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Speaking of God

Speaking of God. Dare I? You know what they say - never discuss politics or religion with your friends! How can I not?? When I see so many of my Friends having old paradigm hang ups?

Some years ago, I put a quote by Ramon Stevens on a page by itself, to help a group of friends at a Center to break out of their dogma:

"The healthiest culture constantly reinvents itself, discarding old forms and ideas and eagerly embracing the fruits of ripening intellect and deepening wisdom.


We have all been brought up with 'dogma', we have all been brought up in fear. We have all been conditioned with mental and emotional memory and fantasy.

We have also been conditioned to label everything. If my truth does not wear the label that is acceptable to you, my truth is not acceptable. God, Christ, Visnu, Mohammed are also labels. Yet aren't they all - the Universe? Isn't God, by whatever name you call Him/Her in simply everything in the universe? Isn't your God everywhere? In everything?

Yet we humans seem to need to label God. As a separate entity.

It seems to me that we cannot hear God until we stop thinking that we've already heard God. God cannot tell us His Truth until we stop telling Him ours!

Put it another way - we cannot know God until we've stopped telling ourselves that we already know God.

Then I have had Dear Friends ask me to be sure that I am not "misled by the devil! He wears many guises you know? How do you know that your information is not 'from another source'?"

Well, I know my source is from 'God' as God's is always my Highest Thought, my Clearest Word and my Grandest Feeling. Anything less is from another source. A human source. Not the devil. I simply do not believe in the existence of such a being. It is a label of our fear, our lack of Love. The label of our darkness, in the absence of Light.

The Highest Thought will always contain JOY.

The Clearest Words will always be the TRUTH.

The Grandest Feeling is that feeling we call LOVE.

If all this means that I am not going to be 'saved', because I do not label this feeling with the name of Christ for example - STOP THAT THOUGHT! - if I believed that, it would mean that I have stepped back into my old world, the old paradigm that was based on FEAR!

If you read a lot, like I do, you soon realise this almost desperate need people have for labels. I read all the spiritual magazines and books I can lay my hands on. I see all these dear people - spiritual people and 'channelers' changing words to suit their old paradigm. Labeling, giving titles to everything, including themselves. Yet their messages are basically, all the same. Same as when you really investigate religions, basically, the messages are all the same.

Consider this: it is because of this human need to label everything, we have spent a good part of the past couple of thousand years killing each other, in the name of religion, in the name of'GOD'! What an 'unGodly' way to behave!

Does anyone still believe in a vengeful God? I know that I cannot. God, [Jesus, Spirit, the Universe, whatever term or label we wish to use] is a part of us that we have 'forgotten' when we came here for this 'human' experience.

God's Love is unconditional and totally non-judgmental This is important because true awareness of God's love brings the freedom to begin to accept ourselves - without judging and, accept our fellow man, just as he or she is - without judging.

If God does not judge us, who are we to judge ourselves and others?

If God does not condemn us for our misdeeds or sins, who are we to condemn ourselves or others?

If God loves us unconditionally, then who are we to love ourselves and each other any less than God loves us??

I know, it is not easy to even love ourselves, totally, unconditionally. Let alone at least 'some' others! That is why it is so important for us to be aware of God's unconditional love, so that we can, slowly, start to learn.

When it comes to judging others, something that we seem to do all so well, all so easily, how is it that we forgot the real lessons [not the man-made ones] from the bible - that Jesus for example has brought us? He wrote in the sand - "He who is without sin be the first to cast the first stone." Who on earth is without 'sin'? Who on earth has never made a mistake? Who on earth is qualified to be the first judge? Who is going to place themselves higher than God, higher than Jesus? No one. Yet we keep judging ourselves and others - sometimes we even cast stones.

Some have asked me "does not that attitude give one license to do - well, anything one wants? After all, if you are not going to be judged, not going to be condemned to eternal hellfires, you can get away with anything ..."

That is probably why we didn't know about this - until we realised who we are! Once you are aware of being an eternal spiritual being, a piece of God, simply having a momentary human experience, you start doing, thinking, feeling, emoting everything - based on love! God's unconditional love.


Just about everywhere - in all the papers, magazines - even in spiritual ones - television, radio, they are all shouting about 'fear' of what they call Y2K. The year 2000 syndrome. We did the same at the last turn of the century. Most people were convinced that it was the end of the world. The world did not end on the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December 1899. Nor will it end this time. The only Armageddon we are going to witness is within ourselves. I believe all the prophesies about the 'end' is not about the world but about the world - as we know it. The 'struggle' is within. The huge changes, the upheavals are all within ourselves.

Yes, the 'unsettled' conditions will continue. The strange weather patterns all over the world, the - minor - earthquakes, eruptions, storms and other extremes will continue but they need not, should not touch us. Unless we so choose.

That may sound silly - unless we so choose. Who in their 'right mind' would choose disaster? Those who fear it. I am not trying to be smart by saying that. However, what we fear, we attract. Conversely, what we love, what we choose with our heart and soul, we also attract. Trust yourself. Trust in your God, your Higher Self, in the Universe, in your Guides if you believe in them. And do not give in to fear.

If you wish to prepare for any glitches with the computer generated problems we may have in January, it may be a good idea to plan just a little. If our authorities are inapt enough to have problems, they will mainly be with money and the utilities -power, gas, water and telephones. The most critical of those is water. So it's a good idea to have some water reserved. I know we plan to have some stock of Rainbow Pure. Just in case.

If there is any water stoppage, when the water is turned back on, DO NOT DRINK IT until you have ran the taps in the house for a long while. The contamination that happens when water supply is interrupted and it 'backs up' is quite serious. It is even possible that it contains sewage. Depending on the area you live in, it may contain industrial toxins. Do this anytime that water is off at any time, due to an accident.

Having a bottle gas BBQ with a full bottle of gas on hand takes care of emergency cooking and water heating requirements. Candles or lamps to provide light. Some basic provisions to see you through any shortages. Spare cash out of the bank. That's about it. If there are problems, they will be of short duration. Days or weeks at the most. Definitely not 'the end of the world'. So what is there to fear?

If you still have fear, let me put it another way. If I am right, you will congratulate me next year. If I am totally wrong, we won't be 'here' to worry about it anyway. So what are we worried about? [Only kidding!]

Did you know that, according to the most clear and concise verse by Nostradamus, "The year 1999, seven months, from the sky there will come a great king of terror". According to most of the Japanese population, [for some reason, Japan really believes in Nostradamus], Apocalypse has been and gone already! I am writing this mid July, so the seventh month is not yet over but it will be by the time you read this. Well? Did the 'terror' come? No.

The next major 'fear' date is supposed to be the 13th of August, 2 days after the full eclipse of the sun. Chances are, by the time you read this, it has passed as well.

Now good old 'Nostra' made some pretty terrific if obtuse predictions in 1555 and according to those that study his writings tell us that most have come true already.

A fellow by the name of Ben Goto, a Japanese journalist was so convinced, that he wrote a book in 1973. That book, and many others that followed it become best sellers in Japan, with the result that there are now millions of Japanese awaiting the 'end'. Nostradamus fever has spread to such an extent that they are expecting all sorts of disasters - everything from giant tsunamis to Mount Fuji erupting. About the only thing they left out of their possible disaster list is Godzilla!

I sincerely hope that the power of their fears are not enough to actually attract any of those disasters.

We can choose to be foolish like that, form groups or cults and wait for the end. Or, we can choose not to.

I choose to believe what is in my own heart, well reinforced by many powerful people and 'beings', including Kryon. And that is that when all those predictions were written, Nostradamus, the Mayan and the Biblical predictions, they were based on the probability of what would happen - IF we continued along the same, basically destructive, path.

As I mentioned before, we did not. We, as a human race, have 'changed' - changed our attitudes, changed our hearts, enough of us, to literally change our future. As the Remote Viewers can tell us [have I mentioned Remote Viewing before?], although they can actually travel into the 'future', they KNOW clearly that they only ' see the 'probable' future. Even events viewed an hour from now may change within that hour. As always, IT IS UP TO US!

You don't believe me? Do you want to know more? Let me know if you do. If enough of our dear readers wish, I'll be happy to expound on this subject.

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