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Whilst on the subject of 'giving in? to pressure, not very gracefully, of actually dealing with, purchasing from MLM companies, I should mention another product we now have available: FEROXIN Colloidal Minerals.

For years, I have been recommending and educating anyone that would listen to me. about our desperate need for mineral supplements. Minerals, in their christalline - [tablet or capsule] form, are next to useless. The body is simply unable to absorb and utilise minerals in ^ any other form than organic.

Organic minerals can only come from plant life. Only the plants we consume nowadays, no longer contain the necessary minerals and trace elements. On the contrary, they now contain the exact opposite of our needs - they, the non-organic plants, contain TOXINS! So that, not only do we NOT get the essentials, we get poisoned as well.

A couple of years ago, I was recommending a Colloidal Mineral from the TJ Clark mines in Utah, called Lifesprings. Then, the product first seem to cslip' in quality and this condition was swiftly followed up by two more companies, two more brand names - all three saying that they had the exclusive rights to the TJ Clark minerals.

As usual, my response was to all this was - forget it! Don't want to know. When people get themselves involved in foolish practices through greed or whatever, I lose patience very quickly.

So, for the past 18 months or so, we have not had any Minerals.

For some time now, a dear friend, Judy from the Mooroolbark Health Food store, has been 'bugging' me about her Feroxin Colloidal Minerals. Unfortunately, the product is from Neways - an MLM company. As you can imagine, my reaction was predictable.

It took Judy around six months to 'wear me down'. Listening to her, observing her energy levels and so on, hearing stories about how great so and so has been feeling since - well you know. I gave in. Forgive me for going on about this - you have no idea just how strong my resistance, almost revulsion was/is about MLM! I still have moments when I don't want to believe I am doing this! I'll get over it, I am sure. After all, I do know many wonderful people involved in MLM's and they are still wonderful people!

Anyway, as usual, once I decide on something like this, I instantly think of all the people I know that need this, so, I buy in bulk!

Therefore, I have stocks available, should you be interested. If you really want, hey, we will even 'sign you up'!

I can't believe that all of a sudden, I am promoting not one but two MLM's!

The reason Colloidal Minerals is essential to our health is very simple. Our immune system, almost literally, uses our biology's stores of minerals and trace elements to houseclean - to get rid of toxic elements in our biology.

Lack of these minerals and trace elements in our bodies is one of the primary causes of our weakened immune system.

The reason we lack, the reason our bodies do not contain enough of these precious elements goes back to our food supply. A hundred years ago, whenever we ate fruit and vegetables, we were also replacing all the minerals and trace elements, due to the plants' 'chelating' these elements out of the soil, thereby turning 'solid' minerals - organic.

Since we started using chemicals in farming, less and less minerals were taken up by the plants, as there was an inexplicable loss in the soil - until - no trace remains. Now, the plants 'chelate' chemicals out of the soil, not minerals.

Therefore, today, if we eat fruit and vegetables that are not organically grown, we not only don't get the minerals to help our immune system, we get a further dose of chemicals, to further weaken our immune system. So you can see why I place so much import on Colloidal Minerals.

With Organic and Bio-Dynamic farming, the minerals are slowly 'returning' into our food supply. May I also refer you back to the 'Rock Dust' article in our first issue. Incidentally, I know of quite a few people that place a spoonful of rock dust in a glass of water, stir well, wait until the 'dust' settles to the bottom and then drink it - without any harmful side-effects. I even know of one researcher who actually ate spoonfuls of rock dust regularly. We do not need to go to that extent - we can take the colloidal form.

By the way - in case you are not aware - the Colloidal Minerals are not man made. They are from Utah, where a unique occurrence took place millions of years ago - a huge primeval forest was buried inside what is now a mountain, resulting in the forest being crushed and preserved - full of all the original organic minerals and trace elements.

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