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How quickly we have gone into sales of products! That was never my intention when this Newsletter was started. Here we are, third issue, and we have a list! - of products available to you, at a reduced price.

Oh how the mighty are fallen! Me, going commercial? Oh well.

Special price to subscribers only: [Credit Card orders : $ 300.00] $ 285.00

FEROXIN Colloidal Minerals $ 36.00

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our Colloidal Silver as well. Apart from the fact that we need to keep our retailers happy, it is not really feasible to mail glass bottles individually We can only pack them in boxes of 12. Being glass, the Post Office is out, we need to use couriers.

If you wish to help us to help more people by 'signing up? for either Mannatech or Neways, please call our office and we will send you out the relevant details.


REGULAR EYE TESTS - after reading about real people who improved their eyes - even going from 'coke bottle' glasses to no glasses with just diet and eye exercises, you realize that 'regular eye tests' and glasses are promoted purely for ... profit. Not for your health.

Yes, it is possible to correct eyesight, even severe cases. It does take time and discipline. Conversely, 'regular eye-tests' combined with regularly upgrading glasses tend to weaken and create 'lazy' eye muscles.

VACCINATION - most heavily promoted, using guilt and dire warnings - if you have read the 'crib death' article in the first issue, you know it is for . . profit. Not for your health.

See below:


With the next issue, we will also send you, our subscribers, a special 12 page report on vaccination. The small piece I did in the first issue, tying crib-death to vaccination has prompted a lot of calls. But the real reason for doing the special report is the fact that my youngest daughter made me a grandfather a month or so ago and, predictably, she is being pressured to vaccinate already.

So, the report is to give her and anyone else that has a need, the ammunition and the peace of mind, of knowing what is right and what is not.

We will print extra copies of the report -they will be free to all our subscribers and we will probably have a small charge for anyone else.

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