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Living in the 'Now'

Another major obstacle to our loosing fear is our very natural and human way of living with our past. We may not cdo' it with conscious thought, nevertheless, we 'carry' ALL the past hurts, slights, pain, anger, rage, jealousies, insecurities etc in our subconscious. We have stored these past ills and they are supposed to 'protect' us from similar ills befalling us again. Only they do not. Notice how we keep making the same silly mistakes over and over again?

That is our subconscious literally over-riding our intellect, to supposedly 'protect' us. Unfortunately, the lives we have had [including past lives], means that these 'over-rides' do not serve to protect us, they are destructive and stop us from growth - both mental and spiritual.

Often, we cannot even work out where the 'blocks' came from. There is nothing in our 'memory banks' to connect us with an event that would explain our bizarre attitude to some things.

So we constantly allow the past to rule our lives. Sometimes deliberately, with conscious will, sometimes we have no real idea why.

When we find out who we are, we clearly realise that we live in a new paradigm. The past should have no further impact on our lives. That is part of what is meant by 'living in the now'.

That also means that first, we have learn to - love ourselves, forgive ourselves and forgive all others that we perceive have 'hurt' us in the past. Forgive our parents or siblings. This is often hard. Even when you think you have, it may still 'haunt' us, in a way that is holding us back.

Let me try to give you a personal example. When I found out that I was an eternal spiritual being, having a human experience, that only I was in charge, in control of what is to happen to me, I thought that all my past mistakes were done with, out of my life. I guess I was running before I could walk. Then, seemingly out of the 'blue', a dear lady, a clairvoyant, said to me, "Richard, you have some unfinished business overseas that is holding you back."

Initially, I had no idea what she was talking about. I have no business interests or family interests overseas. Family overseas are all gone. But wait! My Mother! She died overseas. I did not even know she died until some months later. I thought that I have reconciled that in my mind. Didn't I?

Well. I will not make it a long story but my mother and I had a 'falling out', some years previous to her death. So we were not communicating. Sounds terrible, I know. I felt that, after many years of separation, her attitude, when I was finally able to bring her to Australia, was impossible, both towards me and my family. The poor thing still wanted to treat me as a ten year old and deeply resented my 'new' family and new life. After about four months, she went home. The parting was bitter and somewhat of a relief on our part. As she would not change her attitude, we had nothing in common to communicate about.

So, when the news of her death finally reached me, the strongest emotion was, inevitably, guilt. 'I should have been more understanding, more forgiving'. " I should not have let die without once more being her loving son'.

Then, my natural self-protection instincts took over. I realised that there is nothing I can do to change the past, I must get on with living now and in the future. I thought that I was successful.

Then it was pointed out to me that I had 'unfinished business'. The Universe works in some wonderful and truly mysterious ways. As I was grappling with this, yet another book was put in my hands. There are no coincidences. This book enabled me to clearly understand that there was nothing to feel guilty about, no need to carry the burden of what could have been, what should have been.

The book was Kryon, Book 2. The reasons why there is no need to carry the burden any further, is too involved to try to explain here and now, so I will not try. It even involves the understanding that we all came here with a 'purpose' and that ||l purpose was our own choosing. What is important is the lesson about 'living in HI the now'! The lesson that teaches us that this very moment is the only moment of importance in our lives. Not the past, we can not, we need not wish to change that. Not the future, the future has not been decided yet, that is up to us, how we choose - now. Yes, how we choose now. At this very moment. And in the next moment. And the next and the next. Every moment of our existence we choose how we live and what our future is going to be like. Potentially, we change our future a thousand times a day.

That is also why, all the prophesies are now inaccurate. That is also the reason we need have no fear.

All the prophesies were based on the logical conclusions of what would happen, if we continue on the path we were on, at the time.

I firmly believe that we have chosen a different path to all the paths understood in all the prophesies. We have learned our lessons and I believe we have learned them well. That is why I was at pains of pointing out to you the strange things that have happened in the world lately, in previous Newsletters. Like the strange outpouring of love the whole world showed at Diana's death.

Like the Berlin wall coming down. Like Nelson Mendala becoming President of South Africa. Like the gentle reminders in some movies about the terrible things we did to ourselves in the last war. To confirm that we have learned those lessons and we will not allow them to be repeated!

Sure, not everyone has learned and we have not all learned well. That is why there are still pockets of conflict in the world - but notice that the whole world is watching! That is why there are still going to be some upheavals and even some catastrophes. But enough of us has learned the lessons and, changed because of them.

Enough of us have changed to ensure that the dire prophesies will not come to fulfillment.

So, learning to live in the now is very important. Slowly, we can learn to carry less and less of the past's garbage and live the moment of now. We can re-learn to smell the roses, to enjoy nature's spectacles, glory in the sunsets and enjoy every moment. We can then learn to fill our lives with joy, happiness and laughter. Laughter 15 the best medicine. Joy and happiness will heal all the pain of the past we may still be carrying.

Living like that, we need not be concerned about the future. If we can learn to live every moment so that it truly declares that this is who we are, this is who we choose to be, believe me, the future will take care of itself.

Live in the now, trust in yourselves, trust in your God.

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