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Dear Friends

Nature's Treasures would like to clarify with regard to the Google comment: - "complaint about our newsletter and colloidal silver"

The complaint was made to us by the TGA solely in relation to a leaflet we were including with our product advising the purchaser of the many and varied benefits and uses for Nature's Treasures Colloidal Silver.

The TGA contacted us to 'complain' about the use of the leaflet, stating that we were not permitted to make any 'claims' on what the colloidal silver can be used for. After a meeting with the TGA regarding this matter, it was determined that though we were not allowed to make 'claims' on the benefits of colloidal silver, we were permitted to use written Testimonials sent in to us by customers who had used Nature's Treasures colloidal silver with successful results.

I first started this Newsletter back in 1999. It worked for 3 years, then it stopped for a 'while' when we shifted house. Shifting a house took a little while. Then, when I started thinking that it is time to start the Newsletter again, I had a STROKE! Seriously, I went to bed at night, feeling well, I woke up feeling numb on the right side and UNABLE TO SPEAK! My right side came good, but my speaking voice was dead. The Doctors said, 'that was it, it won't come back again'.

For a year or so I struggled. Learning a 'new' language was difficult. And, learning to write again was hard. You see, when you loose the ability to speak, you automatically lose the ability to WRITE!

When you loose the ability to speak and write, you DON'T loose the ability to THINK clearly or the ability to READ! I read an awful lot! You don't believe how much I read. Then, I re-read the Newsletters again. Everybody should read it! There are millions of us that KNOW all this, but there are millions and millions more that know just a little bit, and want to know more...

For both things - for Health and for Light.

That's when I decided to put it here where you can read it.

With your permission, this Newsletter will encompass more than just medical health news and issues. You see there is much more to good health than most of us realise. There is much more to healing then simply finding the suitable medicine. That is somewhat like applying a bandaid.

To explain, let us review why we get unwell and the ways of getting well.

It is important to understand that, when people talk about illnesses and what cause them, they seldom mention the true clinical cause: A weak IMMUNE SYSTEM! When we ignore this fact, anything we do simply attempts to deal with the symptom and not the cause. We are all smart enough to realise that if we get rid of the cause of the problem - whatever the problem is - the problem, in this case the symptom, will also disappear.

After all my years, it is still a mystifying wonder to me how it is possible for the medical profession to ignore this basic and elemental truth! [Please note that I do not intend for this Newsletter to become yet another way of bashing the medical fraternity. Every now and then though it becomes inescapable. It is also important for us to realise that our doctors work under an incredible handicap. I will cover this in another article.]