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Recipe for Good Health

WATER - GOOD, CLEAN WATER & at least twice as much as you would think sufficient.

RAW, ORGANIC FRUIT & VEGETABLES -supplemented with things like the Biotta juices, as there is only so much raw vegetables we can eat.


BREAD - fresh from the bakery or home baked.

OLIVE OIL - preferably cold pressed virgin.

COLLOIDAL MINERALS - to assist with good absorption of nutrients.

COLLOIDAL SILVER - to keep the colonies of germs at a manageable level until the Immune System is 100% again.


PACKAGED FOODS of all types -all processed, packaged & canned foods contain varying levels of toxins.

SOFT DRINKS - bottled or canned -same as above.

FAST FOODS - do you know that you can 'keep' a Macker type 'burger on the shelf for a year or more and it will not 'go off'? Do you really want to put that into your physiology?


BREAD that is mass produced in plastic bags.

SNACK FOODS - the harmful tram fats in a small 250g pack of crisps may be as much as 45 grams. The average teenager can obble this up in a few minutes. Yet even the authorities promoting our tram fat intake do not recommend more than 12 grams per day!

DIET FOODS of all types


ARTIFICIALLY SWEETENED products - all contain ASPARTAME - a byproduct of artificial fertilizers and highly toxic.

FLUORIDE - we all need to keep away from fluoride, especially the elderly. The dramatic increase in hip fractures since the introduction of fluoride into our water systems and toothpaste is enough to warn anyone that it interferes with the correct formation of bone generation and regeneration. The effects of fluoride on other tissue, including that of the brain is also alarming.

Is there any truth to the story that Hitler put fluoride into Germany's water supplies to make the people more docile and accepting of their ideas?

COFFEE - TEA - ALCOHOLIC DRINKS - these are all lumped together as they are all 'diuretics' - meaning that they de-hydrate the body. As we are ALL suffering from dehydration, the more water we drink, the less diuretics we use, the healthier we will be.


DENTAL METALS. Much has been written about the dangers of amalgam and the resulting mercury and other toxins that can leach into our system. One important note to add is that it is vital that anyone removing amalgam fillings, know what they are doing.

If removed incorrectly, the amount of mercury released can increase and heighten any symptoms already experiencing.

We have numerous stories of cases where the amalgams were removed and almost instantly, some very serious diseases simply vanished.

The next issue should have an article on this subject, from a Melbourne Holistic Dentist.

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