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Mind over Health

Dear friends,

This promises to be a huge issue - I don't know how I am going to fit everything I wish to say into these 12 pages. We will see. As usual, I would like to start with issues of the Spirit. I had planned a lot, most of which has to be deleted. Oh well. Due to some interesting developments, I would first like to discuss,


In the past 6 issues of HEALTH and LIGHT, we have often discussed the power we truly have over our physical beings. Remember, in the very first issue [page 5, 'YOU'], we started the discussion about the 'power' we have over our health both good health and ill health.

For most of us, it has taken a great leap to accept that we may be responsible for our own ill health. Even accepting this as true, we still do not always know how to put this knowledge into practice, how to negate our 'self-induced' ill health.

Recently, I came across the work of a Melbourne researcher who has, for over the past 10 years, put together some remarkable work with thousands of patients, confirming - to himself- his theory. The researcher is Greg Neville ND.

Without making any allowance for the Spirit, without acknowledgment to the fact that we are eternal Spiritual Beings, having a 'human' experience, his conclusions are that every single human illness can be traced directly to it's own particular mindset or emotion. In other words, if you were to tell him that you have a particular type of cancer [or any other illness], he can tell you precisely why - what set of emotions actually caused that particular cancer. This then enables the patient, with proper guidance, realise and understand that particular emotion, set about changing how the patient 'feels' about that emotion and - the illness, the cancer - disappears.

In fact, he goes further. I will not use any specific mindset or illness, in case I mislead someone but it goes something like this:

A specific 'mindset', a specific emotion that resides in the subconscious, promotes a corresponding physical symptom. Let's say, purely for the sake of discussion, that this particular mindset has promoted / caused prostate problem.

The patient continues to struggle with this emotion and the problem continues. Now, the patient decides, "I've had enough of this problem ruling my life - I give up on it!". Wham! The patient develops prostate cancer. It must be remembered that none of this is conscious - the patient is at no time aware consciously, that he is having these thoughts or that he has 'given up' on the problem. Fascinating.

Well, at least that is his claim. More than that, it is his firm belief. There is no question that he is genuine, he truly believes in his conclusions.

Whether his conclusions are correct or not - I do not know yet. I am studying his work and there is no doubt that it is insightful. I am interested and am mentioning it here because this is scientific work, similar to some of the work I mentioned previously, about Bio-feedback for example, that backs up, proves if you like, the power of the mind - or the Spirit, over our physical beings.

Obviously, if his conclusions are correct, this would be a wonderful diagnostic tool! Imagine -the therapist would no longer need to delve into ALL the areas that may trouble the patient - they could come straight to the point on start working on the specifics of the problem.

Greg Neville claims numerous successes to back his work. Most cancers and other debilitating, life threatening diseases, even addictions have been 'cured' - or perhaps it would be more correct to say 'negated' by him and his team.

His work with each patient takes at least two visits - each at least of two hour duration. The first visit is necessary purely to 'set the stage' - so to speak, to explain, in detail, HOW this works -unless the patient understands and accepts the principle, there is no point to the exercise. The second visit is the one where the patient and the practitioner get specific - clearly identifying the mindset/emotion that promotes the specific condition and plans are set in motion to change the mindset/emotional responses.

So far, the only negative about Greg is a lack of clarity. Perhaps it's just me. So far I was only able to spend about two and a half hours with him, plus a couple of phone calls. I am studying his work, primarily because I feel that there are 'insights' there that we can learn from.

Now let's get back to issues of the Spirit. One of the reasons I don't know how to fit everything into this issue is that the fourth book from Neale Donald Walsch is out and of course it did not take long for it to end up in my hands.

In case you don't know, Neale is the 'author' of the Conversations with God trilogy. I just love those books! I have mentioned these books before. If you have not been exposed to them, I truly recommend that you go and get Book 1 just as soon as you can. Read it with an open mind and an open heart.

The new book is called, "FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD"

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