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The 12 Gifts of Birth

Dear friends, allow me to finish this Christmas and New Year, Millennium turning issue with something I found recently. These Gifts are yours, they always have been. My wish for you is that you now claim and own these gifts:

  1. STRENGTH - May you remember to call upon it whenever you need it.
  2. BEAUTY - may your deeds reflect its depth.
  3. COURAGE - may you speak with confidence and use courage to follow your own path.
  4. COMPASSION - May you be gentle with yourself and others. May you forgive those that hurt you and yourself when you make mistakes.
  5. HOPE - Through each passage and season, may you trust in the goodness of life.
  6. JOY - May it keep your heart open and filled with light.
  7. TALENT - May you discover your own special abilities and contribute them towards a better world.
  8. IMAGINATION - May it nourish your visions and dreams.
  9. REVERENCE - May you appreciate the wonder that you are and the miracle of all creation.
  10. WISDOM - Guiding your way, wisdom will lead you thru knowledge to understanding. May you hear its soft voice.
  11. LOVE - It will grow each time you give it away.
  12. FAITH - May you BELIEVE

My Dear friends, thank you for your company throughout the year. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

Can you believe it? 2000!

With Love and Blessings and, as ever, May you always walk in Health and Light,

Richard Cameron

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