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Our Best Year Yet!?

Dear Friends,

Let's make this year markedly different - good, better, great!

I believe that our human race is awakening. We are becoming more aware, honest and responsible. More and more people are observing the obvious.

Sometimes we still do ignore the obvious. We see television ruining our children and we ignore it. We see violence and rage used as entertainment and deny the contradiction. We observe tobacco and drugs harming the body and pretend it does not. We see a father who is drunken and abusive and the whole family denies it, letting no one say a word about it.

We observe that over thousands of years, our religions have utterly failed to change mass behaviors and deny this too. We clearly see that our governments do more to oppress than to assist and ignore it.

We see a health care system that is really a disease-care system, spending one tenth of it's resources on preventing disease and nine tenth on 'managing' it, and deny that profit motive is what stops any real progress on educating people in how to act and eat and live in a way which promotes good health.

We see that eating meat of animals that have been force-fed chemical laden food, fruit and vegetables without the goodness but full of chemicals is not doing our health any good, yet we deny what we see.

We can continue to deny and ignore or, we can awaken, become aware and thereby become different - fulfilled, truly alive. Health, wealth, joy and love comes naturally with this awareness. To an extent, everything depends on who we think we are and what we are intending to do.

If our intention is to live a life of peace, joy and love, violence does not work.

If our intention is to live a long life of good health, consuming toxic food, smoking known carcinogens and drinking volumes of nerve-deadening, brain frying liquids does not work.

If our intention is to raise our children free of violence and rage, putting them directly in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage for years, does not work      . . . cont. p 2

If our intention is to care for the Earth and wisely husband her resources, acting as if those resources were limitless, does not work.

If our intention is to discover and cultivate a relationship with a loving God, so that religion can make a difference in our lives, then teaching of a God of punishment and terrible retribution does not work.

All of this has been clearly demonstrated in our past Intent, [motive, objective] is what it is all about. Our true intention is revealed in our actions, our actions are determined by our true intention. As with everything in life, it is a circle.

We can learn to see the circle.

We can respond to what it is, instead of ignoring it.

We can tell the truth - always, instead of lying - to ourselves as well as others.

We can say one thing and do what we say - instead of saying one thing and doing another.

I believe that deep down, we know that something is wrong. We see the contradictions in our behaviors and we are truly ready now to abandon them. We see clearly what is so, what works and we are becoming unwilling to any further support divisions between the two.

We are awakening. We are starting to experience who we really are: spiritual beings, having a human experience. And it all starts with a thought As you think - you are. Change your thought and you change who and what you are.

Is it as simple as that? Well, yes it is that simple yet so difficult to put it into practice. Even when we learn how to, it is still difficult to do so - consistently

There are two major obstacles to overcome. The first one is one that I am constantly grappling with - WORDS. Words that have different meanings for different people. Yet words are all we have to communicate with. So far. Who knows, maybe in ten years or so, we can do away with words and communicate with thought alone. Meanwhile, words will have to do. Sometimes easy to misunderstand, misinterpret.

The other one is our upbringing. We have all been brought up on FEAR. Therefore, our thought processes are based on fear - not love, which is the opposite of fear. [These two words alone amply demonstrate the inability of words to convey real meanings - FEAR and LOVE. What do they mean to you?]

So how do we change a lifetime of fear programming?

By being aware, by knowing that we need to change our thinking - from fear to love. By making a choice - a choice of who we are. Not just in our life in general but in every moment of our life specifically.

When you are preparing to smoke that cigarette, or you are preparing to eat that toxic food, or when you are preparing to cut that man off in traffic, in small or large matters, in major or minor choices, there is only one question to consider: Is This Who I Really Am? Is this who I choose to be?

And we need to understand that no matter is really inconsequential. There is a consequence to everything. That consequence is who and what we are.

You are in the act of defining your Self right now. Every act is an act of self-definition. Everything you think, say and do declares, "This Is Who I Am."

Why should we do this? Why is it important that we find out Who We Really Are? Well, normally, I do not indulge in negative thinking or 'doom and gloom' type of mentality. We are however at some sort of crossroads right now! We can carry on the way we have been -

If we don't kill ourselves with our nuclear madness, we will destroy our world with our environmental suicide. We are dismantling our planet's ecosystem and we continue to say we are not.

We are tinkering with the biochemistry of life itself. Cloning and genetically engineering, without care and knowledge, we are threatening to make it the greatest disaster of all time. If we are not careful, this will make the nuclear and environmental threats look like child's play.

By developing medicines to do the work that our bodies - nature - intended to do, we've caused viruses so resistant to attack that they stand poised to knock out our entire species.

Some people say that we have been here before - and destroyed ourselves. I don't know - I 'don't remember being here'. However! We are like children playing with matches! We have not yet learned how to play with matches safely!

That's enough 'doom and gloom'. And no, we do not have to become militant about any of this. We simply need to be aware of the truth. All this can be simply wiped away by all of us being aware of what our own truth really is. Then, when we no longer believe the self-serving lies governments and corporations keep trying to delude us with, those lies become powerless, they become powerless and truth wins.

That is why I am doing this Newsletter - to bring awareness and better health to everyone I can reach. So, please do not ask "What can one person do?" . We now know what we can do. Be aware. Help others become aware. No need to 'evangelize', no need to push your truth onto someone else, simply help others if and when they allow you. You will find more and more people are ready to hear the truth. As I am finding.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to people, pass on this newsletter to someone - I will happily send you a new copy - and get more and more people to subscribe, to be exposed to our 'Health and Light'. Read books and magazines on these subjects. Become fully aware. And don't forget - everything you think, say and do, declares, "This Is Who I Am!"

My Friends, forgive me for seeming like I am 'telling' you what you should be doing. That was not my intent. I find myself being 'pushed' to push you, my friends, with some urgency, on this, the first year of the rest of our life. This year and the next decade will be the most exciting time! Let's make it really good!

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