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The Year to Lose all Fears

Dear Friends,

WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2000! I know that some may still dispute whether this really is the new millennium, that it really starts next year but - does it really matter?? It IS a MILESTONE of humongous proportions any way we look at it! [How many really thought they would 'make it', say 20 years ago?]

Anyway, as most people in the world feel that this IS the 21st Century NOW - then SO IT IS! Not so long ago, it seemed soooo far away! Suddenly, it's here and NOW! What a great BUZZ! And what a year, what a decade, what a century to be in!! This civilization has never been so 'high'! High on vibration, high on energy, high on population, high on expectations, high on hopes and dreams.


Furthermore, this is the year, the decade and the century when ALL [positive] expectations, hopes and dreams WILL come true. All we now need to do is lose our fears. You know - we talked about this last year [in the 'old' century], I attempted many ways of explaining how important this is. I also realise that this is such an individual thing, that there is no simple formula that 'works' for all.

I have talked to, asked a number of wonderful people about this and have studied the works of many more wonderful, spiritual people. Although they are ALL saying the same thing, they are also proving that there IS NO formula, as they all explain it differently. This is part of what I love about both learning and writing on this subject - it is never boring, as it IS different to each and every one of us. Although it is the same 'truth', we all express it in different ways.

Let me give you some snippets:

"Loosing fear means letting go of judgement and practicing discernment.

All judgement is based on fear. When we judge another, we do so in fear of what we see. We judge in others what we FEAR we have in ourselves. If we totally accepted ourselves as loving and lovable, we would judge NOTHING. We would accept all others as 'perfect' - just as they are. We may look at their actions and decide that it is not something we choose to do - but we would love them anyway. That is practicing discernment Judgement is never based on love.

Everything that is not love, is fear. ALL judgement is based on fear. That is the fundamental truth that allows us to begin to find the fears we have buried within, For, when we judge, we are touching on a fear. That then offers a 'window' through which we can look within and find the fear we have hidden away,

We have all suffered damage. That damage is the result of living in a world where unconditional love has been sadly lacking. That world is OUR creation. OUR responsibility. Only WE can change it" This is from a Dear Friend, Polgara.

'Esprit' suggests that FORGIVENESS is very much part of the magic. So does Michael Atma. I like this suggestion, so here are some thoughts from both:

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