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God knows, we have covered many contentious issues in previous newsletters. Issues that illustrated and demonstrated the failure of modern medicine to understand the basic principals of health and disease.

Issues that demonstrated and illustrated our destructive propensity to follow 'popular opinion' as directed by marketing strategies.

None of them were as contentious and confusing as this issue.

HIV causes AIDS. Yes, it does. No, it does not. Which is it? Gallo, who first proposed that it does, was convicted and discredited for false research. Yet the mainstream medical fraternity continues to espouse his false premises. Why? Is it, once again, the same blind [as well as deaf and dumb] following of the gospel according to the pharmaceutical corporations? It certainly looks like it! Far be it for me to point the finger of blame, yet again, to the blind stupidity of following, without thought, without reason, the dictates of commercial gain, in an attempt to heal people!!??

This blindness is almost understandable with dis-eases like cancer, MS and others. There are not many in the profession that are willing to argue. Such is not the case with AIDS! There are hundreds, if not thousands of eminent scientists, Nobel laureates, professors and researchers that have for years, begged 'them' to stop and listen!

Hundreds of doctors and researchers, who have successfully treated AIDS sufferers and have gone to International Summit meetings to show their work and share their research. To no avail. WHY? Why are they not listened to? What are they afraid of?

Is it possible that EGO is still so powerful that they cannot accept the possibility that they may be wrong? After all, if they admit that they are wrong about HIV/AIDS, they may have to admit that they are wrong about the prolific use of antibiotics. Wrong about the whole premise of vaccination. Wrong about their cancer treatments. In fact, wrong about the indiscriminate use of immune suppressant chemicals in total! Could they be afraid that this might start a domino effect?

It has taken the terrible dis-ease of AIDS, to finally - perhaps - divide the medical profession enough, so that at last, the dissenting voices are staring to be heard.

All over the world, these eminent people are speaking out. At seminars, international AIDS conferences, in papers published in respected journals, on the internet. More importantly, many of these eminent people are DOING what they are talking about - CURING people, curing AIDS sufferers, without drugs!

Even so, it is still difficult to come to grips with this thing. The alternate cures work, that is OK, but we still do not really understand just what is going on. Where did this come from? What is the real cause? Even the basic premise, that HIV causes AIDS, has been proven WRONG! There are far too many AIDS sufferers without HIV!

So, we don't know. What we do know is, the mainstream medical profession not only got it wrong, they are actually making it worse! When a person presents with HIV, they start their 'treatment'. This treatment invariably guarantees the person will get AIDS! How good is that?

All the chemicals they prescribe, from AZT, to 3TC, d4T, Norvir or any such derivatives as ddl or ddC are all toxic - too toxic for human consumption. So what happens? The weak immune system is now virtually destroyed, to guarantee the onset of either full-blown AIDS or some other debilitating disease.

The medical profession uses the PCR to calculate HIV. PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, was the invention of Dr Kary Mullis, a Noble-prize winning chemist. Ask Dr Mullis himself about the validity of using this test for this purpose and his answer is a resounding NO! He and the other scientists not only question current theories about HIV and AIDS but are adamant in their assertion that the 'viral load' measurements using PCR are 'an oxymoron' and meaningless!

Doctors, please listen! You are killing your patients! That is the message of these people.

People like Dr Eleni Eleopolous and her colleagues at the Royal Medical College in Perth; Dr Peter Duesberg, a leading retrovirologist at the University of California at Berkeley; former professor of biochemistry at Harvard, Charles Thomas: Walter Gilbert, another Nobel laureate; Robert Root-Bernstein, a professor from Michigan; Dr Stefan Lanka, a German virologist and biochemist; Dr Joan Priestley of Alaska; Dr Joseph Sonnabend of New York; Dr Lawrence Badgely of California; Dr Siro Passi, the Italian biochemist and the physicians at the Foundation for Nutrition and Immunity in Bern, Switzerland are just some of these eminent people speaking out.

So what are they saying? First and foremost, they are saying that they do not believe HIV causes AIDS. Most of them assert, according to Jeremy Selvey, the founder and director of Project ADDS International in Los Angeles and the Reverend Doctor Michael Ellner, the founder of HEAL, AIDS is a disease of poisoning. It is a toxicological condition that has nothing to do with viruses or sex!

WOW! If that is true, and I have no reason to doubt the truth of this statement - boy am I confused!

I mean please! For years now, we have been told by our 'experts', that some wild African monkeys have somehow gave humans a new strain of virus, the HIV virus, which developed into a sexually [read homosexually] contactable disease, leading to AIDS, Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which means that the immune system simply 'packs up' and self-destructs. Further, that only homosexuals, drug addicts and some unfortunate haemophiliacs can get it.

So how, for God's sake did we get from this version to - the new, seemingly true version, which places AIDS squarely and directly into the same category of the runaway dis-eases like cancer, MS, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibro myalgia and the rest!!!??? ALL of which are the dis-eases of the 90's, ALL caused by deficient nutrient intake and HUGE overdoses of toxic chemicals! Is that 'all' it is?

Well, then all we have to do is de-tox their bodies, pump them full of nutrients and antioxidants, convince them that they are going to live and, the 'epidemic' is over!

All right, so I am running away with this just a little. Forgive me. But you can see where I am coming from can't you?

I can forgive our doctors for their misguided cancer treatments, their blind insistence on immunization, their blatant and ignorant overuse of antibiotics. They 'grew' up with all that, spent their life with those 'truths', so they can be excused for not being able to recognise the lies of what they were doing. But this thing is NEW! Right from the start, their own peers were saying "Wait a moment! Things may not be as they seem"! They did not listen. This time, I am finding it more difficult to be charitable.

To make matters worse, I for one, have NO IDEA where or how this thing originated. Nor can I figure out just how they got it so tragically wrong. What IS the tie-in between HIV and AIDS? Is there one?

Yes, there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, but I do not wish to indulge us in them. I am only interested in the truth.

As far as the origins and the connections are concerned, I still don't know. One interesting theory, backed by extensive research, does help explain why the disease was gay related. According to Project AIDS International [PAI], based in Los Angeles, the symptoms of benzene poisoning are identical to those of AIDS. It seems that in the 70's, a new oil-based sexual lubricant was introduced and marketed to the American gay community - that contained benzene. The product have since been tested and found to indeed contain benzene and other toxic chemicals. As safe sex caught on and these oil-based lubricants became less popular, the rate of AIDS in gay men dropped. An interesting theory that has facts to back it, although it leaves too many loopholes. How does that explain what has been happening in Africa? On the other hand it does not mean that similar type of toxic overload has not caused the epidemic in Africa. We know from our history of all the infectious dis-eases that, they were always concentrated in slums and/or among people who were malnourished and had little or no sanitation. In countries and communities where sanitation was cleaned up and hunger banished, the infectious dis-eases and plagues of all types disappeared.

As most parts of Africa suffers from malnutrition and lack of sanitation, it is easier to understand that any type of toxic overload will have disastrous effect. I don't know.

What I do know though, is that the de-toxing and antioxidant/nutritional methods do work! So let's have a look at some aspects.

Two things are very important to understand.

First, "AIDS is a disease of poisoning. It is a toxicological condition that has nothing to do with virus or sex", as we have said before.

Second, the most important hurdle the patient has to overcome is 'attitude'. When one is told one has HIV, the person enters what Dr Ellner calls the 'AIDS Zone'. This is the little self-hypnotic box that says HIV=AIDS=DEATH. Into this box goes all the associated hallucinations of shame, guilt, alienation, self hatred and, FEAR.

They have been given a psychological death sentence. Most 'good' doctors realise that 80% of recovery is going to come from the reversal of this attitude. Of course this does not apply only to AIDS. It applies equally to ALL dis-eases that usually spell d.e.a.t.h.. Ron Gellatley, in his excellent book, "How To Fight Prostate Cancer and Win", devotes the first 4 or 5 chapters to coaching the reader on how to overcome this syndrome.

So it should not come as a great surprise that the doctors and healers that are successfully treating HIV and AIDS patients first spend great amounts of time on reversing the patient's attitude, have active support groups and then, they concentrate on de-toxifying them.

PAI's founder and director, Jeremy Selvey has the following guidelines, that has had great success with thousands of clients: "The first thing is to address any opportunistic infections a person may have. The next step is to stop all drug therapies, especially prophylactic ones. I cannot tell you how many people we have seen undergo a complete recovery just by discontinuing AZT or other similar drugs. It is also imperative that the person stops all street drugs as well. Crystal meth, heroin, cocaine etc., are all immunosuppressive. One cannot hope for recovery if such drugs are still taken.

Then, to detoxify the body, there are a few approaches. Unless the person is wasting, we recommend a fast and lots of juicing. Since a longer fast is needed for the body to really clean out, we urge our clients to work closely with a health professional experienced with fasting. We also like chelation therapy with EDTA, along with IV nutrient drips to hasten the detoxification process and 'super nourish' the body. If benzene poisoning is suspected, chelation is a must, as well as antioxidant therapy. Of course, all sources of benzene must be removed from the person's life and environment. If the person has Kaposi's sarcoma [a type of skin cancer that was evident in almost all of the first male AIDS patients], then benzene poisoning is almost certain."

Now we must digress a little. Benzine is an insidious toxin that goes to the bone marrow where the immune system's T-cells are made and to the thymus where the T-cells are 'programmed'. Those of you that know of Hulda Clark's work will know that she developed a method of testing and identifying most toxins in food. Her list of benzene polluted products are quite daunting. Also, according to Hulda, the real damage occurs when benzopyrenes are added, which becomes too much for the liver and it begins to accumulate in the thymus. The real problem with this thesis is that all grilled and smoked foods produce benzopyrenes! Even toast! I remember many years ago, there was a report that burnt toast could cause cancer. I remember laughing and saying "yeah, right!" Yet fried food, even if you burn it black, does not produce these toxins!

Hulda's list of products containing benzene include: [these are tests carried out in the US], Most cooking oils and shortenings - not olive oil or butter.

  • Bottled waters and juices.
  • Cold cereals, including health brands.
  • Toothpastes.
  • Ice cream and frozen yoghurts
  • Rice cakes
  • Chewing gums.
  • Vaseline products,
  • Personal lubricants,
  • Soaps, hand-creams, moisturisers,
  • Even some pills and capsules, and
  • Tea tree oils - the only tee tree oil that tested negative for Hulda was the 'Thursday Plantation' brand.

Although the amount of benzene in any of these things is miniscule, the cumulative effect, combined with benzopyrenes, eventually can overwhelm the immune system. It also becomes easy to understand why so many AIDS sufferers also have or get various cancers.

I often have Corn Flakes mixed with Sustain and for a long time now, I noticed a vague petrol taste. Because I am actively de-toxifying my body, perhaps I am more becoming more aware of these things.

It does make one think - is there anything left that is safe to eat or drink? Hulda's recommendation? "Always take Vitamin B2 [3xlOOmg tablets 3 times a day] and Vitamin C with each meal [l/8th teaspoon of Calcium Ascorbate].

Hulda Clark wrote about this in 1995, in her book, "The Cure For All Diseases" At the end of the HIV/AIDS chapter of this book, Hulda asked some questions - questions that still need answering today:

How did HFV spread so rapidly? How did a pollutant as dangerous as benzene get into our very food?

What must be done to protect ourselves and loved ones from future disasters? Would getting away from fossil fuel be a big answer?

Would getting away from preoccupation with chemistry be a big answer? Would more disclosure of industrial practices be an answer?

Should the government agencies responsible for food and product safety be de-politicised? Should public inspection of food manufacturing be a right? Should disclosure of foreign ingredients be mandatory?

We still do not have answers, five years on. All right, let's get back to some more success stories.

Dr Roberto Giraldo, the Columbian-born author of "AIDS and Stressors" has been working with AIDS patients for many years. He also starts with:

"I spend hours trying to un-hypnotise them. I must take them out of the AIDS zone. This is the most difficult part of the therapy. If it is not done, the treatment will fail". Dr Giraldo then works to determine why the person has an immune problem. He breaks it down to 'stressors' -chemical, physical, biological and psychological. He feels that one needs to identify and remove the various causes and then, work on rebuilding the body. His method is similar to that of Selvey's -fasting, lots of carrot and green juices, Vitamin C, B complex and antioxidants. Dr Giraldo also encourages his patients to drink lots of green tea, for it's antioxidant properties.


As we must not turn this report into a book, not everything can be covered. I could write another 12 or so pages just on the works Drs Eleni Eleopolus, Valendar Turner and their colleagues at the Royal Perth Hospital - they clearly contend that HIV, as posited by the medical authorities does not exist. Stephen Byrnes, the author of "Overcoming AIDS with Natural Medicine" not only concurs but cites numerous patients that have been given the 'death sentence' by being told that they are HIV positive, yet, when treated for Candida for example, the so-called HIV disappeared. This is classic - following a chronic overuse of antibiotics, the patient end up with a -usually un-diagnosed - overgrowth of yeast, resulting in general bad health, swollen glands, insomnia, athlete's foot, lack of energy - in other words, a weak and ineffective immune system.

One patient like this, a former addict, was diagnosed HIV positive. He refused drug treatments for 8 years - he witnessed many friends dying on that route. After 8 years, the positive attitude he had weakened and, although his symptoms remained unchanged, he entered into the drug treatments. Shortly after starting the 'cocktail' of drugs, he began with bloody urine, memory loss, overwhelming fatigue, loss of appetite and weight, followed by pneumonia. He also had chronic lower back pain, the classic indicator of the harm done to the kidneys by the drugs. His doctor, a leading 'AIDS doctor', simply prescribed more drugs, to deal with the symptoms. It never seemed to occur to this doctor to discontinue the drug treatment.

When this man finally went to see Stephen Byrnes, he was finally diagnosed and treated for chronic yeast overgrowth and he regained his health. He is working at two jobs and knows he has a future.

Yet for about nine years, he thought he was going to die. Because he was diagnosed HIV positive.

My friends, there is more that needs to be explored with this subject and indeed, I intended to cover a lot more. As it is already over 4 pages, perhaps it is time to stop for this issue, particularly as I really wish to include the next item as well, not to mention that I never intended to make quite such a special feature of this subject. To me, the real lesson I got from researching for this article was the confirmation that ALL health problems really do end up being a case of toxins in the body.

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