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Crib Death [SIDS] & Shaken Baby Syndrome.

There have been many reports over the years about the dangers of vaccination. Most have been succesfully destroyed or discredited by the establishment. With the government, once again, doing everything in it's power to force people to immunise their babies, it's timely that new reports are becoming available and public knowledge. Some of them are quite scary.

The most telling are research that ties SIDS [Sudden Infant Death Syndrome] and the Shaken Baby Syndrome directly to vaccination.

Dr Viera Scheibner, PhD, is a retired principal research scientist for the NSW government, with a doctorate in natural sciences. During her distinguished career, she published 3 books and some 90 scientific papers in scientific journals. Since her retirement, she has devoted some 9 years to the intensive study of 30,000 pages of research on vaccination and so-called immunisation, helped develop Cotwatch, a breathing monitor for babies and published her book, "VACCINATION: THE MEDICAL ASSAULT ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM."

No one had ever before studied all the records but even more important, no one had ever examined such evidence without already having decided that vaccinations are good!

The literature showed that "vaccinations are the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths." Some are even renaming crib death as "Sudden Immunisation Death Syndrome."

In 1975, Japan postponed the first DPT [diptheria/perussis/tetanus] shot from babies from the second, to the 24th month of age. The result? "The entity 'sudden death' disappeared!"

We know that crib death is highest from 2 to 6 months of age. We spend large sums of money on research, to 'find the cause' of SIDS. Why? Reports from all over the world have pinpointed the problem long time ago! Here are just some of them:

1979 - Jacob, J, and Mannino, F, "Increased intracranial pressure after diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis immunization."

1985 - Iwasa, A., Ishida, S., Akama. K. "Swelling of the brain caused by pertussis vaccine: it's quantitative determination and the responsible factors in the vaccine."

1994 - Yawata, Makoto, "Japan's troubles with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine."

1996 - Devin, R, Roques, G., Disdien P., Rodor, F. and Weiller, PJ. "Occlusion of central retinal vein after hepatitis B vaccination."

There are hundreds of reports like these, ignored by the authorities. So - feel some compassion for those poor parents that have been grieviously accused of shaking their babies to death - most of them now believe that when their baby was shaken by them, in desperation, to bring them out of their trauma, IT caused the swelling of the brain or the retinal occlusion!

Contact me if you want further reading on this subject.

As you can see my friends, the previous page was meant to be the last page of this Newsletter. As we are now reaching a much wider audience and had to increase the number of pages, we can fit a lot more in.

Because our new audience may not know much about me, allow me to mention a few things. Nature's Treasures is a small research company, mainly involved in electromedicine, although my research does lead me in to almost literally all areas. No stone seems to be left unturned in our search for the truth.

From Agriculture to Zero Energy and everything in between. You see, I realised long time ago, that most researchers seem to end up wearing blinkers or end up with their head in the sand. They get 'stuck' in one area of research and continue doggedly, ignoring other developments around them, thereby, often duplicating work already done by others.

A recent example of this is Bjorn Lindstrumm, a Swedish surgeon, who was actually nominated for a Noble prize a couple of years ago - incidentally, mistakenly nominated, on TWO counts - for curing breast cancer, with a method that was - oops, used at the turn of the century! You can still find reference to this method in very old medical books: put a needle into to tumor, apply low voltage, turning the tumor 'positive' in relation to the surrounding tissue, and the tumor invariably shrivels up and dies. [This method, together with electro-medicine, was 'outlawed' by about 1915 by the scientific establishment.] So, Bjorn not only reinvented something that already existed, but further embarrassed the 'establishment' by rediscovering something that they could not make money out of! In fact, methods like these were not supposed to be allowed to exist!

I was lucky I guess, not to fall into traps like that. My research led me into research for a book, so I needed to know about everybody else's work, going back about 100 years! No blinkers or sandboxes can exist when you are driven to work like that.

That is how I am able to communicate with you on such a wide variety of subjects.

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