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Antioxidant Healing

Or, as Hilde Hemmes puts it, "Detox and Live"! As we discussed on page 3, the main cause of our weak Immune System is TOXICITY! Space unfortunately prohibits me from giving you full details, so may I recommend the book mentioned above. It is 130 pages, power packed with information. What is more important, Hilde is in Adelaide, so the information is fully relevant to us in Australia. The primary reason I am recommending this book to you is that the method of detoxing is simple, effective, not expensive and it uses "live essence " - whole, live, organic, non-polluted food to achieve this! We have been told by many wise, even some 'spiritual' beings, that "live essence' treatments are the most powerful.

The book, "Detox and Live", by Hilde Hemmes, published by the Australian School of Herbal Medicine, is available from most Health Food Stores for $19.95. If you are having a problem getting it, send us $20.00, [this includes postage] and we will mail you a copy. The 'treatment' mainly relies on the Biotta brand juices [or their home made equivalent], again, readily available at your Health Food Store.

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