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Get some Higher Help

As you know from previous issues, we discussed fear, love, who we are - eternal spiritual beings, having a human experience - and so on. In issue #2, we even talked about the 'sword' of Truth, the 'shield' of Knowledge, the 'armour' of Wisdom. Knowing all that is wonderful. Living it, practicing it every moment of your life is not so easy, as I am reminded almost daily. So it's a good idea to get some help. Real help. Not from some human who will 'teach' you for a price but some 'higher' help. I am not talking about prayer here. Not that there is anything wrong with prayer. [Only that most people pray out of fear, not love]. I am talking about asking for help, to enable us stay in the 'light' and away from fear.

Let's face it. We are merely 'on the road' to enlightenment, we are not folly enlightened. We would not be 'here' otherwise.

"Until you can bring forth a flower,
Breathe life into that which is dead.
Summon or subdue the elements,
Transport yourself through time and space
And heal with a single thought,
A single touch,
Can you call yourselves Enlightened?"

That is a quote - I do not recall from where. I was reminded of it, in all places, by an advertisement for Reiki. The last word should be "Masters" - I changed it to suit the occasion. In case you are interested, the quote finishes with: " And long before you achieve these things, Titles shall become meaningless to you, And you will come to understand, This is your potential in God"

So, for us 'mere mortals', here is a way to get that assistance.

The words you use are up to you. Only you know what words and terms you are comfortable with when you are 'addressing' God, Jesus, the Universe or your Higher Self. Your I AM.

We ask for PROTECTION from unnecessary negative thoughts and influences. Protection from fear in other words.

We ask, nay, tell our Higher Self and our subconscious that we are through with all the mental blocks, the emotional 'baggage' we have picked up in our life, that we choose now to move on and up!

We ask for help to stay on the target. We are, after all our worst enemy in getting ourselves off the track.

We ask that, as we always have complete free will in our choosing, that we always get the highest form of guidance possible that our choices will always be for our highest good and spiritual enlightenment.

I don't think it can be said too often: Where we focus, our focus will produce results. If our focus is based on fear, we will attract what we fear! Similarly, if we focus on the highest thought of who we are, who we choose to be, without fear, we attract just that - unconditional love and light. May that always be our choice.

Use this in everything you do in life. We need to practice this every day and repeat asking every time we feel off the track. Practice until it becomes a natural part of life.

Recently I read an article about this subject in a magazine. The author gave some interesting examples of putting this kind of 'power' to use in our daily life as well. [My thanks to Karla Neilsen and Insight Magazine for the inspiration.]

For instance, if we are facing an angry customer, a mad boss, a drunken fool or an irate taxi driver - instead of responding in a like manner or, responding with fear, [having daily practiced asking for help,] ask again, for Unconditional Love and 'see' your heart fill with light. Send that brilliant light outwards to the other person's heart center No conditions, no strings, no fear. Just unconditional love. Watch the miracle happen. Not only will the customer or the boss or the drunk or taxi driver calm down, watch yourself calm down!

Your body language, the right words will all serve perfectly to defuse the situation quickly.

Consider the alternative. We have all had plenty of experience in responding to these situations in a like manner - sending negative, angry, fear based thoughts and words, which only served to fuel the fire.

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