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Be Aware - Make Aware

Let us not forget the real reason any of the above is necessary. During the last Century, we have been systematically poisoned with toxic chemicals and radiations. Previous Centuries, the toxins came from lack of hygiene, malnourishment and poverty, overcrowding. They were the principal causes of diseases and plagues.

The last century has gone badly astray due to our ignorance. First ignorance, then greed. Greed then generated lies and misinformation. That is why it is now so important to be aware and to help make others aware. Once enough people are aware of the truth, what happened to the tobacco industry will start to happen to the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum and power companies as well.

We don't need to fight, argue or start a rebellion. All we need to do is be aware. Then, every opportunity that comes along to make someone else aware is taken. Soon, more people are aware than not. We do this quietly. Naturally. Without really alerting them that it's happening. Although, do not doubt that 'they' know - they see the ever increasing business that natural health is receiving, they note the ever increasing resistance to all manner of pollution. Of course....

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