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A Case of Shingles

We have had many calls about shingles. There are many 'types' and varying symptoms. Basically, shingles is a recurrence of chicken pox. The parasite Ascaris is always present with this condition. This is easy to kill with Silver, as is the actual shingles/chicken pox virus. Herpes Roster. In fact, we have had numerous reports of long term conditions clearing up completely with our Colloidal Silver, sometimes even in a seemingly miraculous 24 hours! However, it can be difficult to treat due to the ability of the virus to 'hide' in nerve cells. That is why we sometimes think we got rid of it, only to reoccur some time later.

Possibly, the recurring presence of Ascaris 'brings' the virus out of the nerve cells again, we do not know for sure. We do know that both are present in the affected tissue Mold is the obvious trigger - to be specific, aflatoxin, a common mold.

Most people think of mold as the visible mold on bread or fruit. Aflatoxin is seldom visible, yet present on most foods, from plastic wrapped bread to breakfast cereals. It is a good habit to sprinkle Calcium Ascorbate [Vitamin C] powder - just a pinch on your cereals, into your cooking and either bake your own bread or buy only unwrapped bakery bread. This by the way is good advice for even healthy people. ALL HERPES

The above applies to all the herpes family of viruses - herpes simplex virus [HSV] 1 and 2, Epstein Barre virus [ERV], shingles or chicken pox, varicella zoster, cytomegalovirus [CMV] and so on.

These viruses can also be "triggered" out of the nerve cells by anything that puts the nerve centers to work: sudden heat or cold [ice cubes in drink, hot spoon from soup], chafing or friction trauma, tweezing hair and so on.

Toxins on skin - I am sorry to do this to you ladies, however, makeup, lipstick, lotions, softeners, cleansers etc, contain all kinds of toxic substances - nickel, chromate, titanium, zirconium, aluminium, benzalkonium as well as many harmful solvents - can also be 'triggers'.

In the case of herpes or shingles it helps most people to take a cayenne capsule immediately on first sign [yes, normal cayenne pepper - available at your Health Food Store or make your own or, if you are 'tough', mix a spoonful in hot water and drink it. By the way, this last 'remedy' will stop a person's heart attack immediately.], and then one with each meal and, lysine - 8 tablets of 500 mg daily!

A lysine mush also helps with skin irritations due to herpes. You can make your own mush by crushing a tablet, add a pinch of Vitamin C powder, a pinch of zinc oxide, wet with water to make a paste. Apply to lesions. Spraying Colloidal Silver is the most effective, though some people cannot seem to tolerate getting the lesions wet.

If you are susceptible to herpes or shingles, also take care to only eat fresh, well washed fruit, preferably organic and, if you have pets of any sort, make sure they also take Silver! Pets are the quickest way of being re-infected with Ascaris. Finally, if all else fails, detox!

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