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Rock Dust

Let me set it up for you. We know, that our Immune System uses minerals and trace elements, [including Silver] to 'attach' to any offending toxic substance and thereby removing it from the body. Our system does this happily, knowing that, nature has engineered it so that when we eat and drink, we will replace the elements that were used up!

Wrong! Ever since you and I have been alive - no matter how old you are - we have not been replacing these essential elements. You see, prior to 'chemical farming', the plants would chelate all the minerals and trace elements out of the soil, turn it in to vegetable matter, thus enabling our physiology to soak it up instantly. As I've said, Nature is wonderful, it has it all covered. Until we came along, with our 'chemicals'. Now, when we eat those same fruit and vegetables, the only thing these plants have chelated our of the soil is - chemicals. Pesticides, fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides and so on. This is a subject that will need a lot of work to cover.

I was going to write to you about minerals and trace elements, about how essential they are to your Immune System over the coming months, and wondered how to start it.

Then I came across this article that will serve as an excellent introduction. It was in Health & Healing, Vol 17 No 3, July 1998, headed "The Trap - How to Escape" by A E Wilcox. Allow me to quote from it: [my italics.]

"The whole earth is cursed by the use of unnatural chemicals universally, both in agriculture and other areas. All our rivers in these areas are cursed from the old gold mining days and the use of cyanide and mercury and they are still using these things. Hasn't anybody ever told them that there are bacteria which can separate the gold from the ores anyway?

The earth is also cursed more than any other time in history because of the absence of abundant microorganism activity, due to the use of chemicals in agriculture. Superphosphate has been used ever since Leiberg invented it, yet he, on the point of death, admitted he was wrong and had opened Pandora's Box on humanity. He was pleading for forgiveness.

Two of my friends in widely separated areas came up with the following answer - and they don't even know each other, separated by something like 450 kms.

Case 1: This woman had a garden and each year she had to dig it with a mattock, then break it down with a rake or hoe. Naturally, insects ate everything. She then contacted me and I recommended that she feed the microorganisms gravel dust so they can reproduce prolifically. After six weeks, the plants will grow very fast and no insect will touch them! Put the gravel dust on at the rate in a garden situation - 2 Ib to the sq foot with about 5 ounces of dolomite lime and a sprinkling of animal or fowl manure.

She rang me a couple of months after and said "Just as you said. Nothing happened for about six weeks then the cabbage and cauliflower doubled in size every week"! The cauliflowers grew up over a 4 foot paling fence and the heads of the cauli's and cabbage were that big they couldn't eat them all and not a thing touched them.

Case 2: This woman, a widow in a suburban situation, had been using wood chips on her garden. I gave her a quantity of gravel dust and explained how to use it. She didn't really believe me until recently. She was gardening and the ground under the chips were dry and hard. She had used the gravel dust where she planted a tree in the corner of her garden. She decided to clean up round this small tree and to her surprise, the ground was soft and wet, as if she had been watering it, but she hadn't watered it at all. She rang me up and I said one of the roles of an abundant microorganism population was to bring down moisture as well as nitrogen, hence the wet ground. She is also convinced that the human race has been foolishly trying to farm or garden withour replenishing the earth."

The author then goes on to explain that he has been cultivating about 260 acres with rock dust, mainly by smashing the surface rock, for something like 30 years. He says the beauty' of it is that it's all produced on the farm - no expensive chemicals and no expensive fertilisers. He then writes:

"I suspect John's disease in sheep and the mad cow disease are both linked to land that has no available minerals to nurture microorganisms. You would think they would at least try it out; rather than fool around looking for a cure. When you don't eliminate the root cause, you are not going to cure the disease."

[Now where did we hear this before?]

"Every rock on earth except limestone, which is basically calcium, is perfectly balanced in all the minerals including 1% phosphate. That is all the phosphate required to nurture crops and microorganisms. The microorganisms remain as they die to form protoplasm, the perfect plant nutrient.

After my experiences with rocks and microorganisms, Stuart's stony desert would hold no terrors for me. I could blithely crush rocks and spread with a tritter powered by small crawler tractor and the following would happen:- First, the microorganisms would, within 6 weeks multiply dramatically - 20% moisture is sufficient to activate them. This in turn would drag moisture out of the air as well as nitrogen - 70,000,000 Ibs nitrogen above every acre on earth [Albrecht papers]. After a time the desert would bloom and this factor would increase rainfall.

Different people over the years have said 'You get more rain [on your 260 acres] than we do - why?' Maybe it's because I have been nourishing the microorganisms for something like 30 years and have been rewarded because of this factor So, anyone who has been a chemical farmer all their life are now facing the day of reckoning. If you have loose surface rock on your cultivation ground, crush it there. If not, find a gravel [that is not limestone], place 10cwt of gravel dust per acre on your ground and that will turn your soil around for one year [Julius Henzel, Bread From Stones].

This would be a positive blow to end your farming or grazing problems and it would make you a free agent - so go for it!

Other factors have emerged over this 30 year period: The stock, both cattle and sheep will, if given a run of several paddocks, always graze out completely any ground that has been trittered. This, in time will fly proof sheep, and result in better wool because of the abundant minerals in the diet.

This leads to healthy animals and way above average prices . . . because the plant life manufactures amino acids which in turn manufactures enzymes - the meat and muscle builders, All the buyers know this; they are buying healthy meat, not a sickly animal which has to have large amounts cut off the carcass.

... In '96, it was pinpointed that an English dairy farmer's herd had only a seventh of their liver functioning as it should be. This problem is happening here in Australia and nobody is doing a thing about it.

All the surrounding farms have spent fortunes on rock picking and/or carting rocks off their land. What a tremendous waste of natural asset and monetary reserves.

An old chemist once told me that nature has within itself the answer to every health problem. All you have to do is find it. A microorganism had to have a mineral of their choice in their diet, before they can reproduce. This is the created way of fertility.

If every gardener and orchardist used gravel dust, production would soar and the resultant public pressure would force the mass-producers of our food to change.

An insect, fungi or disease can only attack minerally deficient plant life, animal life or human beings!

A herbicide application takes the soil 10 years to recover - one pesticide application takes the soil 5 years to recover."

Finally, let me quote the editor of Health & Healing on this article:

"Has Australian A E Wilcox found the way to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers? If so, the enormous chemical industry that produces these soil destroying chemicals, will fight it - for their profits depend on sales of these chemicals!

Unfortunately, this huge chemical industry seems to have the government in their pocket, so don't expect help from that direction; but farmers can educate themselves.

I trust this amplifies what A E Wilcox is saying. Total soil collapse world wide, due to the use of chemicals is well under way. . ."

The above is all too true. In the US alone, 4 million acres of cropland are lost every year!

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