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Dear Friends

Once again, I need to apologise for running so late with this issue. Too many things happening at the same time. My only saving grace is that you pay for 6 issues, na matter how long it takes.

One of the things that occupied my mind during the past few months is a dear friend of mine. He was told that the doctors can do no more for him. You see, about two years ago, he was told that he had a rare form of leukaemia - hairy cell leukaemia. My friend opted not to listen to me and went with the doctors. And indeed, during the following 12 months, the leukaemia did go into 'recession' and he was happy. I was not happy but it was not up to me. Then, he fell ill again. This time, the doctors found that he has suddenly 'developed' a small, slow growing cancer in the lungs, which, by itself would not be cause for concern. "However, unfortunately, this [small, slow growing] cancer has somehow got into all your glands. That's why we can't do anything." said the doctors. They gave him anything from weeks to a couple of years. Indeed, the first thing that happened was that the gland in the left armpit swelled up to the size of a small orange, cut off circulation to the arm and the arm swelled up to twice it's normal size.

Now, my friend is a stubborn cuss. He has often stated that he 'want what I've got', meaning that he wants my spiritual calm and general outlook on life, yet every time we discussed these topics, we would get bogged down in his stubborn arguments.

It was the same thing with his health. He would listen, then go his own way. So, I wrote to him, hoping that the written word would have stronger sway on him. This is what I wrote:

My Dear Friend,

I would like you to consider a couple of scenarios. The first one is a bit strange. You know, 'lulu' strange. It deals with the idea that we 'programmed' ourselves for destruction, on a basic, cellular level - our very celts have been 'programmed' to the effect that somewhere between 1999 and 2012 we will surely die. You see, up until some 10-15 years so, that was simply the way it was. All the prophesies pointed to this end.

See, the prophesies, from the Bible to Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Gordon-Scallion, were all correct - at the time. So, our collective 'memory', our inherited intelligence had: the imprint of doom. Sometimes even on the conscious level, we knew that surely, we are heading for destruction. That inherited 'knowledge' programmed our very cells with the crazy idea that - hey we don't have to worry, we won't last too long any way.

Had we all continued to live without changing our 'thoughts' about some things in life, we would surely have ensured that the prophesies would all come true. Some, a mere few hundred thousand people - out of what - six billion? -managed to 'raise their personal vibration' - enough to literally, raise the vibration of the whole planet, enough to change our future and, push the rest of us over to some sort of realisation. So much so, that I believe that within 10 to 12 years from now, we will all know 'who' we are. That means that we will all act, think and speak from the heart. That means that we will all know that we are eternal spiritual beings, having a human experience.

So now, although we changed our 'future', we still have this 'cellular intelligence' that says "Self destruct!". The body simply responds - in so many ways!

Some people say that the simple realisation/ understanding that we no longer have to die is enough. Nevertheless, a lot of the strange, almost freakish deaths we hear about, as well a lot of natural tragedies and diseases are caused by this old cellular memory.

The second thing is more difficult to explain, as it is very personal - for you. I look at your present 'condition' and see it as nothing more than a wake-up call Let's face it - nothing was going to blast you out of the hole you dug for yourself. My friend, please understand that this is not meant as blame, pointing of fingers - it is merely an observation. If you would step outside of yourself, without ego, you would also observe that you have been in a rut. Stuck.

Let's face it - you were an intractable, crotchety old bastard, I can say old, because we are the same age. OK, so I am two days older than you. When I say you were an intractable, crotchety old bastard, I do not say that as criticism or as judgement - simply a loving observation. I simply observed that that's the way you were 'stuck' in your self. It was your choice and I honour that choice. Nor will I criticise or judge you, should you choose to leave us. My simple wish is that your choice is a fully informed one.

Now, suddenly, with disaster threatening, look what's happened!!

You have abandoned all your sources of constant [and self induced] aggravations. Work, taxes, bills, all aggravations, sources of anger and resentment have all disappeared. Suddenly, you live with the abundance that was always yours.

You are taking your daughter on an overseas trip. You are bonding with your children and friends like never before. I am sure that you are also now able to 'allow'your children to be who and what they choose to be. None of this would have happened without the 'wake-up' call!!

Now, I invite you to consider that the cancers your doctors have told you about is not as they say - it is not a sentence of death, it is merely a 'call' from your Higher Self to wake up - and smell the roses - wake up! There are things that you choose to do yet! You chose to do these things, you simply 'forgot' because you were so busy with the business of human life. I am sure that your Higher self has tried to knock you on the head to wake you up before and you were too busy to 'hear'.

You may not know what these things are, that you choose to do. They may not even be for you, they may be for others. Your mmmgkter for example. It's no coincidence that site has chosen to go with you!

You know, it may even be for me! To help me to learn how to help others in similar situations. For that opportunity. I thank you. Whilst on the subject, let me also thank you for being my friend, for allowing me into your life.

Having said all the above, the choice is always yours. And whatever you choose, no-one will blame you or judge you. Not me, certainly not God.

What would I do if I were you? I would hope that I would celebrate life. I would try to celebrate and live every moment, from the heart. I would teach my child to do the same. I would try to teach her how to live without fear, how to live with only love in her heart I would try to teach her, just as I was learning, the incredible creative power she has - we all have - when we loose all fear mad think, emote, act and speak from the heart, with love. I would teach her and learn myself how all the so-called miracles are possible.

Oh - who is this 'Higher Self' I was referring to? I will try to explain. In simple terms, it is the REAL You. It is the You without ego, without fear. It is the You that communes with God constantly. It is the You that is forever. It is also the You that takes no part in this acting part our human self is involved, nor does it criticise or judge you the actor. Yet at the same time, it is the You that KNOWS what it is you would choose to do, if you could only listen to - YOU.

My friend - my wish is that you could listen to YOU and that you would allow me to help.

Know that whatever you choose, I am here for you and I love you. God bless, Richard.

My friend has since travelled all over Europe with his daughter - I wish I had the space to share some of his messages from Europe with you. They were wonderful.

Then, when he was in Canada, he fell ill again. When he arrived home, the doctors started their 'treatments' again. I tried to talk him into letting me help him once more. I almost had him - then, he backed out in the last minute.

You know, the biggest problem I had was letting him go. For quite a while, I was not a good friend - I was angry - I resented him giving up - I did not honour his choice. For some time, I could not honour his choice. I was very 'human'!

So much so, that for a while, when he was in hospital, I could not make myself visit him. I knew that I would just stand there frowning my disapproval at him. He did not need that. So, I did not go.

It was only when I realised that he may not come out of hospital again, that I was able to come to grips with my grief. Then, I was finally able to go and see him. I apologised for not respecting his choice, even after having told him so many times - "It's your choice John and do not fear, for no-one, not even God will judge or blame you, no matter how or what you choose."

I told him that I now truly honour his choice to leave and that I am only sorry for myself, for I will miss him. I rejoice for him, as he is going home.

Two days later, he passed away in his sleep, in hospital. I rejoice for him and at the same time, still grieve for myself. I miss him.

Whilst I was so pre-occupied and dawdled getting these newsletters ready, September 11 happened. Now, there is that extra challenge of trying to put all that into perspective. Easier said than done. So, I've got some help:

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