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Update on Colloidal Silver

As most of you know, some years ago, we decided to produce and sell Colloidal Silver through Health Food Stores. The prime motive for doing this was the desire to educate people about this wonderful and effective natural product.

You see, Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic. It kills all unfriendly bacteria, virus and fungus. Not only that but it does so without side effects. Without killing the friendly, essential bacteria. It is so natural and so harmless to humans and animals that you can, as I have, drink a glass full, instead of a spoonful and no harm will come to you, no side effects.

As you know, quite naturally, we put most of this information on our labels at the start. As you know, from the our first issue of this newsletter, it did not take long for our TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration] to tell me to take all therapeutic claims off our products. Or else. All we are able to say on the label is that you can use it as a water purifier. We changed our labels. At the same time, we printed separate leaflets. We have handed out hundreds of thousands of these free leaflets, that tell you all about Colloidal Silver. At the same time, around November '98, I started .this Newsletter. All aimed at informing you, helping you to be aware of both health and spiritual issues.

Speaking of spiritual issues - there are no coincidences. If the TGA had not made us change our labels, we would not be publishing our Newsletter and perhaps our resolve to help people would have been weaker. The universe, God, truly moves in wonderful and mysterious ways. Things are not always as they seem to us, as many teachers have pointed out.

You may be asking about now, why would the TGA do this? After all, doctors were using Silver to kill infections well before the turn of the last century! Yes, back then, it was a very 'dirty' concoction, as they did not have our modern methods and, it was very expensive! Even so, it was safe enough to drop into the eyes of newborn infants, to save their eyesight, when born to mothers with gonorrheae.

Well, the reason is quite simple. Silver, being a natural product, cannot be patented. It cannot be 'owned' by anyone. Therefore, there is no money in it. No pharmaceutical company can have exclusive rights to it. On the other hand, it takes an average of ten to twenty million dollars to develop and put on the market each new chemical antibiotic. Can you imagine the investment, the vested interest these corporations have to protect? Colloidal Silver, if allowed to be known, could wipe out the use of all chemical antibiotics. Not only does it work, it works without side-effects and it also works on viruses, when there are no chemicals that will work on a virus.

Now, the TGA has determined, in writing, that our leaflet, explaining Colloidal Silver and it's uses, is breaking some laws of 'advertising' and must cease - or they take me to court.

However, we are allowed to print a leaflet that contains testimonials. WE can't tell you to take one tablespoon 3 times a day for at least two weeks - but you can, in the form of a written testimonial. Go figure. So, if you have been using our Colloidal Silver [and if you haven't, why not??], please drop us a line, fax or e-mail to tell us about the wonderful results you have been getting.

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