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The Causes

The simple reason for our weakened Immune System is covered in the flyer you would have gotten with your Nature's treasures Colloidal Silver. There are many ways of 'rebuilding' our Immune System. We will try to cover as many as possible over the coming months. So - the cause is known.

The symptom will appear, generally, due to some damage to body tissue. This may simply be caused by an injury. However, most illnesses are started by tissue damage caused by something toxic that our Immune System was unable - being weak - to flush out, get rid of.

Toxicity in our bodies can come from something as simple as irregular bowel habits -constipation - for example. Then there are the 'medications' and chemical antibiotics. Then the foods we intake. Our house can be a source of toxicity. Our workplace. Even the air we breathe.

So, something toxic, that our body could not get rid of, weakens body tissue. This area becomes a haven for parasites - the bacteria, virus and fungus, depending on the site of the tissue weakness. These are the same parasites that we live with all the time, some estimate as much as 2 kilograms of them, that, under normal circumstances, would do us no harm at all! Until they find some weak tissue in our bodies. Then, they set up their colony and happily multiply, feeding on the weakened and helpless tissue. That is when we find out that we are ill. From the so called common cold to cancer, migraine to arthritis, rheumatism to pimples, aids to Candida, it is the same story. [You will note that I prefer not to give importance to illnesses by using capital letters. Perhaps I should use Hulda dark's description as well - dis-ease, instead of disease. The less importance we assign our dis-ease, the better we are capable of treating it. More on this later.]

So we have briefly covered how and why we get ill. What can we do about it!? The most important thing to me is to be able to understand the cause. The more we can understand, the more we study, read and learn, the better we are able cure ourselves. Make no mistake about this. The doctor will not cure us, medicine will not cure us, we cure ourselves! I realise that some of you will not agree or understand this concept. It is true nevertheless. I hope you will stay with me over the months and I will attempt to explain what I mean.

However, I am sure no one will argue that knowledge is power! You would not be reading this if you did not think that. So I have a good chance of convincing you. We will see.

Now, to .... The Cures

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