'. So I read the 'inside' story of what happens with these programs when they are proposed with great interest. The story was on the BGH Bulletin website, www.foxBGHsuit. com and an excerpt also appeared in the Nexus Magazine.


BGH stands for Bovine Growth Hormone. Two award winning reporters, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, working for Fox TV's Global News put together a report "The Cancer Risks from rBGH in Milk" It reported on the health risks to cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone rBGH [or bovine somatotropin, rBST] to increase their milk production and, the potential dangers to humans from drinking milk from these cows.

The report was started in Florida, where Monsanto was particularly successful in convincing dairy farmers to use their products, with the promise of 30% higher milk production.

Then the report turned to scientists, staring with Dr Samuel Epstein, a scientist with 3 medical degrees, a professorship of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Illinois School of Public Health, the author of 8 books and countless editorials and papers. He is also frequently called to Congressional hearings for his expert testimony on public health and the environmental causes of cancer.

Those are his qualifications. In a Current Affairs story, the viewer needs to know this information, to be able to judge the reliability of what the person is talking about. Fair enough?

Well, not according to Monsanto's lawyers. The report went through some 20 drafts with the lawyers - Dr Epstein came down from "reputable Scientist" to "respected scientist" to "well credentialed MD" to ultimately, no such reference was 'acceptable', making Dr Epstein sound like a run-of-the-mill academic with no specific or relevant expertise.

On the other hand, the 'expert' stating that the BGH is perfectly safe, was fully credentialed.

Oh it gets better. Monsanto continues to refer to studies carried out by them. But the report was not allowed to make clear that the Monsanto study only researched the effect of the synthetic hormone on GBH treated cows and not on people who drink the milk! Some more examples:

Dr William von Meyer: We are going to save some lives if we review this now. If we allow BGH to go on. I'm sure we're taking excessive risks with society.

Monsanto: Edit the first sentence.

Description: Dr von Meyer has spent 30 years studying chemical products and testing their effects on humans. He has supervised many such tests both at the University of London and UCLA. His concerns about BGH have sparked an inquiry by Congressman Scott Klug, who wants to know just how BGH was ever approved for use in this country three years ago [1993], while a dozen European countries, Canada and New Zealand have all blocked the use of it.

Monsanto: Remove any reference to Dr von Meyer's qualifications to question the safety of the product and DO report Monsanto's contention that "the cancer experts don't see a health issue". Eventually, reporters were instructed to refer to Dr von Meyer simply as "a scientist from Wisconsin ".

Monsanto ad: Of course you'II want to inject Posilac [BGH] into every eligible cow, as each cow not treated is a lost income opportunity.

Description: A number of critics, including at least one state agriculture commissioner have called it "crack for cows" for the way it speeds up the cow's milk production [by increasing the natural production of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 This is what 'revs' up the cow, causing her mammary glands to produce more milk.]-but despite the promise of profit, some dairymen say the product doesn't always lead to happy trails for the cows or for those who tend them.

Fox TV: Reporters were repeatedly told this colourful phrase "crack for cows" could not be used in a broadcast on Fox Channel 13, to avoid needlessly antagonising a possible plaintiff, Monsanto.

Description: Near Wachula, farmer Charles Knight won't use Monsanto's synthetic BGH anymore. He is one of many farmers who say they watched Posilac burn their cows out sooner, shortening their lives. Knight says he had to replace 75% of his herd due to hoof problems and serious udder infections [mastitis]. These are two of more than 20 potential troubles listed right on the product warning label. The label also warns: ".....use of Posilac is associated with increased frequency of the use of medication in cows for mastitis...."

Monsanto: You will instead have statements from Dr Robert Collier, Chief BGH scientist from Monsanto [whose only doctorate degree is in dairy research], saying ".....this is the most studied molecule certainly in the history of domestic animal science. ......suffice to say the cancer experts don't see the health issue.... [??]... Posilac is the single most tested product in history...."

The reporters' research uncovered several studies, all confirming that the milk from these cows is different. Several studies have shown that levels of the suspected cancer link IGF-1 are significantly higher in milk from treated cows -up to 20 times higher, according to one study. Other studies confirm higher antibiotic levels in the milk, as farmers inject cows with more drugs to fight the BGH caused infections.

With the high use of antibiotics, the reporters also focused on antibiotics in milk They found plenty of evidence of this and yet again, were unable to report fully Monsanto and authorities cited testing safeguards, saying that residues show up within the 'allowable' tolerances. When we check out these so-called safeguards, we find that they are doing exactly the same as the water authorities do - test for one substance at a time and only test for a few substances in total. Yet in fact, there are over 60 drugs used on farms and they test for only one or two.

As with our water supplies, these milks contain trace levels of antibiotics. Dr Michael Hansen, a Scientist with Consumers Union said: "So for example, if you drank milk that had residues of erythromycin in it, then bacteria in your stomach could pick up resistance to that, so that if you came down with an illness you would not be able to use erythromycin to treat it".

Not to mention the fact that not only are you getting an unwanted 'immunity' to antibiotics, you are also getting a load of chemical toxins with every drink of milk - or water.

To finish with - the report covered a whole lot more, including numerous quotes of "a clear pattern of fraudulent content in Monsanto's research" as well as collusion with the body of authority, the PDA.

The report was scheduled for broadcast on the 24th of February, 1997. It was cancelled 3 days prior. Akre and Wilson were dismissed from FoxTV. They also refused big money deals and filed a lawsuit in April of 1998.

Finally, on the 18th of August, 2000, after a five week trial and six hours of deliberation, the jury determined that Fox ''acted intentionally and deliberately to falsify or distort the plaintiffs" news reporting on BGH'. The jury also found that Jane Acre's threat to blow the whistle to the FCC on Fox's misconduct was the sole reason for the termination. The jury awarded US$ 425,000 in damages plus all costs.

In April 2001, Jane Akre and Steve Wilson were honoured with a Goldman Environmental Prize, one of the world's most prestigious environmental awards, for their courageous efforts to expose the potential threat to public health from rBGH.

Unfortunately, most Current Affairs reporters are not that tenacious. So now we know why we get those 'strange' good new reports that aren't quite there, if you know what I mean. We need to learn to read between the lines.

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