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Speaking of Kryon ...

I mentioned Kryon in the first issue of our Newsletter. Remember? On the back page? I promised more in the next issue? There was no room in that issue however.

There is lot of 'channeled' information all around the world from many 'entities', spirits, by many 'human' channellers. Most of them are purely love based, warm, loving, encouraging, teaching, showing us how to 'evolve' faster, spiritually.

Some have fear based messages. It is a good idea to ignore these 'messengers'

We have now read the six books from Kryon, devoured all the Kryon quarterly journals, attended two seminars.

Incidentally, Kryon is simply a name that we are able to give this entity. Just as 'his' gender is neither male or female, his 'name', as are the names of all of us when we are not playing at being human, is made up of sounds, colours and - here it is again - vibrations.

As we cannot understand this combination for a 'name' and as we seem to have this need to 'label', to name things, as well as identify by gender, 'he' is therefore known to us as Kryon. The sound or vibration of this word is as close as we humans can get to the sound, colour and vibration of'his' identity.

Kryon is a great teacher. He is more -practical is a good term, - than some of the others. In some areas, even very technical. There are many scientists and mathematicians around the world grappling with some of the clues Kryon has given us.

There have also been numerous 'validations' of information gained from Kryon. I thought you may be interested in the latest.

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