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The Secret of Ten Illusions

So - it is time to try to come to grips with all this talk. It is time to put it all into action in our daily lives. It is time to fully understand that we have been living a life of illusion! We have created our world filled with fearful illusions. Look at them and see them for what they are:

The Illusion of Need
The Illusion of Failure
The Illusion of Disunity
The Illusion of Insufficiency
The Illusion of Requirement
The Illusion of Judgement
The Illusion of Condemnation
The Illusion of Conditionality
The Illusion of Superiority and
The Illusion of Ignorance.

You may note that the first five, Need, Failure, Disunity, Insufficiency and Requirement, are Physical Illusions, whilst the last five, Judgement, Condemnation, Conditionality, Superiority and Ignorance are Metaphysical or if you like, Emotional Illusions.

But wait, I've got to tell you about yet another one of those 'coincidences'! You know, this seems to happen with almost every issue of Health & Light that I write. I write the first 3 or 4 pages, 'write' the rest in my mind, then wonder why I am not finishing it already. I mean I have composed the whole Newsletter in my mind some six to eight weeks ago. [I know, I am late again]. So what am I 'waiting' for?

Then, for my birthday in November, Mary presents me with the latest issue from God -sorry, Neale Donald Walsch, called "Communion with God". This one is the shortest of all the CWG series and probably packs the biggest 'punch'. Although the book does not deal specifically with health issues and how to overcome health problems, it does embody precisely what I am trying to say.

You see, what I am trying to discuss with you is that there is only GOD! Let's have that again:

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