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On Body Energy

Changes in body energy were mentioned in the article above, leading to further observations. There seems to be no limit as to how far we can go in observing that our bodies are not solid, as they seem.

Evidence abounds to prove that we are made up of energies - vibrational frequencies, electromagnetic frequencies and so on Even science is producing more and more evidence.

More and more healing techniques are based on correcting this vibrational energy. Only recently I received firsthand proof of how effective this type of treatment can be.

Therefore it is not such a large step to understand that anything that interferes with our energy, our frequencies, can be harmful to our physiology, our health.


Let's take a small diversion here, to examine our make-up - physical, mental and spiritual. We will cover this more fully in an article later but meanwhile . . . it's important to understand, to change our perception, our awareness of 'what' we are.

The first perception we need to change is that our brain contains our mind, our intelligence. Yet demonstrably, mind and body are inseparably one. We could further argue that we and the Universe are inseparably one and, whilst true and important to keep in mind, it is not germane to this discussion. Although the image of the body as a mindless machine continues to dominate modern western medicine, there is unquestionable evidence to the contrary.

I am sometimes amazed that we accept anything as real - simply because we can see, touch, hear, taste and smell tell us what they seem to be. Yet according to our five senses, the Earth is flat, the ground is stationary - as long as our five senses were accepted without question, such 'facts' were immutable.

Einstein realised that time and space are also products of our five senses; we see and touch things that occupy three dimensions, and we experience events as happening in [time] sequential order. Yet Einstein and his colleagues were able to destroy these apparent 'facts' by reassembling time and space into a new geometry that had no beginning or end, no edges, no solidity. In fact, every solid particle in the universe turned out to be simply energy vibrating in an immense void.

The old space-time model was smashed, replaced with a timeless, flowing field of constant transformation. This quantum field is not separate from us - it is us! Where Nature goes to create stars, galaxies, quarks and leptons, you and I go to create ourselves. The great wonder of this view of the world is that it is so immensely creative - the human body, like everything else in the Universe, is constantly being made anew every second.

Can you imagine that when we can truly not only accept this but also consciously practice it, can you imagine then being able to live for hundreds of years?

Now I've just digressed on top of the original digression. What I was really getting at is that every cell of our body is part of our 'mind', our awareness, our intellect. There is no biochemistry outside awareness - every cell in our body is totally aware of how we think and feel about ourselves. "We are energy, vibrating in an immense void". How can we not be affected by outside vibrational electrical, magnetic influences?

The question remains - just how far should we take this concern in our modern lifestyle.

I do not use my mobile phone without my 'hands free' attachment. There is no question in my mind that prolonged exposure to both the sending and receiving 'antennas' is harmful, certainly in the long-term. There has been much research and even more talk of the harmful effects of high tension power cables, TV's and computer screens.

Our dear friend and teacher [in matters of the Spirit] Kryon, goes a lot further. Kryon strongly advises us to avoid prolonged exposure to electromagnetic vibrations, particularly in the bedroom, where we spend eight hours or more every day. This means TV's, VCR's, even electric alarm clock/radios in too close proximity to our sleeping physiology/spirit can be harmful. To Kryon, the idea of laying our biology on the electromagnetic grid [of an electric blanket] is quite silly.

I would not consider arguing with Kryon.

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