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Over the past six issues, we have covered many health issues. At the same time, I have spent many hours talking to Dear Ones about various health problems. Once again, I find that I am repeating myself, telling basically the same story. You know this by now: Detox!

What we haven't fully covered is some of the many methods, to do's and don'ts.

For example, in the very first issue, we discussed Green Barley. Most people, reading this story, missed the importance of the word 'overdose'. True, I did not make a strong point of it, I merely mentioned that ". . . In desperation, he 'overdosed' himself with Green Barley and - cured himself." - of cancer. Most people, reading this, got some Green Barley, read the dosage recommendation on the container and - ho-hum. It's OK but no major change!

Now that appears to be the problem with most methods of detoxifying the body - to achieve appreciable results in a reasonable amount of time, the 'recommended' dosage just won't do it.

In some cases, it almost seems deliberate. Like the 'government approved' recommended dosage on Vitamin C - although it has been raised a number of times in the past, it is still ridiculously low. Mind you, if we were to take an overdose of vitamin C, diarrhoea would surely result from such a trial.

[By the way - I have just heard about a supposedly hopeless drug addict that was 'cured' within a week, of his addiction to heavy drugs, simply with Vitamin C - for a week, a Naturopath dosed him with huge doses of C. The man had severe diarrhoea obviously but by the second day, he was over the withdrawal problems already and was thanking his family for this 'miracle'.]

Other powerful anti-oxidants, such as Grape Seed Extract or Pine Bark Extract, whilst excellent as part of a regime of cleansing activities, can be hard on a delicate constitution, when trying to 'overdose'.

Most people however, can take huge amounts of Green Barley Grass or Wheat Grass, without side-effects - although the taste puts many people off.

By the way - I have Green barley for breakfast most mornings, so just to give you some ideas on how to take it and make it palatable, this is how I have it:

Three heaped tablespoons of Green Barley in either milk or Soy milk [I alternate], one raw egg [optional, I have it because it IS my breakfast and that is all I have], one ripe banana or other fruit and a spoonful of honey.

This is vitamised until smooth and frothy. It fills a large stainless steel milkshake container to the brim. Enjoy. Well, you get used to it. Seriously, with the [ripe] banana and honey, it is quite nice.

This amount is great as a supplement, as an immune booster, blood cleaner, it's wonderful stuff. But it's NOT overdosing. To overdose, we need to have three to six times that much every day, for about 30 days. For that month, we need an iron will and quite a bit of money, for we are going to consume a huge amount of Green Barley. The amount will vary with different people. The aim is to have very green stools, all the time. That is the 'measure' of how much is enough.

Note that you will loose some weight - not much, so don't worry about it, even if you feel that you can't afford to loose any - nevertheless, everyone looses some weight when on the barley.

After 30 days, return to once a day, two to three spoonfuls. After 30 days of this, the blood will be like brand new - beautiful to look at. Blood like this can repair most anything in the body.

Sometimes, even that is not enough. Not when dealing with immediate, life threatening conditions like cancer, aids or heart disease. That is when we have to get really serious. That is when we need to discuss things that most practitioners are reluctant to discuss. Reluctant, mainly because they find the patient often does not return - they don't want to hear about it.

What is this thing? It's the Colon. And the liver. But mainly the colon. That smelly, dirty piece of drainpipe that most people don't even know exists or if they do, don't know precisely where it is and what it does. Or what it can cause to happen or can happen to it. I admit that I tried to ignore my knowledge of it for a long time.

Nevertheless, the numerous 'Living Proofs' of real CURES, of real and true survivals from the sentence of certain death, all contain a thorough and proper cleaning out of this drainpipe.

In fact, there is a book available in the bookstores, called "Living Proof - Is there a cure for cancer?" by an Australian, John Cirocco [published by Margaret Gee], a beautifully simple book that describes, in layman terms, what John went through, to beat cancer.

For some people, the Barley alone is enough to clean the liver and the colon. For others, it's not. Frankly, I did not realise this until fairly recently. In some cases, the walls of the colon are so encrusted with firmly packed old refuse that all the goodies we have been taking for the last -how many years? - have not been able to shift this toxic, poisonous layer. Now the problem is, that unless we do shift, clean out this old matter, the colon will continue to leach it's poisonous contents back into the body, back into the blood.

If our liver is still under strain, it's not capable of filtering and processing these toxins, so they stay in the body.

The problem is, there is no way of forecasting if normal detox methods will work or not. A good iridologist for example, can tell you if the colon is still in need of help - although, truly, I do have one little question that needs an authoritative answer - how long after the problem has been cleared up, will we still see signs of it in the eyes?

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