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Did You Know

THAT the United Nations includes an organisation called S.E.A.T - Society of Enlightenment and Transformation? An organisation within the UN that meditates and discusses metaphysical and extraterrestrial subjects? An organisation that has now asked for KRYON channeling - not once but three times?!

THAT the earth's vibration [and therefore ours] has risen dramatically in the last few years? It has been constant at 7.5Hz since we have been able to measure it. Suddenly, it started to rise. Now, it is already over 11 Hz.!

THAT all around the world they have to re-number all the airport runways?! - [the numbers represent the compass headings for each runway] because - about the same time as the above, Magnetic North has shifted?!

THAT since 1993, science has been baffled by very high intensity gamma ray 'hits' on our atmosphere, seemingly from distant galaxies, about 400 million light years away?

THAT in certain ways due to the above 3 points, Armageddon didn't happen, that none of the 'old energy' predictions of doom and gloom, from the Bible to Nostradamus will stand up? The whole planet is changing in enlightenment - global peace efforts, new treaties ending decades long wars etc.

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