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As mentioned in the last Newsletter, we have had many stories about incredible turnarounds in health, following removal of ALL dental metals.

Yes, it is a major undertaking that takes time as well as money. But when ALL your symptoms may simply disappear and you are a healthy person, what's time and money?

Hulda Regehr Clark, the researcher and author of all those 'The Cure For . . . ." books has been stressing this point for many years now. I felt that although there is no doubt that the amalgam fillings [you know, the ones that, contain mercury among other things and are supposed to be perfectly 'safe' for you], are toxic, but other things always seem to take precedence.

Lately, I have been hearing and reading more and more reports of total recoveries, so I approached a Melbourne Holistic dentist, Dr Ben Olstein, of 1223 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly. He was kind enough to share the following information with us. By the way, Dr Ben is also now working on my teeth. Fli let you know next time how it all went. Bracketed notes are mine.

Dentists have been educated to believe that once mercury has been combined into the filling material, it remains 'locked in' and can't come out. The sad fact is that there is absolutely no scientific research in existence to support this hypothesis. To the contrary, all evidence indicates that silver amalgam containing approximately 50% mercury is a source of extreme toxic elemental mercury, adversely affecting the health of the human body.

Evidence now demonstrates that the surface particles of the amalgam filling material are being chemically broken down and released into the oral cavity. These minute particles of mercury filling are acted upon by oral and intestinal bacteria to produce methyl mercury, an even more toxic form of mercury than elemental mercury with target areas being primarily the pituitary gland, thyroid gland and the brain. [The minute particles are 00 and 000 micron size. That means that, particularly as it's in the mouth, that it can go straight into our blood.]

It has been demonstrated that dissimilar metals in the mouth can also contribute to electrical activity and corrosion - much like a battery - and can result in unexplained pain, ulcerations, inflammation and disruption of corresponding meridians in the body. [ A little known fact is that each tooth has a corresponding body part. Therefore anything adversely affecting the tooth, along the corresponding meridian, also affects the body part.]

The presence of mercury in dental amalgam fillings has been shown conclusively to adversely affect the bodies immune response. It has been shown that after amalgam removal, the red and white blood cell levels tend to seek normal range with corresponding increase in the body's immune response as evidenced by T-lymphocyte count increase.

Research has indicated that mercury is the single most toxic metal that has been investigated, even more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic.

The International Conference on Incompatibility of Materials was held in November 1988 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Many of the world's authorities on mercury toxicity met to discuss the issue of dental amalgam and other materials used in dentistry. Their official conclusion was drafted and signed, which read: "Based on the known toxic potential of mercury and it's documented release from dental amalgams, usage of mercury containing amalgam increases the health risk of the patient, the dentist and the dental personnel".

Autopsy studies from Sweden and Germany show a positive correlation between the number of occlusal surfaces of dental amalgam and mercury levels in the brain and kidney cortex. Both elemental mercury and organic methyl mercury were found in brain tissue upon autopsy. [Hulda Clark' less sophisticated methods have shown the same for years. Also shows up in many types of diseased tissue, including cancer, lupus, MS etc.]

Dr David Eggleston of the University of California, found a T-lymphocyte count of 47% - ideal levels are between 70 and 80% - in patients with silver amalgam fillings. After removal of the amalgams, the T-lymphocyte count rose to 73%.

Multiple Sclerosis patients have been found to have 8 times higher levels of mercury in the cerebrospinal fluid, compared to neurologically healthy controls. Inorganic mercury is capable of producing symptoms which are indistinguishable from those of multiple sclerosis.

It is the responsibility of every dentist and doctor to inform and educate their patients to the effect that:

1) Mercury is contained in most dental filling material and all silver amalgam material.

2) Mercury in fillings can have toxic effects on some persons. Manifestations of the disease of mercury poisoning only starts to become apparent three to ten years after the insertion of the mercury.

3) There are alternative materials that could be used for dental fillings that could have after-effects on the individual.

4) The patient has the right to insist that an alternative material be used.

5) The freedom of individual choice in health care shall be inherently respected and preserved as an individual right and responsibility of free men everywhere.

One must remember that the diagnosis of mercury intoxication is extremely difficult to ascertain because of the insidious nature of the onset of symptoms and because most physicians unfamiliarity or misinformation concerning proper testing techniques. Unfortunately, mercury is so toxic to the human organism that there can be cell death or irreversible chemical damage long before clinical observable symptoms appear indicating that something is wrong. Since organic mercury in some body tissues - like the brain - has a half life of over 25 years [meaning that it takes the body 25 years to get rid of half of a single dose of mercury under normal circumstances - and don't forget that the filling is almost constantly 'leaking' mercury], it is only a matter of time and degree of exposure until some form of symptomology appears.

There are a number of materials which may be used to replace amalgams as a restorative material. They are not all the same, most have metal fillers and are not bio-compatible.

Hence all materials need to be tested prior to use for bio-compatibility. As everyone is a unique individual, each person should be individually tested for his or her most suitable material.

Mercury can severely compromise the immune system and you may have a reduced ability to tolerate other materials.

Several other commonly used dental materials have failed to pass even the most elementary tests for bio-compatibility. Among these are copper, zinc, nickel, lead, cobalt, beryllium, tin and many others. [Have they actually considered metals like cobalt, lead and beryllium? Why not Uranium?] These are metals that corrode in the moist environment of the mouth and interfere with the body's meridian pathways.

Toxic substances such as formocresol and chlorine are often used, adding to the body burden.

Dental materials are not just tooth fillings. As the tooth has a nerve and blood supply, they are in fact implants into your living tissue. Teeth are organs and need to be respected as such.

As amalgam removal is the same as having surgery, it is fraught with risks and you must make sure that specific removal protocols are followed and that your immune system is supported pre and post removal.

To create good health, a toxic free environment in the mouth will give you a much better chance of creating a balanced internal and external environment and hence a healthier immune system.

Well, does any of this surprise anyone? I mean Mercury is the most toxic element known to man, with the exception of Uranium. We have known this for over 2000 years, yet for the last 100 years, we have been filling our mouths with it! As Dr Ben writes in a leaflet that is given to all patients at the end of their treatment:

Methyl mercury is the vapour released from the amalgam. This may be absorbed directly through the nasal mucosa and travel to other parts of the body. Mercury can also accumulate in red blood cells and interfere with oxygen transport, leading to decreased energy levels.

Symptoms associated with micro-mercury toxicity include: depression, nervousness, irritability, headaches, bleeding gum, foul breath, allergies, fatigue, muscle weakness and IMMUNE SUPPRESSION.

For the qualified dentist near you, call the Australasian Society of Oral Medicine & Toxicology on: 02 9264 5159.


No verdict as yet on the AMBROTOSE trial. We have a good number taking it and after over six weeks or so, we have no positive feedback.

One Dear Friend even roundly 'told me off' for suggesting it. Well, maybe she is right but after all the indicators that were given to me, I could not ignore it. If it ends up curing just one person, it will have been worth the criticism.

One Dear friend has taken his wife to have a 'Live Blood Analysis' done, after over a month on Ambrotose [and other things, including Colloidal Silver and Green Barley]. Although she has been improving some, since the Ambrotose, there's no appreciable improvement. Following the blood analysis, the naturopath suggested greatly increasing her GREEN BARLEY intake.

I have the feeling that this will be the requirement in many cases, that an increase in dosage is necessary to produce results. The next issue will probably feature this subject, as it is also an appropriate follow-up on the vaccination report.

ORGANIC foods - in issue 2 we listed some outlets. Since then, I have found another excellent shop in Croydon: THURLOW'S BIO-DYNAMIC & ORGANIC PRODUCE, at 16 McAdam Square or phone 03 9725 3761. As I can only report on outlets in Melbourne, please let me know about outlets in your area, so we can let others know.

Feedback on the OVADERM Creams has been very positive to date. Some are amusing -we gave ajar of the Massage Cream to a Health Food Store owner, who has a footballer customer with a groin injury. It seems the customer was not willing to try. However, the owner sheepishly reported that he used 'a little' of the cream on his painfully arthritic index finger and - the "pain seems to have gone"! You wonder what is wrong with some people that they are so scared to try something new -particularly if that something is perfectly natural and inexpensive.


This issue is a little different in as much as there is a 12 page special article on the Immunisation debacle with it. Although the article is a part of this newsletter, it is printed separate, so that we can have more people reading it, apart from you, our Dear Friends, our subscribers.

As it is a very important as well as controversial subject, extra copies will be available for a small charge, mainly through some Health Food Stores.

Even if you are not interested in the immunisation debacle, you should read it - this article, probably more than any other, crystallizes the real cause of all illnesses. Another reason for reading it is that chances are, I will be referring to it often [Questions will be asked!].

Seriously, the information contained in this article should be known by simply everyone! It is probably the most important subject for all to know and understand. Not because I wrote it. We simply present the information in a different format. This report is a compilation of numerous books and reports on the subject. We are offering it simply because most books are reasonably 'heavy' reading and a short, simple and concise article is easier to read and digest in comparison. So please encourage everyone you know to read it, to spread the 'word'.

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