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Mind over Matter

At least, that's what we used to call it. Today, we know it would be more correct to call it Spirit over body or, Spirit over Ego or, Soul [Higher Self] over body or something. But we have used the term Mind over Body for a century or more, so we are more used to it being expressed this way.

When I was young [non-Spiritual, headstrong, sceptical etc.], I studied Martial Arts. This study effectively demonstrated the real POWER of the 'mind' over the body. The 'channelling' of 'energy' into one part of the body [hand, foot, head], to feel no pain, whilst expressing tremendous force. To 'control' body temperature. To 'control' bleeding. To walk over hot coals. I learned over 40 tears ago that my 'mind' indeed has the power to achieve all this and more.

For a while, this and youth, made me feel almost invincible and immortal. Then, as the decades passed, both the body and the mind slowed down. I saw myself aging. The feelings of invincibility and immortality gave way to vulnerability and a definite, heavy feeling of mortality. This particularly manifested itself when I met and fell in love with my partner and 'soul-mate', who is considerably younger than me and a 'knockout' to boot! I looked in the mirror aghast! - what could this young, beautiful woman possibly see in me?!

Then came my Spiritual awakening. And slowly, the feelings of invincibility and immortality returned. Only this time, they are real! This time, there is no fear involved. It is no longer mind over matter, it is ME, my REAL SELF or HIGHER SELF taking charge over my physical body. It is the 'KNOWING of WHO I AM!'

It is my soul, allowing my mind to 'remember' and becoming more and more, a part of my everyday physical life, my mind, my body.

Bear in mind that the Soul or Higher Self sees life differently to our 'human' personality. The Soul is untainted - totally - by our lifetime's accumulation of fears, hurts and doubts. Our Soul also 'knows', understands, -what we are here, in this incarnation, to do, to achieve. Our Soul or Higher Self is also immune from diseases. Therefore, the more we meld or blend with our Higher Self, the more we 'remember', the more we become WHO we really are, the more we 'humans' also become 'immune' to all earthly problems.

Incidentally, this Immunity' extends to all issues, not just health. It extends to all aspects of life, including happiness, joy and abundance.

Or, as Phil Golding said in a recent article, "If I fully believed that I am God, I would be fully healed".

Remember that it is our birthright to create. What we create for ourselves is up to us. I assure you that our Real Intent is always being fulfilled. Now if we can just KNOW what OUR Real Intent IS, at all times!

We are all filled with the power to create the life we want! But it seems that we are still not convinced.

This is the real crux of the matter. There is absolutely no doubt in my being that we always create our own reality. We just do not as yet fully understand this creation thing. Our minds, our hearts are out creating what we would want, it seems, yet often, what we end up with is not exactly what we had in mind. In some cases, it is the exact opposite. Why is that?

How is it that we keep getting in our own way? How is it that we keep creating problems for ourselves?

There is no simple answer. Some of the 'answers' have already been covered in Health and Light. You know, fear, ego, blame, judgement, all that kind of thing.


You know, what I find most amazing about all this, is that we have always known all this. Well, sort of. I mean, we have been told!! Over and over! God gave the first clue to Moses! When Moses asked God his name, the reply was, "I AM THAT I AM"! Then, Jesus said, "Call no man your Master. Not even I, for one is your master and that is the God within You"!!

I used to wonder, why were such 'messages' wasted on humans all those thousands of years ago. I mean didn't God know that we were not ready to understand these things back then? Then the penny dropped. To God, to Spirit, to us, as we really are, there is no such thing as time. Not as we understand it. In the real scheme of things, Jesus said that 2000 years ago, yesterday, and he is saying it right this minute. And he will probably say it tomorrow. And the day after.

True, I do not fully comprehend this time line that is without time. Strangely, - for a man who always had to have an answer, a full explanation, proof, logic etc., in the past - today, I do not feel the need to understand. I am, somehow, able to accept that that is the way it is, without proof. I 'feel' that it is right [whatever happened to that cool, Mr Spock like Vulcan logic of mine?].

So, consider this - as there is no real time as such, as we understand it, then it was really yesterday, if you like, that God told Moses that I AM THAT I AM! It is only now, that Jesus is telling us that the only master is the God within us! All those other messages - they are all happening now! Right now, Jesus is telling us that - you know all those miracles? Well, you can also do all that and more. Do you remember? Can you hear him?

I AM THAT I AM. I am the same God you call on, every time you say "I Am". We are the same I AM! In spite of the fact that we have over 72 names for God and we have called into being 1728 different religions. In spite of all that, we are all the same - I AM.

Why is this important information? Because we call upon the God within, every time we say or think I AM! We command the God within, with every I AM! We Create, with every I AM!

So the next time we say "I AM angry!" or "I am sad" - unhappy, mad, ugly, fat, skinny, terrible, useless, forgetful - whatever, we are declaring to our God-self, that that is what we wish to now experience. So, 'our God' within, obliges. Always.

You see how absurd and how simple this whole thing can be?

Never forget that we are 'Creators"!
How do we Create?
The four 'acts' of Creation are:
What we speak
How we act
What we think
What we believe.

If we think fearful thoughts, we speak them, we act according to our fears and naturally, we begin to believe them.

So, if we are able the create our own reality by those four 'acts', then we better start learning how to speak, act, think and believe with Love!!

It is that simple - yet - there is that little something in each of us that continues to subvert our very thoughts, sabotages our beliefs and tongues and, let's face it, sometimes makes us act quite horribly. We feel that that was not really US, when we look back on those occurrences. What happens? Why does that happen?

I believe that these things happen because we are still a product of our past or to put another way, the 'sum of our experiences', both in this life and past lives.

In the past, we lived as 'humans'. Now we are learning to live as the eternal Spirit we are. Yet we still carry all the baggage of the past. It is that baggage that sabotages us when we decide to heal our bodies, to be filled with joy or to be abundant.

If we can learn to drop the burden of our past and our fears, we would then have control over our thoughts, beliefs, acts and control over what we say. For that reason, I have left this 'box' on the right here from the last issue. For we are learning every day, in all sorts of ways, that we can indeed, re-create ourselves anew - all we need to do is change our 'vision' of ourselves.

Can we be honest with ourselves? Do not most of harbour thoughts about ourselves that are less than flattering? Be honest with yourself. How often do you think, say, emote thoughts like - "I am stupid" "I am angry" "I am not good enough" "I am a pig" "I am sinful" "I am too fat" "I am too skinny" "I am ugly" "I am poor" and of course the obvious, "I am sick!" Natural you say? Well, yes, for a human. Only let us be aware that every time we say or think these thoughts, we are, literally, "re-creating ourselves anew, in the next fear-laden vision ever we held about who we are! Is that what we want? No, we don't. I know that. Yet we keep falling back into the same traps of the past. Get rid of these thoughts and emotions about ourselves and we are healed, we are joyful and abundant!

Remember what we said on page 3? The statement of I AM is a creating statement!

Somehow, we need to get out of these bad habits. A combination of awareness and mental, daily practice is required for most of us to overcome these habits.

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