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No Depression Here and News Bits


Now, believe it or not, writing all this has actually started to depress me! And I haven't been depressed since I found out cwho I really am'! Now don't you go and get depressed on me! This is not bad news, not doom and gloom!

This is good stuff! Know it, understand it, even study it if it interests you but for God's sake - don't live it! Don't allow it to be any part of your life! Imagine that it is already a part of our past - as it soon will be. We will get out of this. In spite of Monsanto, in spite of all the pharmaceutical, international conglomerates, in spite of all the conspiracies, the greed for money and power - in spite of all that or, is it because of it? - we will know who we are. And when we know who we are, more and more people will find out who they are and, hey, we can't lose!

Who are we? Do you remember? We are eternal spiritual beings, having a human experience. Having a blink of an eye. That's all. That's all it's always been. Only now, we are remembering who we are! Once we fully remember, nothing can stop us!


That's better. No depression here!

News Bits

CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS implicated in the death of 6 women in New Zealand - these same pills were withdrawn from use in England last year! Unfortunately, I have not had the time to find out which particular brands are implicated to date.

MONSANTO AGAIN - this time, it's good news! Their armour is beginning to crack! Late news reports that the strength of public opinion in Europe is proving 'disasterous' , dispite their 1 million pound advertising campaign last year. Monsanto is even facing prosecution in the UK for deliberately releasing genetically modified oilseed rape into the countryside.

In the US, they are accused of falsifying research data on the safety of it's GE bovine growth hormone - which incidentally has been injected into at least 30% of dairy cows in the US, twice a month, for the last 5 years!

The Canadian Government recently ordered a review of all Monsanto's data and come up with vastly different conclusions.

Apparently, their downhill slide started when it was revealed that Monsanto deliberately mixed Roundup Ready soya beans with ordinary soya beans in a shipment to Europe. Didn 't I say 'they' can't win?

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