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September 11

Regarding September 11, there is an awful tot should be said, needs to be said. An eight year old American child has pretty much said it all, with a drawing he or she created, reportedly the day after the terrible occurrence. I found it in the ELOHIM magazine and reproduced it for you on page 3. Whoever produced that drawing or when, is unimportant in the whole scheme of things. Although the thought that an 8 year old could see things that way is absolutely wonderful and heartwarming.

Drawing of september 11 by eight year old girl showing the terrible occurrence.

So what happened? Why did it happen? What's going to happen now? I have since talked to a lot of people who now live in fear. Again. They also lived in fear during the Cold War, when the potential for nuclear destruction was real.

But it was, after all, only a 'potential'. A potential is not real. Today, there are new 'potentials' and most of them are no more real than the old threats were.

What happened? A touch of insanity by a few people, affecting many. Why did it happen? It happened because we still do not know how to live with each other. We are getting better at it, but we learn very slowly. Itrs still 'us' and 'them'. We showed how little we learned here in Australia by our collective response of 'fear' to the asylum seekers - the boat people. More on that later.

So, we all do it. We all respond, to varying degrees, saying that "this is us and that is them", instead of 'knowing' that we are all brothers and sisters. As Roger Miles, the editor of Elohim said in his editorial, "Time indeed for all the world's leading nations to ask, not "How can we safeguard ourselves from those who would take from us? " but rather, "How can we make the world a safer place for everyone to live in and how can we share what we have so that fear, pain and suffering is reduced for everyone?" Roger is a little like me, in that he can see the real way and jumps to the endv without taking the necessary steps to get there. You and I may be able to do that but the rest of the world? They need to take baby steps still. It's not just fear, pain and suffering but also hate and greed! Hate of the 'oppressed1 for the greedy, for their greed. That is the 'problem' the world needs to address and find a solution to. Some of the steps we need to take involve solving the problem of greed. Most commentators, when discussing this, blame 'America' and politics for the hate and need in the world. However, it's not America, nor is it a president or a political regime. It is, quite clearly, the c orporations, particularly the corporations involved with pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy and so on.

These are the corporations that are based on lies, continue to exist by perpetuating the lies to hang onto their power. What are the lies? The lies are that there are no alternatives to chemicals in medicine and agriculture and that there are no alternative power sources available. That we must continue to poison our bodies, our soil and water supplies with chemicals and that we must continue the unsustainable rape of our planet. All in the name of profit. Or is it greed?

These corporations 'run' the world. They are the ones setting policies for America and the world. Their influence is staggering. Most decisions made by President Prime Ministers and other heads of State are made taking the corporations interests into consideration. Or, should we say made on the 'advice' given by the only 'experts', the multinational corporations.

Seems awful, doesn't it? Because of a few dozen corporations, the biggest in the world, involved primarily in chemicals and energy, people are sick and dying around the world, agriculture is ruined for decades and our water-supplies ruined possibly for centuries. Our world is polluted and the earth is out of balance.

Please understand that I am not laying 'blame' at their feet, nor do I hate them and I am not going out to demonstrate against 'them'. That's the old 'game', the game that spawns hate and retribution. We don't play that game anymore. Well, you and I don't anyway. The ones that are still playing that game are the ones blowing up buildings and themselves, the ones bombing the hell out mountains and rubble. When there are more of 'us', then there will be peace on earth. And believe me, there will be peace on earth.

However, understanding the real cause of all the ills that occur in the world is important. As I've often stated within these pages, being aware empowers us. We in turn empower others. That's how the Universe works.

So, as long as there is that huge imbalance between the 'haves' and the 'have nets', the troubles continue Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we need to go to saaae Utopian or communistic system to achieve balance We simply need to curtail the terrible exploitation carried out by the few.

And we do have the power to do this. The best example is what's been happening with Monsanto and their ilk - see the Good News section later in next issue - how simple public awareness is defeating them at every turn. That's our power.

When most of us know that chemicals are poison to humans, animals and plants that we have had the knowledge of alternate. sustainable power - for everything for decades [believe it. or not, both the US and the UK governments have access to alien {UFO type} free energy and have: the 50's!], those corporations will become extinct like the dinosaurs they are.

They are bleeding the world and world countries and wars to stay in business Sure, I know there is a lot more to it, we could discuss the finance world, the world of banking and the world's non-existent monetary policies. But that's another story.

So. how do we deal with what's happened? I know, unless we can be truly God-like, it is not easy We humans feel the pain and suffering of others, sometimes terribly. I don't care how spiritual one may be, none of us could escape the first emotion of horror and pain when we watched 'live', the death of thousands. And yes, the first 'human' thought had to be 'revenge'! Later, our higher, spiritual emotions got through to us and we realised that two wrongs do not make a right.

Now, we need to celebrate the "gift" we received from those thousands of souls that ascended that day. We feel the grief of all those that 'lost' family that day. But we do not take it on board, nor do we allow it affect our lives!

As Jeshua says in "The Way of the Heart", "The insanity, which yon experience as your pain and as your suffering and your seeking and your dramas, comes only from the mistaken choice to become identified with what arises in your field of awareness, You, therefore, lose the sight of innocence. For, indeed, all events are perfectly neutral and you are free to see them any way you want"

All events are neutral. We are the ones that place value upon them. We really need to study! the words above and come to truly understand what they mean. The "mistaken choice to become identified with what arises in our field of awareness"? "All events are neutral, it is only that we give it importance, by our choice?

It takes a huge leap in understanding, I think, to be able to he that, seemingly, 'detached' from events around us. Yet it does make sense. We 'judge' everything from our own specific perspective. That perspective does allow us to consciously choose how we feel about any thing or event placed in front of us. We are the ones choosing to place value on things. . or . . not. If it were that simple. And yet it is that simple.

We are and can be, responsible only for ourselves, for our own feelings, our own responses, our own choices. Without judgement, without blame. From the heart. The rest, until we learn to understand more clearly, we need to trust to the Universe, to God, until we realise that we can truly leave it to US!

So, the lesson for us is to observe, choose not to take on board the dramas of the world and have no fear!

Other then that, I choose to try to identify with the words of Ghandi:

"There are many causes I would die for, but none that I would kill for".

I look at the drawing on the left here often. I see God welcoming His/ Her children home!

God bless them all, bless then" loved ones and God bless us all.

I was going to end here and go on to the next topic. Then, when I re-read the above, I realised that we need more to help us not only understand but also accept and empower ourselves. So I searched the net and magazines like Elohim for inspiration, for another 'perspective' if you like. Finally, I chose from an article by Neale Donald Walsch, the author of "Conversations with God" books:

"We will set the course for tomorrow, today. At this hour, in this moment. There is much we can do but there is one thing we cannot do:

We cannot continue to co-create our lives together on this planet as we have in thepast. Wecannot, except at our peril, ignore the events of this day, or their implications. It is tempting at times like this to give in to rage. Anger is fear announced and rage is anger that is repressed and then, when it is released, that is often misdirected. Right now, anger is net inappropriate It is, in fact, natural and can be a blessing. If we use our anger about this day not to pinpoint where blame falls but where the cause lies, we can lead the way to healing. Let us seek not to pinpoint blame but to pinpoint cause. Unless we take this time to look at the cause of our experience, we will never remove ourselves from the experiences it creates. Instead, we will forever live in fear of retribution from those within the human family who feel aggrieved and, likewise, seek retribution from them. So at this time it is important for us to direct our anger toward the cause of our present experience. And that is not necessarily individuals or groups who have attacked others but, rather, the reasons they have done so.

Unless we look at these reasons, we will never be able to eliminate these attacks. To me the reasons are clear. We have not learned the most basic human lessons. We have not remembered the most basic human truths. We have not understood the most basic spiritual wisdom. In short, we have not been listening to God and because we have not, we watch ourselves do ungodly things.

The message of Conversations with God is clear: we are all one. That is the message the human race has largely ignored. Our separation mentality has underscored all our human creations.

So long as we continue to treat each other as we have done on this planet, the circumstance that we face on this day wilt continue to present itself."

That leads rather neatly into: THE ASYLUM SEEKERS

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