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Curing MS?

Many doctors, scientists and researchers believe [the evidence of their experience] that Multiple Sclerosis [MS] is curable. Then how is it that 'orthodox' medical 'science' is still searching - spending further billions, looking for a'cure'?

Once again, the answer is that all the methods of curing MS rely on natural, un-patentable methods, combined with a requirement of the patient staying away from exposure to further toxicity. This means that the patient is not only not spending money on pharmaceuticals but also has stopped buying their 'brethren's' goods - fizzy drinks, packaged foods, even skincare products!

If 'they' were religious, this would be tantamount to sacrilege!

Seriously, although the above is a bit cheeky, nevertheless it is true.

We need to remember that all dis-eases, all illnesses and deteriorating physical conditions have the same thing in common. Always. First, a weakened Immune System, followed by an overload of toxicity, followed by parasites [bacteria, virus, fungi].

Weak Immune System, toxicity, parasites - in that order - all must be present for us to be unwell. This cannot be emphasized enough.

It is interesting to note that among people in less developed parts of the world, where the diet is still 100% natural and unadulterated, MS is not known!

The Immune System gets weak due to two factors: 1] our failure to replenish essential life elements [trace elements, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids etc.] with the food we intake and 2], our constant exposure to toxicity.

Toxicity is in almost everything these days. It's in the foods, the water, the air we breathe and in the chemical medications we are given! Now we need to understand that although we are all in the same boat, so to speak, we are not all effected equally. Some of us can carry all this with little or no apparent side effect. Only, some of us get sick. Sometimes very sick.

The parasites can only hurt us when some organ or tissue in our body has an overload of toxicity of some kind and this toxicity has weakened the organ or body tissue! Until this has occurred, the parasites could not harm us. Now, they have become deadly to our system. The slightest re-exposure to them can bring on further attacks or further deterioration.

How does all this apply to MS? It applies fully - MS is no different, in essence, to any other condition. Conventional doctors may be horrified by these statements, nevertheless, MS is caused by toxicity and parasites.

A very large number of doctors have proven this - in practice - not just in theory. Dr Alfred Vogel, the famed Swiss doctor and researcher, author of 'The Nature Doctor', Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, practitioner and tireless researcher, author of numerous titles, including 'The Cure For All Diseases' are two notables that have 'proven' this many times by actually 'curing' MS patients.

As with any debilitating dis-ease, the most important thing for the patient to overcome, is the mental attitude. When the patient is told the prognosis -"I am very sorry, you have MS", that is like being told that "you are now dying!". It is a death sentence! I cannot begin to tell you how destructive that is to the patient. It is often a tremendous hurdle to overcome. A hurdle that some patients are simply unable to overcome. They give in, resign themselves and stop 'fighting'. No medication can overcome the patient's 'spirit' once it decided to give in. Yet conversely, that same 'spirit' can almost instantly, miraculously, reverse any condition. We don't yet know how to 'teach' people to do that, so meanwhile, we have to rely on more 'traditional' methods. Nevertheless, do not forget the importance of a fighting spirit, the spirit that wants to live!

All right, let's now get specific. AH Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis sufferers have a number of toxins and parasites in common.

The toxins are generally solvents, Xylene and toluene [soft drinks, cereals, paints and thinners], although often many others, like scandium, copper, barium, europium, gadolinium, mercury, thallium, samarium, tellurium, palladium and platinum [all tooth metals], fluoride [water, tooth paste], barium again [lipstick, bus exhausts], propane[gas], asbestos, [even some clothes dryer belts contain asbestos], bismuth [cosmetics], gasoline [oil and petrol] and wood alcohol [Diet Coke is a very good source for this last item].

You only need one of the above, to weaken tissues in the brain or the spinal cord in the case of lateral sclerosis, to attract the parasites flukes [intestinal, liver and pancreatic flukes] and or shigellas. Often, these 'larger' type parasites -well, microscopically larger - have their own 'entourage' of bacteria and viruses.

So - obviously, killing the parasites, bacteria and viruses is the first "must do'. Colloidal Silver will do this. Be aware - once you are susceptible to these parasites, until you are well, protect yourself against constant re-infection! This means even going to the extreme of constantly washing hands, getting rid of pets until well, making sure that your partner is also "disinfected' with Silver, stop eating meats temporarily [flukes are primarily from sheep, cattle and pigs] and eat only fresh, unpackaged foods - organic fruit, vegetables - raw, as much as possible, salads, fish and full cream sterile milk. It is also a good idea to get into the habit of sprinkling Vitamin C [Calcium Ascorbate} powder on most things - salads, fruit, organic cereals, even into your cooking. Not only do we need extra Vitamin C, using this method will kill any invisible mold - mold that right now you do not need.

Only pure, fresh, unpolluted enzymes and antioxidants from a diet of food like that can clean out all the toxins from the body.

Thiotic acid, 2 to 4 per day helps, with histidine, 500mg daily, to keep nickel levels down.

If improvements are not permanent after a few weeks of treatment, it may then be necessary to find a holistic dentist, to remove all traces of dental metal I put this as a last resort, although in most cases and, certainly according to Hulda Clark, this alone is often enough to get rid of most symptoms.

For example, a month or more - 30 to 40 days on Colloidal Silver and Biotta Juices, with herbal teas and vegetable broth together, can stop MS altogether and will often reverse all symptoms.

Conclusion: Raw, organic foods, only boiling vegetables that cannot eaten raw. Follow this with a basic diet which can include brown rice, cottage cheese, some eggs, non-white flour breads, full cream milk, organic fruits and muesli, honey and fruit sugars.

Some people are helped tremendously by regular Schlenz baths - these are hot herbal baths, 2 to 4 degrees above normal body temperature - gradually rising the water temperature to at least 38C or I00.4F. Firsr drink one or two cups of hot herbal tea - lemon balm, peppermint, elder or goldenrod. Add a few drops of Crataegisan if your heart is a little weak. The father of metaphysics, Parmenides said, "Give me the power to induce fever and I shall cure every illness." [Hippocrates, the 'father' of medicine is also accredited with this saying.] Indeed, more healing can be done through increasing the body temperature than is generally thought possible.

The Baumcheidt method or the Chinese Stimulation treatments have also produced wonderful results. For these, you would need to find an experienced practitioner - it's not something you can do at home.

Finally, the Indian Ayurvedic treatments have also been very effective. Not being experienced in this myself, lots of testimonies confirm to me that there is a lot more to this than we understand. I know of a doctor [Dr P Ammon from Ouray, Colorado] that has healed herself of MS primarily using Ashwagandha. Although basically, it is the same - detoxification regimen, restricted diet, herbal treatments, oil massages, steam baths - some of the herbs of Ayurveda, like some of the Chinese herbs, are different to what we Westerners are more experienced with. We still have a lot to learn in that area.

Last but not least, Dr Andrew Weil's 8 week program has also brought the same results [see "8 Weeks To Optimum Health" by Andrew Weil, MD]. One of these methods will surely suit you. The first thing you must do is decide to get well, give yourself permission to heal and - do it! And no drugs!

I am sure you are seeing the pattern by now. Yes, all the 'cures' are basically, the same. Get rid of parasites, get rid of toxicity and you get rid of - all - illnesses. All The methods, the names, the herbs may be different but in essence, it is always the same. Nature, the Universe is wonderful and as soon as we start working with it, instead of against it, the better we will all be.

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