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Whats a canola

Canola oil is widely promoted as good for you. The other day, I was astounded to see 'organic' canola oil in a health food store. The store, owner just shrugged when I asked him.

I challenge anyone to show me a canola plant/ seed or a canola anything!

There is no such thing!

The name 'canola' is a marketing name. A Canadian oil company wanted to market rapeseed oil. They knew that they would not sell much if they call it rapeseed. So, they came up with the name 'Canadian Oil' or, Canola.

The dictionary defines rape as a fodder plant -meaning that it is only grown for animals and rapeseed oil is defined as 'a brownish yellow oil obtained from rapeseed, used as a lubricant, etc.; colza oil'

What I still find amazing is how they keep getting away with promoting lies long enough to seem like something we have always known as the truth. Or as Dr Raymond Peat said: " There is a distinct herd instinct among people 'who work in science' which makes it easy to believe whatever sounds plausible, if a lot of other people are saying it is true. Sometimes powerful economic interests help people to change their beliefs. . . Many industries spend vast amounts of money helping people to believe certain plausible-sounding things to help them sell their products."

Or, I think it was Mark Twain who said: "A lie can run around the world before truth gets it's boots on," That is certainly what happened in our world in the last Century. Particularly when it comes to 'edible' oils and false health scares like the great 'cholesterol myth' for example.

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