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More on Vaccination

As more newrs comes out, this time about a new baby vaccine that was developed right here in Australia. I felt it may be helpful to make a suggestion. This is for those of you that are having problems with their doctors, regarding immunisation. A friend faxed a form to me that is ideal to use. to ask your doctor to sign:


I/We the undersigned doctor/s do hereby declare and guarantee that the vaccine administered to the above-named patient is 100% free from biological or any other contaminant, and further, accept full responsibility and liability for full costs incurred, should any damage occur to the above named patient as a result of vaccine therapy administered by, I/We, the undersigned doctor/s.

You would have the name of the patient [your child], together with the date of birth and address on top, room below for names and addresses of the doctor/s. their registration numbers, dated, signed and witnessed.

I can't imagine any doctor giving you any more trouble about your child's vaccination after having to refuse to sign the above.

The new vaccine they have Irialled' on 1000 babies, over 3 years, is a 5 in 1 shot - as well as the traditional triple antigen - whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus, it includes meningitis and hepatitis B as well. Just what we need! After all the market is worth $20 million per year in Australia alone!

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