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Asthma and hay Fever

OK, time to tackle something that concerns more and more people around the world and certainly more than most in Australia.

Children and adults alike suffer, particularly through the spring and summer months, some all through the year.

The cause, as it is with all dis-eases, - all together now - TOXICITY!. I know that you all know this by now. We also know that EVERY case of asthma will test positive for Ascaris in the lungs. So, it natural to subject this bug to blame for the problem.

With children, this bug is hard to get rid of, because re-infection is so easy. Ascaris is carried by most animals - dogs, cats, horses etc. Never let a young sufferer clean up after animals. The amount of Ascaris in poo and vomit is astounding. If there is a sufferer in the house with pets, give the pets Colloidal Silver as well.

Another thing that is important with children - contrary to being 'polite', we must teach them to spit out into a tissue or hankie, anything they cough up! If swallowed, the Ascaris will set up housekeeping in the intestine, causing stomach aches and worse, as the ascaris will attract a colony of bacteria, which in turn have their own viruses. That is why so many sufferers are also prone to infections of all kinds.

Comfrey, garlic and mullein tea are the traditional herbs for helping lungs to heal.

So far, we have only looked at the symptoms. The Ascaris is only a symptom. They would not be able to colonise the lungs, stomack or sinuses if the immune system was healthy, if we were clear of toxins. So we need to look at the real cause. Like everything else we have discussed within these pages regarding health, this also comes down to detoxing the body, re-building the immune system.

Colloidal Silver will help with the symptoms, good housekeeping and herbs will help with the healing but it won't go away forever, unless the body is back in charge, not the toxins.

For adults, 30 days of overdosing on Greer Barley, maybe some Colloidal Minerals ana-usually, some re-colonisation with the friendly bacteria, the acidophilus family, should do the trick.

Young ones may have trouble with the green barley. So, a powerful antioxidant, like Grape Seed Extract, again, a gentle overdose for about a month, should finish the job.


However, it is interesting to note that, as thousands of people all over the world have proven, both asthma and hay fever can be totally eliminated from your life. This is a little more difficult to 'administer', as the patient has to do all the work and there is no 'magic pill' to take.

But does it ever work!

Remember how some time ago, I was talking about Bio-feedback? How well, how almost miraculously it can work? It is all about training the body to automatically respond, not the instinctive, wrong way, but the correct, healing way. Well, I don't know if Mr Buteyko has heard of bio-feedback but the method certainly reminds me of it.

A simple breathing technique, developed in Russia, over 40 years ago by Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko really works.

It seems that sufferers, quite instinctively, 'overbreathe' when the 'attack' occurs.

This is the same natural, instinctive reaction a whiplash or migraine sufferer has when 'attacked' - instant tightening of muscles in the region of the pain, making it far worse.

Bio-feedback has shown us how whiplash effects and migraine dissolves and disappears as soon as we 'train' ourselves, with the aid of the bio-feedback apparatus, to relax those particular muscles. Quite apart from mountains of books and studies on this subject, I have proven the simple effectiveness of this method on myself.

The same thing now needs to be done with breathing, for the sufferer When we can't seem to get air, the natural reaction is to breath faster and try to breath deeper. It does not work, so we further increase the breathing rate.

Normal breathing is 3 to 5 litres per minute, creating a healthy level of 6.5% carbon dioxide in the air sacs.

Over-breathing when the attack begins, increases this to 10 to 20 litres, hyperventilating.

Severe over-breathing can pull in 20 to 30 litres per minute. This is when the person can suffer a sudden anxiety attack.

Now, a funny thing happens when we over-breath, or hyper-ventilate. The level of carbon dioxide is very important to us. Not just the lungs, it effects our whole system.

"If we breathe in too great a volume of air for our body's needs, we breathe off carbon dioxide too rapidly and the lungs are unable to maintain the right level in the air sacs. When carbon dioxide is low due to over-breathing, this causes a chemical reaction which makes it hard for oxygen to be released from the bloodstream to the tissues of the body. The tissues of the body then become starved of oxygen, despite the blood being rich in oxygen.

Tissues starved of oxygen cannot be healthy: they become irritable, and smooth muscles go into spasm. Smooth muscle is found around our air tubes and around blood vessels, arteries ans veins and forms part of the wall of the intestines." [This was written recently by Paul J Ameisen, MBBS, ND, DipAc, FACNEM, in an article for Nexus. His book, "Every Breath You Take", is a result of six years of working with the method and the clinical study of some 8,000 cases in Australia.]

The problem then escalates - as the brain is now also starved for oxygen, it quite naturally, if you like instinctively, starts to stimulate more over-breathing in a desperate attempt to rectify the perceived danger, creating a seemingly unstoppable vicious circle.

Now , we could go further into the clinical discussion of what happens to the whole physiology - and it ain't pretty - but I think the point has been made. I mean we really don't need to cover such subjects as mucus and phlegm development, the swelling of bronchial tubes and the mucus lining - what we would rather do is - stop it!

There are many books on the Buteyko method and the sufferer would greatly benefit by reading and understanding the whole picture.

The book mentioned before, "Every Breath You Take" is probably the most up to date, with the added benefit of the large Australian experiences.

Briefly, what we need to do is to re-learn HOW to breathe. Like the muscle training on the bio-feedback, following the Buteyko exercise for 20 minutes twice daily, results in fully AUTOMATIC, instinctive, natural, and this time positive reaction when next the problem arises.

As I've said, the problem with this method is that the patient has to do all the work. We are too used to outside help, the magic pills, so it is sometimes difficult to convince someone that they can simply take charge of their problem and get rid of it!

Twenty minutes, twice a day. Simple breathing exercises. That is basically all.

You can do it!!

There are Buteyko practitioners all over Australia. Contacts: Australia, 1800 658 818 [free call]. Web site: In New Zealand, [06] 878 0101; in the USA, [317] 845 4296, fax [317] 328 0428, e-mail . In other countries, contact Aaron Lumsdaine, +61 8 9330 8081, website,

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