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Grander Living Water

As mentioned earlier, our Colloidal Silver is now made with 'GRANDER' Living Water.

Some of you may not know what that means, so here is a brief explanation. First however, I need to explain that when we make Colloidal Silver - the commercial quality, it is of paramount importance that the water is totally pure! Free from anything! It is triple filtered and double steamed. Perfect, for making Silver.

However, as water, it is useless - dead. There is no 'life' in it. Life in water? - Some of you may ask. People like Viktor Schauberger, Rudolf Steiner and Johann Grander have spent their life proving just that.

There is energy, a life force in water, that is essential to all life forms. Not that you and I would know about it! Unless your water comes from a pristine mountain stream. Even running water through a 100 m pipe is enough to take the life out of it. We won't even mention the pollution, the chemical cocktail we end up with in our taps.

Live water in not only good for you, it actually has healing qualities - both on the physical and the energy level. The 'GRANDER' unit replaces this vital energy and vibrational frequencies into our water, before we produce the Silver.

By the way - in Melbourne, you can get the purest water, energised with the 'Grander' unit, Home Delivered, for only $ 7.50 for 11 litres! Call RAINBOW PURE on 9727 3555. If you know of such service interstate, let me know - I will be glad to promote them.

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