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Why Health & Light?

A number of friends have asked about the reason for the name of this newsletter -Health and Light. They understand the Health part but what do I mean by Light?

Like many words in the English language, light can stand for many meanings. Somewhat similar to fear and love - many meanings, easy to misinterpret.

LIGHT to me, in this context, does stand for more than one interpretation. Primarily, LIGHT represents who we really are, the eternal spirit, an indistinguishable piece of God. LIGHT, if you like, represents the TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE of GOD [Gnosis]. In this respect, the greatest DARK emotion is FEAR, so it follows that the greatest LIGHT emotion is LOVE.

So, LIGHT, in the context of this title, stands for TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, HEALING, SPIRIT and GOD, not necessarily in that order.

I would also invite you to consider more meanings and deeper understanding of LIGHT. Imagine, if you will, standing at the closed door between two rooms. The room you are in is flooded with brilliant light. The room on the other side of the door is totally dark. What happens when you open the door? Does the dark 'flood' into the light room? No, the light effortlessly overcomes the dark. Dark simply means the absence of LIGHT. The same as, fear means the absence of LOVE.

Please consider reflecting on this often.

One more reason for this word in the title. Although I refuse to use titles and qualifications to go with my name, somewhat whimsically, I consider myself a WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT. It was in the books of Kryon that I first came across this term and felt at home with it instantly. The term of Warrior is not meant as warlike. Like Dan Millman, the 'Peaceful Warrior', the only 'fighting' Light Warriors get involved in is the fight to bring truth and knowledge into the 'light' for all to see. The weapons of the Warrior Of The Light are the 'sword' of TRUTH, the 'shield' of KNOWLEDGE and the 'armour' of the WISDOM TO COMMUNICATE, also called the "Mantle of God". Ouch! That sounds like I am full of ego! - Please believe me, I am not. I am fully aware of the fact that I will not stop learning for as long as I live in this body. I am fully aware that I know very little - in the real scheme of things. This is not a 'thing' of ego, it is simply a desire to spread the 'Light'.

So - sword, shield and armour equals Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom equals Warrior of the Light.

The word LIGHT in the title of this newsletter represents all these meanings.


"..... if humanity is to survive, if it is to repair the damage done to the earth, I then the human race must unite and unite firmly in spirit!

No race, no people should be left out of the great quest for human spiritual I unity, which will travel then to all races, all religions, all cultures, for unity among us, the human inhabitants of this earth.

What breaks my heart is that spiritual people don't want to unite. They don't want to even talk to each other. You find groups which do their own thing, ignoring others as if they are the sole possessors of the great truth of eternity. They are not. They are just silly little children playing with something they found on the dusty road.

We must unite! There are things to be discovered. There are searches to be made. There is a cleaner, healthier world to build and it can be done by uniting human beings across every spectrum of human society."

Spoken by CREDO VUSAMAZULU MUTWA, leader and Spiritual leader of the Zulu Nation. [1997]
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