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Healing the Heart ...

Or how Science meets the Poets . . .

Poets and Romantic writers have for eons, 'waxed poetic' about the HEART - straight from the heart, broken heart, heart-felt, Cupid's arrow through the heart - you know what I mean.

Did they know something? I mean HOW and when did we come up with the idea that a lump of muscle in the middle [almost] of the chest, that is basically working as a pump, is anything more than just a lump of muscle??

What made us associate this pumping organ, with love, pain, honesty or emotions?

I don't know. I simply knew that, in a manner of speaking, we have associated the heart, poetically, with these emotions, for centuries.

At least, that is what I thought when I was young. Later, I knew better.

Now, science is proving the poets right! The heart has a mind of it's own!

It reacts, to emotions, easily measurably.

In fact, there is a recent science, loosely called Heart Intelligence. Intelligence? Of the heart?

Numerous books, written by some of the most prestigious doctors and researchers in the 'traditional' medical community explore this science meeting spirituality!

The undiscovered country of the heart's amazing properties and influence over other bodily systems are new to science but old news in the area of mystics and spiritualists.

Heart Intelligence is the phrase used to describe the numerous attributes of the electrical and magnetic energy waves radiating from the heart, which influence functions and systems, including the brain! When the waves of these energy fields are coherent, that is when they can pass through each other non-destructively, specific benefits occur within the mind and body, including: reduction and neutralization of the stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol, the immune system increases efficiency, the aging process slows, the reasoning mind is opened to a broader base of information [as the 'old' brain operates on survival and defensive strategies], a sense of wellbeing occurs, the body's natural healing process is enhanced.

Before I explain how, here is a short list of other interesting, scientific things about our hearts:

  • The electrical field of the heart is 40 to 60 times stronger than the electrical field of the brain.
  • The magnetic field of the heart is 2-5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain.
  • Within the heart is a separate 'little brain' and nervous system, connecting the heart directly to the neocortex.
  • The immune system, hormonal balance and aging process are all directed by a peptide called ANF, an emotion bearing information molecule produced in the upper chambers of the heart - with each contraction.
  • The heart is autogenic - it does not require a signal from the brain to beat.
  • The heart pumps 2 gallons [7.5 litres] of blood per minute through 60,000 MILES [96,500km] of veins and capillaries.
  • With every change of emotional states, the bioelectric fields of the heart change, thus creating a cascade or changes throughout the body.

Heart Intelligence is basically emotional intelligence. You see, what these scientists have found is, that if, under controlled circumstances, the subject is induced to either meditate or concentrate on truly joyful events or the feelings or emotions of love, joy, wonder, compassion, gratitude and appreciation are felt, all those chemical and physiological effect take place!

Conversely, if the subject concentrated on stressful, fearful or generally destructive, negative emotions, the heart radiated incoherent waves of mixed signals that had the opposite chemical and physiological results.

Well! Next they will tell us that we CAN heal ourselves just by the power of our positive emotions! But wait! Didn't I tell you that in the first issue of this Newsletter?

Sorry - couldn't resist a little 'dig' with the elbow.

The ramifications of this research are already far-reaching. One example that we have room for in this issue is the work of some wonderful people who have taken equipment called the Heartlink Monitor, which is a heart monitoring bio-feedback device, into schools for physically and mentally challenged children, with some amazing results. I hope to have enough space in the next issue to tell you about some of this work - it is wonderful and truly 'heart warming'.

My friends - here is science telling us what I am constantly explaining to you: Keep only love in your heart, get fear and ego out and ALL your problems dissolve.

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