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Detox! Detox! Detox!

In the last issue, I briefly mentioned the book, "Detox and Live" under the heading "Antioxidant Healing". I cannot overemphasize the importance of this topic.

Knowing that 1] We would never get sick if our Immune System was healthy, 2], our Immune System is only weakened by the constant intake of Toxic Substances [food, water, medicines, antibiotics, the environment, tooth fillings, fluoride, ad-nauseum . . . ] we can see why DETOXING our system is so important!

The problem we face is that there are at least half a dozen good methods of detoxing and they all work! For some people. Not for all!

The trick is to find the one that works for you! At least, we know that whatever method you decide to try, it will not harm you! It will definitely 'do good', it may simply not get rid of all your ailments. So, there is nothing to lose by 'trying' one of the methods.

Some are quite difficult and/or expensive, some are easier and less expensive. In the last issue, I mentioned the Green Barley with a couple of other products. They will work, like all the other methods, for 40 to 60% of the people - total cleansing of the system, of the blood and the Immune System is 'intact' once more. For the people that it does not fully 'work', at least they do feel better.

This time, let us briefly cover the Biotta Juices that I mentioned on page 12 last time.

The Biotta Juices come from an organic farm at Tagerwilen, Switzerland. The farm was originally established in 1931, turned 'organic' in 1951. That means that this farm has been 'organic' for 47 years! It became the Biotta farm in 1961, when Dr Hugo Brandenberger took over the business. A second generation Brandenberger, Christian is now continuing this pioneering work.

Biotta juices are 100% pure and natural, without a trace of chemical residue. Nor are they reconstituted from diluted concentrates. They contain 'real' fruit and vegetables, pressed, not vitamised, to preserve all the enzymes, then they are naturally preserved, using a special process based on lactic acid fermentation. No preservatives are used, nor high temperatures that would destroy essential nutrients.

In the book mentioned above, there are a number of programs described, from 5 days to 21 days. The 21 day program has been reported as successful in beating even cancer. A typical detox program would go something like this:

The Ten Day Detox and Energise program:
EARLY MORNING: 100ml Vita 7 Drink
MID MORNING: 100ml Celeriac Juice
MIDDAY: 100ml Vegetable Cocktail
AFTERNOON: 100ml Carrot Juice
EVENING: 100ml Vegetable Cocktail PLUS:
* Spring-Klenz Tea three times daily,
* Vegetable Bouillon stock, one or two cups per day, whenever you feel like,
* 2 to 3 litres of good water every day - preferably, pure, energised water.

The cost of this 10 day program is roughly $100 to 110 - that buys 2 bottles of each juice for the 10 days [4 bottles of the vegie juice].

The juices are very pleasant - as they would be, being natural fruit and vegetable juices and you will not go too hungry, they are quite filling. You don't 'drink' them, rather, you need to slowly 'chew' each mouthful. This is very important - your body needs to 'soak' up as much of the nutrients as possible, before it gets to the stomach. That is the 'hardest' part of this Detox program - learning to 'chew' juices.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Intact, organic vegetable juices clean out hardened deposits almost on a cellular level. Almost like caustic soda down a blocked water pipe - but gentle. At the same time the nutrients feed the body, the live enzymes oxidize and strengthen the digestive system.

CAN I MAKE MY OWN JUICE? Yes but only if you have a rather expensive type of machine that does not use centrifugal action. All the enzymes end up in the pulp or destroyed, not in your body. A machine that grinds/presses the juice is the only type suitable. They are expensive.

So - read the book and get on a program that suits you. Even if you are not unwell - detoxing will make sure you stay that way.

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