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Money in Health

An interesting side issue was brought to my attention recently, by an advertisement by a Funds Management company. They listed the largest health and personal care corporations, suggesting that they are a 'good investment'.

The story suggested that the 53 companies listed, are the second largest sector globally - a $US 17 trillion listing!

17 TRILLION US DOLLARS per year is the market that is being PROTECTED by these people. That gives them 17 trillion reasons for not wanting the truth to be known.

In case I haven't made it clear - this is in the pharmaceutical HEALTH area ONLY! - not even including companies like Monsanto!

That is why we are doing what we are doing - you cannot 'fight' that size of power. You can tell the TRUTH and keep telling it until enough people KNOW the truth. Then, there's no need to 'fight' - when most people know the truth, lies are defeated. So - my Friends - keep spreading the 'word' every chance you get.

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