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But wait. There is more

Two separate sources reported the following in England. In October, the Observer, [www.] reported on vaccines contaminated with - wait for it - mad cow disease! A pharmaceutical company, Medeva, has been under investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. In '98, the investigators were horrified by the conditions they found at their plant near Liverpool - where they make vaccines for polio, flu, TB, tetanus and hepatitis B. Nothing was done following these reports. Then, in October last year, the UK Department of Health issued a recall notice for polio vaccines - apart from many braches in production health guidelines, Medeva has been using potentially contaminated material from British cattle.

At the same time, the PDA's director of compliance [Steven Masiello], sent an official warning letter to Medeva to sort out the problems immediately or it's products will be banned from entering the US. One of their products, Fluvirin, a flu vaccine, is used by some 20 million Americans and more than a million British people, many of them elderly.

Some of the problems cited include unacceptable levels of toxins and bacteria contaminating the production process.

Then, in December, the International Herald Tribune [] reported that:

"Questionable cattle products have gone into baby food, pet food, beauty preparations, health supplements and vaccines. Only last November, British Health Authorities withdrew supplies of polio vaccine after discovering they were cultivated from British bovine serum produced when BSE, or mad cow disease, was at it's height Eleven million children and travellers have received the oral vaccine. Vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria and whooping cough also were made from British-sourced bovine material until at least 1993."

So - we not only have the 'normal' problem with vaccines, we also have the potential of toxic overloads, bacterial infection and, CJD - the variant Creutzfeld-Jacob disease. A lovely, deadly combination. Just think - 20 million Americans, 11 million British children - are just what we know of.

I expect many more similar reports surfacing over the next few years. These are simply 'wake-up' calls from the 'Universe', saying "Wake up! You are on the wrong track!" Like the following story for example:

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