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The Universal Antibiotic

The ancient Greeks and Romans found that liquids would stay fresh longer if put in silver containers. American pioneers found that a silver dollar put in a jug of milk would delay spoilage. They also found that if they would keep their silverware "hidden" in the water barrel, that the water would not go 'bad'.

Some people wonder why the FDA would allow such a powerful antibiotic to be sold over the counter without a prescription. There are two reasons: The first reason is that true colloidal silver is a Pre-1938 'drug' and so the FDA has stated that it 'may continue to be marketed'. The second reason is that the FDA has no jurisdiction over a pure mineral element.

"What we actually done was rediscover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries ... when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded" Dr Robert O Becker MD

Silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic. It has been used for hundreds of years in it's less effective solid form but in more recent decades it has been used in it's colloidal form - with no side effects. It is a catalyst, disabling the particular enzyme that all one-cell bacteria, fungii and virus, use for their oxygen metabolism which means they suffocate or starve. Many others are destroyed because the electric charge on the silver particles cause their internal protoplast to collapse and still others are rendered unable to reproduce.

Using the proper solution, there are never any side effects and using true colloidal silver does no harm to the essential bacteria found in our intestinal tract. While a person can overdose on virtually anything, the chances of overdosing on colloidal silver is about the same as overdosing on water.

"As an antibiotic, silver kills over 650 disease causing organisms, RESISTANT STRAINS FAILL TO DEVELOP. Silver is absolutely non-toxic. Silver is the best all around germ fighter we have. Doctors are reporting that, taken internally, it works against syphilis, cholera and malaria, diabetes and severe burns" - SCIENCE DIGEST.

What is Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, pure, natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles, suspended by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle, within a suitable liquid. The molecule's size usually ranges from 0.01 to about 0.001 microns in diameter - very small indeed.

The particles do not settle but remain suspended since the electric charge exerts more force than gravity on each particle. Colloidal is the form of choice since the body must convert a crystalline solution to colloidal before it can be used.

Taken daily, it is a powerful adjunct to our immune system, by killing harmful disease-causing organisms and aids healing.

Silver and all minerals are obtained from the food we eat. This comes directly from organic soil containing living organisms. These organisms assist in making the minerals available to the vegitation. However, if we eat fruit and vegetables grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown today, we do not get the necessary quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which occur only in organically grown foods.

This results in deficiencies which progress over time resulting in an impaired immune function. The results are diseases of aging. Dr Robert Backer noticed a correlation between low silver levels and sickness, colds, flu etc.

Some suspect that silver deficiency is possibly one of the main reasons cancer exists and is increasing at such a rapid rate today. Dr Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinsha Institute, Sweeden, has used silver in his cancer treatment for many years. He says it has brought on rapid remission in many patients whom other doctors had given up on.

The Los Angelos Times stated: "But in the last decade, a broad resistance to antibiotics has begun to emerge. And because bacteria can transfer genes amoung themselves, experts only expect resistance to grow. The potential nightmare is an Andromeda strain. a SUPER-MICROBE immune to all antibiotics that could wreak havoc"

How does Colloidal Silver work?

According to medical journals from around the world, it disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Colloidal Silver co-mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms.

It suffocates them in six minutes or less, after initial contact. This phenomenon was recently demonstrated in tests at the UCLA Medical Labs. Trace amounts protect and strengthen the immune system.

What does the FDA Say

According to the FDA, Colloidal Silver may continue to be marketed and used. Colloidal Silver exceeds FDA recognised standards [Sept 13, 1991]. FDA has no jursidiction regarding a pure, mineral element.

More on how it works?

Several decades of clinical use of Silver have been proven in the treatment of burns and for eye, ear, nose, throat, vaginal, rectal and urinary tract infections.

Tests prove that due to the high absorption of silver in the small intestine, the friendly bacteria in the large intestine are not affected. All bacterial, viral and fungal organisms are killed within 6 minutes of contact. Higher silver content in the body causes faster and more frequent contact with these organisms.

Some Applications of Colloidal Silver

Liquid silver may be applied directly to the skin. A few drops on a cotton bud or cotton wool may be used to disinfect any wound or sore. Liquid silver is administered orally and can also be injected.

It can be used vaginally, anally atomised or inhaled into the nose or lungs and dropped into the eyes.

To start take 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day.
For colds and flu symptoms take more on the first day of any ailment, then cut down as improvements occur

Overdosing should not be of concern even if more than recommended doses are administered.

After a few days of use, one might experience a de-tox effet in the form of feeling sluggish. Consumption of water will cause these symptoms to disappear.

It will not generate free radicals or interfere with enzyme activity. It has no reaction with other medications.

Note: Silver will kill literally kilo's of germs and bacteria. These dead 'bugs' must come out somehow! Please drink at least a litre of good water everyday. Feelings of tiredness or heaviness may otherwise occur (see below the Importance of Water and Benefits of Energiised Water).

Use for Pets

Please note: Ensure that you put Coloidal Silver in the water YOUR PETS DRINK! Apart from keeping your pets free from bacteria, this will also ensure that they do not [re]-infect you and your family! Do this regularly and keep it up. Pets pick up germs daily. Also apply to any wounds or infections.

Toxins, Free Radicals and Parasites.

Colloidal Silver is of great assistance to all the above and more!

However, it is important to understand that there is a lot more to ill health than just parasites. Bacteria, virus and fungi alone, seldom cause ill health. In fact, if we have a full intact, healthy immune system, the parasites could and do live in our bodies, without causing us any harm or discomfort! So we need to understand what causes ill health, what causes deadly, degenerative 'dis-eases'. Unless we do, every remedy we turn to, becomes simply a 'band-aid' treatment. We are treating the symptoms, not the cause!

The causes of Ill Health

In the final analysis, the reason for all ill health, for all dis-eases, is our weakened immune system! Everyone alive today, no matter what age, have an impaired, weak immune system.

Why is that? Simply put, there are two reasons: the first is a combination of a far too high input of toxins - chemicals, from conventional medicine, the food we eat, drink, even the air we breathe. Even our safe havens, our homes are riddled with toxins - cleaning products, carpets shampoos, make-up, - the list is endless and frankly, not to be contemplated too much. It's scary. Please don't be scared though. To survive, we do not have to leave our homes, get rid of our carpets or shampoos and hide in the bush. No we simple need to aware.

The second reason is our inability to 'replenish' our immune system. You see, our natural immune system uses up substances - minerals, trace elements that are naturally occurring in our bodies, to fight and get rid of any toxic substance as well as any dis-ease causing organism. It uses these substances, expecting us to replace them! Nature planned it that way! Nature placed all those substances in the soil, for plants to chelate out of the ground, so that when we eat, we can intake those substances in a form our bodies can instantly absorb and use!

Isn't Nature wonderful? Well, that's how it used to be. It has not been like that in our lifetime. The plants no longer chelate essential minerals and trace elements out of the soil, the waters no longer carry these wonderful nutrients. Instead, the plants we eat, now chelate chemicals - pesticides, herbicides, dangerous chemical fertilisers - the list is endless. So, you can understand why our immune system is not capable of doing it's job.

What can you do about it?

Knowledge is power. Once we understand what the real problem is, we can do something about it. Slowly change habits, if our health is reasonable. Move faster if there is a serious condition. If it is urgent, talk to your Health Food store professional, your Naturopath about liver and kidney cleanse. Understand that your blood is your immune system. The liver and kidney either clean the blood or pollute it!

That's why it is important to regularly clean the liver and kidney as much as possible. Organic and Bio-Dynamically grown fruit and vegetables. You'll be amazed how much better that will make your feel. Just think - no more chemicals in your food! Investigate and try foods that feed the blood, clean your intestines, your colon, replace all the necessary friendly bacteria and reline your stomach/bowels with mucus. Look at products like Green Barley or Wheat Grass. Look at Colloidal Minerals or Homeopathic mineral supplements.

Investigate your blood type

As you may already be aware there are 4 different blood types and each has a specific list of food which is 'good', 'bad' or 'neutral' for that particular blood type

A good reference apart from the internet is a book by Peter D'Adams titled: Eat Right 4 Your Type. Our diet impacts our health and well being greatly if you are feeling: sluggish, bloated, windy, lethargic etc. I urge you to investigate the foods suitable for your blood type. You will be surprised with the results you can achieve by following the guidelines outlined in this valuable book.

The Importance of water

The simple fact is that our lives and wellbeing revolve around water. Our body composition is:- 75% water. Blood is made up of 80% water, muscles, skin, and the brain are all 75% and bones are 25% water. We need at least 3 litres a day. When taking colloidal silver, water is very important as it helps to flush out all the dead bateria it has previously killed on contact. Water in this instance aids the body and asists colloidal silver in the recovery process.

Are all Colloidal Silver created equal?

We have been working with Colloidal Silver in RESEARCH, for over 20 years now. As you can imagine during this time, we have experienced most aspects of this product. All things being equal, Colloidal Silver should be clear and almost without taste. There should be nothing visible at all - UNLESS, you use ENERGISED WATER, as 'Nature's Treasures' does. Then, after the Silver is made, 'energy pockets' can and do occur and these can become visible as 'floaties'. When we make the silver with distilled, non-energised water, nothing is visible. We prefer to use ENERGISED water. This is water that has been restored to its natural state. The colloidal silver we is non ionic... more information on difference between ionic and non iconic silver below.

Benefits of Energised Water include:

  • Improves your health and immune system
  • Helps reduce inflamation in the body
  • Improves digestion
  • Regulates acidity levels within the body
  • Assists with mineral absorbtion
  • and more ...

Colloidal Silver Testimonies

This used to be a text explaining all about Colloidal Silver - It's uses and benefits. A few years back, our TGA (Therapeutic Goods Asministraion), Australia's version of the Americal FDA, 'advised' us that we are not allowed to tell you about the uses and benefits of Colloidal Silber. In fact, the only thing we are allowed to 'claim' as a use for Colloidal Silver is as a 'Water Purifier'.

So - we are not going to tell you what or how you can use colloidal silver. Instead with your permission, we present you with some written testimonies from some wonderful people that have used Colloidal Silver and were kind enough to tell us about their experiences:

"Dear Nature's Treasures
I feel that I must write to you to thank you for your wonderful product. I have been using your Colloidal Silver for about two years now, with some remarkable results. The first time I heard about it, I was in the grip of a horrible flu. My health food store suggested that I try Colloidal Silver. I was amazed - in the past, a flu like this would 'floor' me for a week or two.
Well - since that time, I have used Colloidal Silver for just about everything. I take one tablespoon once a day, only increase the dosage when I feel I may be coming down with something.
I got rid of ear infections, mouth ulcers, a case of food poisoning and even smelly feet! My wife's Candida disappeared after we got some extra information from you. Our dog thinks he is a young pup again and hasn't seen a vet in two years. I can't thank you enough! Keep up the good work." Leon from Healesville, Vic.

"Dear Sir,
I want to thank you for your product and information. For some inexplicable reason, I got a virus in my shoulder. Nothing the doctor tried worked. The pain just kept getting worse. This went on for a couple of months. Yet, within 48 hours of starting on Colloidal Silver, the pain went - never to return. Thank you" Louise from Mt Eliza Vic.

"Hello Nature's Treasures, Thank you! My 5 year old daughter has suffered for 12 months with wart-like spots over her buttocks, inner thighs and the backs of her legs. Periodically one would inflame, causing the skin to burst and bleed before healing, over a few days.
With about 60 of these, it has been awful to see the distress and pain they have caused.
After 3 days of Colloidal Silver ALL of the spots became red & inflamed. After 1 week the inflammation began to recede without bursting or bleeding [except in 3 cases].
After 3 weeks of continued use, all the spots have gone!
Doctors told me that nothing could be done becuase of the location & number of the spots. All my daughter wanted was for her spots to go away. Thanks to Colloidal Silver, her wish came true and she is delighted. Everyone who visits us is shown with glee - look - my spots have gone" Thank you S. K. Ballarat.

"Dear Nature's Treasures,
I just felt the need to let you know the tremendous result achieved with your Colloidal Silver. I am a paraplegic. I don't know if you are aware or not, a lot of us tend to suffer from urinary tract infections. After a while, nothing seems to help anymore. Well, I thought I would give your Silver a try - a friend told me about it. In less tha a week, the infections disappeared! you have no idea what that means to me! Thank you" Michael, Doncaster.

"Dear Nature's Treasures,
Just writing to tell you about a little accident I had last week - I cut my finger to the bone in the garden. I thought I would try your silver to see if it would help. I bathed the wound in the silver for a while. The strange thing was, that as I was pressing the wound together, there was no pain!.
The wound knitted together within a day or so and now a week later, there is hardly a scar! The reason I decided to try your Colloidal Silver on the cut is because I had the same success with a burn a few months ago." Joshua, Adelaide, S.A.

"Dear Sir,
... story of a 12 year old mare, with a tumour the size of her 'fetlock' on her fetlock ... after surgery, she was given Colloidal Silver, orally every day. The fetlock is well healed and is bathed only with Colloidal Silver before her daily sterile dressing is applied ... another example, of two weanlings, suffering with acute Respiratory disease .. both were given Colloidal Silver orally, along with Yarrow and and Garlic powder in their feed. Both cleaned up in three days and have not produced mucus or exercise induced coughing since."Dr L.M. BVSc

Dog bite infection cleared overnight

Doctor wanted patient to go to hospital. Bite on wrist, infection visibly moving up on arm to elbow. Colloidal Silver stripped the infection.

Horse's eye saved.

An abcess next to the eye would not stop festering. The vet tried everything. Finally, when the nerves and muscles around the eye were being destroyed, the eye became swollen shut, Vet recommended removing the eye. In 'desperation', owner tried Colloidal Silver. Applied both locally and internally, the next day the eye was already open. Soon nerves and muscles re-generated, wound healed.


Many cases of candida cleared up in conjunction with probioics and Colloidal Silver. Many more cases quickly diminished all symptoms [not cured] then, with the help of various detox methods, either cleared completely or brought under control very quickly. When fully detoxified, patient was able to 'indulge' in all previously harmful foods.

Food poisoning

including a child hospitalised with 'Bali Belly' - again it was the Silver that cleared up the infection.

Mouth Ulcers - Cold Sores

numerous reports of conditions completely clearing up.

Wounds, Cuts and Abrasions

particularly with toddlers and children - reports of wounds staying clean and closing and healy very quickly - often overnight.


Nature's Treasures Colloidal SIlver will help with many ailments. If it only helps but does not fully clear up the condition look for toxicity. Most health problems generate from a combination of parasites and toxic conditions.

1 dropper full under the tongue each morning upon arising.

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